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I didn't want to call this a lot dump but it kind of is! A little while ago I was playing my story save and catching up with Reece & Charlotte and noticed the other lots in their street looked a bit shabby, and with the thought of eventually doing a neighbourhood tour at the back of my mind I decided to give them all a makeover.

The exteriors are all fully renovated and the interiors have a basic floor plan and some essentials only. The shots below were taken during a heat wave in game hence why they look a bit hazy and I originally edited these to upload them to my Tumblr. All the lots are available on the TS4 gallery under my origin ID: simmemoirs. I haven't figured out how to share the tray files yet so sorry if anyone prefers those to using the gallery. Don't forget to enable MOO before placing! :)

Courtyard Lane District, Willow Creek


Character Bio - Charlotte Seymour

Basics & Cosmetics

  • Name: Charlotte Grace Seymour
  • Current Age: 25, born August 17th
  • Height: 168cm
  • Weight/Build: 65kgs / ectomorph build-slim, long limbed, very little body fat and muscle, high metabolism
  • Eye Colour: green
  • Hair Colour/Style: dark brown / long, usually worn in a plait swept to the side
  • Nickname: Lotty, Char
  • Right/Left handed: ambidextrous but usually writes with her left hand
  • Distinguishable Features: full lips, green eyes, olive skin
  • Diction/Accent: general Australian-speech is clear and concise, speaks quickly and with a bubbly tone, occasionally uses slang, very rarely swears.  


Character Bio - Reece Hamilton

Basics & Cosmetics

  • Name: Reece Michael Hamilton
  • Current Age: 27, June 20th
  • Height: 171cm
  • Weight/Build: 79kgs / mesomorph build-solid torso, low fat levels, wide shoulders and narrow waist, muscular in arms and thighs.
  • Eye Colour: light brown
  • Hair Colour/Style: dark brown / worn short with a side part and combed  away from face
  • Nickname: Reecie, Hammy
  • Right/Left handed: left
  • Distinguishable Features: square head, thin lips, almond shaped eyes
  • Diction/Accent: cultivated Australian with a dash of broad-speech is clear with slightly heavier pronunciation on certain words, speaks loudly, uses slang, swears occasionally.


Don't Look Back In Anger, Part 3

St Mimsy Hospital, Newcrest

It was mid afternoon and the halls were bustling with many nurses running their errands and doctors tending to their patients. St Mimsy Hospital was one of the largest hospitals in the state, it not only catered for the sick and terminally ill, but it also has the most successful fertility treatment centre.

It had been just over a year since Davey and Madison began trying to get pregnant with their first child and they were both pretty surprised that it hadn't happened yet. Madison stuck to her cycle like clock work and it wasn't like things didn't work in that department. But after numerous pregnancy tests and still nothing that's when they finally went to her doctor who recommend they see a fertility specialist in Newcrest.

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