Sim Profile - William Seymour

William 'Will' Seymour
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born February 25, 2058)
Zodiac: pisces
LTW: jack of all trades
Traits: angler, handy, loves the outdoors, family-orientated, friendly
Hobbies: fishing, football, running
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, graduate studies; diploma of fitness
Career: toddler sports coach - athletic career (3) / personal trainer
Family: wife Eliza, son Joshua, daughters Charlotte, Pippa, Sarah, Lucy & Emma. Sister Susannah Frio-Parker, mother Barbara & father Howard Seymour.
BFF: wife Eliza and Connor Frio
Romantic: wife Eliza
Romantic History: dated Abigale Clark 2.5 years. Married Eliza Evans, May 2085.


Seymour Family

Will, Eliza, Pippa and triplets (not identical) Lucy, Sarah, and Emma Seymour

The Seymour family are very family orientated and have been through many up's and down's over the years. The up's definitely out way the down's though!

Greenland Bay is Will's home town, he grew up here but when his father became lost at sea he set sail on his fathers boat, the Sealuxe, to search for him. Will was just a teenager and he searched for his father for many years but never found him. One day he docked at a small town called Sunset Valley and this is where he met Eliza. Sparks flew right from the moment they met and they ended up getting married and settling down and starting a family in Sunset Valley. Only after a tragic house fire did they move back to Greenland Bay and this is when they decided to extend their family-to six children!

Will works as a toddler sports coach and a personal trainer when he is not coaching toddlers, Eliza is currently a stay at home mum to triplets. Pippa is in high school and loves helping with the triplets and playing big sister to them. Charlotte and Joshua are their eldest children who have since moved out of home.


Caring Is Creepy

Round 2 Winter, June 2101
Hamilton Family

Jon is 46, April is 45 and Reece is 22 (Charlotte Seymour is 20).

Narrated by Reece Hamilton.

I played my guitar the other day after god knows how long. It's been a while since I've played it. After Claire died I just lost my will to play it. I lost my will to do anything at all.


Lot Tour - Hamilton Family

Hamilton Residence - 98 Landgraab Ave, Greenland Bay
This lot I download a long long time ago, it's a creation by kbradley03 and I added a few of my own finishing touches to it. I remember the moment I saw this house I knew it was perfect for the Hamilton's. It think it's a lovely build and style. All her homes are really lovely!


Sim Profile - Reece Hamilton

Reece Michael Hamilton
Life Stage: young adult, 22 (born June 20, 2078)
Zodiac: gemini
LTW: golden tounge/golden fingers
Traits: daredevil, athletic, charismatic, party animal,
Hobbies: football, guitar, surfing
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school
Family: parents Jon & April Hamilton, twin sister Madison
BFF: Joshua Seymour
Romantic: Charlotte Seymour
Romantic History: boyfriend to Claire Jones all through high school and early years of young adulthood until her death in 2097.


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