Chapter 1 - Learning to Fly

San Myshuno

Moving to the big city was probably one of the craziest things Sandy has ever done in her life, maybe leaving her mother behind too could be included in this. They never got on well, always clashing, they had different interests and goals in life. They were two very different people.


Lot Tour - Joe & Sandy's City Apartment

Joe & Sandy's City Apartment, Arts Quarter District - San Myshuno

After doing a bunch of brainstorming for the characters of Freedom Shores I've decided to re-introduce a previous character, Sandy Clark. Sandy moved to the big city in her late teens, well actually she ran away after a fight with her mother and her romantic relationship with her teacher was exposed. But she has since moved on from all that has happened and is now living with her new boyfriend Joe Brady.


Everywhere, Part 3

Reece was nervous as hell. It was a nervousness that he had never felt before. It went right through his whole body, right through his bones. He just hoped that when he tried to speak it didn't show in his voice. A loud clap of thunder suddenly cracked above them, what a night to be proposing to your girlfriend.


Everywhere, Part 2

One of the things that Reece didn't realise when you became a police officer was that random people liked to come up and talk to you, even when you were not on duty and you happened to be out at a restaurant on a date with your girlfriend. He found it quite honourable when they referred to him as Officer Hamilton even though he was dressed in plain clothes.


Everywhere, Part 1

On the days Charlotte didn't work she would usually paint for a few hours in the morning. They had two spare rooms so she made one of them into her painting room. It was important to her to have her own space where she could be creative. The other room they just filled with stuff they didn't know where else to put.

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