Lot Tour - Reece & Charlotte's Country Home

Reece and Charlotte's Country Home, Willow Creek

One of the things about re-creating the three couples from my TS3 story into in TS4 is that I've been able to give each of them a very definitive style of home in a completely different neighbourhood. This idea alone got me pretty excited. It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time but with the slow loading of TS3 hoods I felt it wasn't really possible, until now. This is one of many things that I love about TS4, the fact that you can travel effortlessly to any neighbourhood you want, visit any community lot or residential lot whenever you want while you are still in the same save.

This home is a renovation of the EA Brook Bungalow in Willow Creek. As soon as I saw it thought it was perfect for Reece and Charlotte. At first I was a bit sceptical about Reece living here because he is somewhat of a surfer dude like his best mate Josh, but then I thought maybe a change of scenery would do him good. You know moving away from a place that holds painful memories and starting fresh. Charlotte to me has always seemed like a bit of a country gal so I had no qualms about her living here.


Lot Tour - Davey & Madison's Warehouse

Davey and Madison's Warehouse Home, Oasis Springs

Their TS3 selves lived in an abandoned warehouse that they renovated so I've tried to stay with this theme in TS4. This lot is one I downloaded off the gallery back when I was giving Oasis Springs a makeover. I knew instantly this would be perfect for Davey and Madison but of course back then I wasn't planning to make the switch to TS4.
I guess the thought was always at the back of my mind though. The lot is called warehouse living and is a creation by sims3time (origin ID is Zobell23). It comes furnished but again I've added my own touches to suit Davey and Madison's style.


Lot Tour - Josh & Natasha's Beach Home

Josh & Natasha's Beach Home, Brindleton Bay

It is currently spring in my story save and the weather has been unexpectedly dull and wet. It has been raining and overcast for almost all of spring and I couldn't wait any longer to take shots so apologies for the exterior shots being some what bleak and depressing.

This lot is a creation by Jenba and comes as a unfurnished download. Her lots are pretty amazing and I was so glad that she made available the unfurnished version because I wanted to decorate the inside myself, obviously to suit Josh and Natasha's tastes.


Reece & Charlotte - TS4 Version

Lucky last two to get there transformations are Reece and Charlotte, and I have to say I'm pretty happy with how these two turned out! :)

TS4 Reece - YA


Davey & Madison - TS4 Version

Second of the three transformations, I present to you Davey & Madison TS4 version! These two were a little more difficult than Josh & Tash and probably still require some tweaking but this is what they look like for now. ;)

TS4 Davey - YA

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