Davey & Madison - TS4 Version

Second of the three transformations, I present to you Davey & Madison TS4 version! These two were a little more difficult than Josh & Tash and probably still require some tweaking but this is what they look like for now. ;)

TS4 Davey - YA


Making the Switch - TS3 to TS4

Yep, I'm making the switch!

The painfully long and tedious switch of re-creating my TS3 characters into TS4 sims-argh! Okay so it's not painful but yes it is very tedious and it doesn't help being a perfectionist. lol Anyway, the round system I have going on is on hiatus for now. Here's why... I've recently got back into writing again, which in turn has inspired me to think about several of the characters from this blog and how I'd like to continue on with their individual stories. It will be more like individual 'couple' stories about Josh & Natasha, Davey & Madison, and Reece & Charlotte.

My last major blog change was to make it easier for me to post more regularly, but I'm finding that I'm really missing getting into the nitty-gritty of my characters. I actually really miss the main characters I used to write about and I feel like I still have stories to tell for these characters.
I recently went through some of my old posts and I feel like I really gave these characters life and had their stories planned out but then RL kind of, I don't want to say got in the way, but yes it did get in the way. lol I wasn't in a good place and went through a rough couple of years, something that I don't normally talk about. But things are good now and they have been for some time, and I feel like I can focus on my writing and my characters and what I truly enjoy.

Let's check out the first of the three couple transformations! ;)


Find The River

Round 3 Autumn, April 2103
Steel Family - Christopher is 31 , and Victoria Andrews is 37.

last update/next update

Narrated by Christopher Steel.

Victoria has officially moved in with me now and because my place is only small we've had to store some of her furniture out in the laundry room in the corner of the backyard.


Happy Birthday To You, March 2103

April Hamilton knew just the thing to get her husband, Jon, to relax on his 48th birthday and that was to drag him along with her to their favourite holiday destination, Mountain Top Retreat in Sunlit Tides.


Sim Profile - Hayley Schwarz

Hayley Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 17 (born September 22, 2086)
Zodiac: virgo
LTW: the culinary librarian
Traits: shy, computer whiz, schmoozer, genius, vegetarian
Hobbies: hacking
Education: Shang Simla elementary, Greenland Bay high school
Family: parents Leon and Anita
BFF: Flynn Frio
Romantic: Flynn Frio
Romantic History: 

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