Happy Birthday To You, March 2103

April Hamilton knew just the thing to get her husband, Jon, to relax on his 48th birthday and that was to drag him along with her to their favourite holiday destination, Mountain Top Retreat in Sunlit Tides.


Sim Profile - Hayley Schwarz

Hayley Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 17 (born September 22, 2086)
Zodiac: virgo
LTW: the culinary librarian
Traits: shy, computer whiz, schmoozer, genius, vegetarian
Hobbies: hacking
Education: Shang Simla elementary, Greenland Bay high school
Family: parents Leon and Anita
BFF: Flynn Frio
Romantic: Flynn Frio
Romantic History: 


Sim Profile - Anita Schwarz

Anita Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 42 (born September 7, 2061)
Zodiac: virgo
LTW: perfect mind, perfect body
Traits: avant garde, perfectionist, shy, family-oriented, artistic
Hobbies: painting
Education: Shang Simla elementary & high school, Shang Simla university; major in fine arts, communications
Career: art appraiser-conservation specialist (8)
Family: husband Leon and daughter Hayley
BFF: husband Leon
Romantic: husband Leon
Romantic History: 


Sim Profile - Leon Schwarz

Leon Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born February 5, 2060)
Zodiac: aquarius
LTW: super popular
Traits: family-oriented, clumsy, vegetarian, heavy sleeper, charismatic
Hobbies: fishing, golf
Education: Shang Simla elementary & high school, Shang Simla university; major in communications, science & medicine
Career: medical-gene therapist (7)
Family: wife Anita and daughter Hayley
BFF: wife Anita
Romantic: wife Anita
Romantic History:  


When We Were Young

Round 3 Autumn, March 2103
Seymour 1 Family - Joshua is 25

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Narrated by Joshua Seymour

Work is going really well, I was promoted to Fire Sergeant! Pretty happy about that considering I've been working there for a few years now. I took Trey's place as he was also promoted to Fire Captain.


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