Character Bio - Madison Edwards

Basics & Cosmetics

  • Name: Madison Allison Edwards
  • Current Age: 27, born June 20th
  • Height: 171 cm
  • Weight/Build: 69 kgs / ectomorph build-slim but curvy, long limbed, some body fat & muscle, wide hips.
  • Eye Colour: light brown
  • Hair Colour/Style: auburn red (dyed) / long in length and most of the time is worn down with natural waves and a side part
  • Nickname: Maddy or Mads 
  • Right/Left Handed: right
  • Distinguishable Features: curvy frame, bright auburn red hair, bad girl-sexy look
  • Diction/Accent: cultivated Australian with a dash of broad-speech is clear with slightly heavier pronunciation on certain words, speaks loudly, uses slang and swears often.  


Character Bio - Davey Edwards

Basics & Cosmetics

  • Name: Davey Aaron Edwards
  • Current Age: 28, born November 5th
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight/Build: 83 kgs / endomorph build-solid and stocky, high body fat & muscle
  • Eye Colour: light blue
  • Hair Colour/Style: black / top short in length-lightly gelled, shaved on sides & back
  • Nickname: Dave or Davo
  • Right/Left Handed: left
  • Distinguishable Features: light blue eyes, freckles, baby face looks & bad boy image
  • Diction/Accent: general/broad Australian-speech is clear but has a thick Aussie drawl to certain words/phrases, speaks quietly, uses slang and swears occasionally.   


Signs Of Love, Part 3

Natasha woke to the sound of a dog barking outside their bedroom window. Living right on the beach front had it's pro's and con's. There was a boardwalk where people regularly walked their dogs as well as the wharf which boat owners used to dock small boats while visiting the island. She wasn't too concerned as it was most likely just one of the local's out with their dog.


Signs Of Love, Part 2

The second time Josh tried proposing was on a Sunday afternoon. After getting a bite to eat they took a leisurely stroll along the riverbank and stopped in at the local park for a rest due to Natasha's feet starting to hurt from the ankle boots she was wearing.

'You know I could give you a piggy-back ride?' he offered as they both took a seat. She had a look of discomfort on her face so he leaned in and put an arm around her to comfort her, planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Natasha sighed. Her feet were aching while she was just sitting there. She unzipped one of her boots pulling it off to inspect her foot. 'It's tempting,' she said rubbing the heel of her foot where the pain seemed to be coming from.


Signs Of Love, Part 1

The sky had grown grey this afternoon and there were dark clouds hovering over their home threatening rain. Natasha watered the little seedling's she planted only a week ago, they were yet to show any signs of growth and she was beginning to worry that she had done something wrong in the process of planting them, or maybe it was due to her over watering them. She planted these in the hope that it would bring down the costs for her flower arranging business but so far it was not working out how she thought it would.

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