Chapter 3 - First Time

"So who is this, so called mate, that let you borrow his two thousand simolean a night penthouse suite?" Susannah asked Connor as they walked together towards the massive double doors of the Luxury Penthouse.

"He's a close business associate of work."

It was getting close to 2am  in the morning. They'd danced and drank up a storm at several of the hot spots in town. Susannah had lost count of how many drinks she'd had but she was feeling so good and they were having such a great time together.


Character Bio - Susannah Seymour

Note: Character Bio's were written pre- Part 4. Check out the Families page for updated info.

Full Name: Susannah Alice Seymour
Life stage: Young Adult

Marital Status: Girlfriend to Connor Frio
Dependents: None

Occupation: Investigative Reporter for the Greenland Bay Local Paper, also studying Journalism part-time.
Career Status: Climbing the Journalism ladder, aiming for Star News Anchor.

Parents: Howard (MIA) and Barbara Seymour
Siblings: Older brother,William.

Traits: Excitable, friendly, artistic, good, eco-friendly.
Favorite Food: Fruit Parafrait


Character Bio - Connor Frio

Note: Character Bio's were written pre- Part 4. Check out the Families page for any updated info.

Full Name: Connor Lachlan Frio
Life Stage:Young Adult

Marital Status: Boyfriend to Susannah Seymour
Dependents: None

Occupation: Works in the business sector in the big city, exact title unknown.
Career Status: N/A

Parents: Father deceased. Mother still lives in Greenland Bay.
Siblings: One brother, Jared.

Traits: Flirty, party animal, charismatic, athletic, easily impressed.
Favorite Food: Fish & Chips


Chapter 2 - Old Friend

"You stay away from my girl, you hear. She's taken." Connor said half joking, half serious.

Jared took a step back distancing himself from his brother. "Hey man, I was only given' her a friendly chat while she was waitin' for you. You shouldn't leave such a sweet young thang all along in a club, she's bound to get snapped up."

Susannah hadn't recognized the biker to be Connor's brother. She'd only met him a couple of times when she was kid. And hadn't seen him around Greenland Bay since.

"Yeah thanks for the tip," Connor replied with a sarcastic tone.


Chapter 1 - Unforgettable Errand

As he lifted Joshua up out of the child booster seat, Will shut the passenger door and pressed the padlock symbol on his car keys to set the alarm. The new FWD was a large improvement to his old pick-up and a lot roomier.
Safety was a main priority for Will but he also wanted enough room for family holidays away. They'd discussed having another child and decided that it was best for mum and child (mainly mum) that they would wait until Joshua was in school.


Character Bio - Eliza Evans (now Seymour)

Note: Character Bio's were written pre- Part 4. Check out the Families page for any updated info.

Full Name: Eliza Jane Evans (now Seymour)
Life Stage: Young Adult

Martial Status: Wife to William Seymour.
Dependents: One son, Joshua.

Occupation: CEO of Two Peas Corporate Towers, Sunset Valley.
Career Status: CEO and climbing. Currently on extended leave but working part-time from home.

Parents: Charlie and Katherine Evans. 
Siblings: None.

Traits: Disciplined, friendly, athletic, loves the outdoors, great kisser.
Favorite Food: Stir-fry


Character Bio - William (Will) Seymour

Note: Character Bio's were written pre- Part 4. Check out the Families page for any updated info.

Full Name: William Martin Seymour
Life Stage: Young Adult

Marital Status: Husband to Eliza Evans
Dependents: One son, Joshua.

Occupation: Coach, to the Sunset Valley Jr Red Rockets.
Career Status: Currently branching into personal training.

Parents: Howard (MIA) and Barbara Seymour
Siblings: Younger sister, Susannah.

Traits: Angler, handy, loves the outdoors, family orientated, friendly.
Favorite Food: Grilled Salmon


Part 2 Finale - Good and Bad Beginnings

Eliza gave her son a kiss before setting him down and watching him run over to his father. They'd just gotten back from a picnic lunch at the local park. And after watching Joshua on the play equipment and interacting with the other toddlers she couldn't believe how much he had grown already.

Will lifted his son up in the air and spun around, Joshua immediately went into a hysterical giggling fit.
"Faster daddy, faster! Higher daddy, higher!"
Eliza couldn't help herself and laughed along with him. Her son's giggles had gotten them into several fits of laughter recently. 


Chapter 10 - Bundle of Joy

It was a major rush to the hospital in the early hours on a Wednesday morning. There were three other women going into labor that day so the maternity ward at the Sunset Valley Scared Spleen Memorial Hospital was a rush with mid wives and pediatricians.
As the sun peaked over the Stoney Falls of Sunset Valley, slowly rising, it cast a warm blanket over the town. The hospital clock ticked over to 7.27am and little Joshua Howard Seymour was born. 


Chapter 9 - Content With Life

Over the next few months Eliza got used to her growing belly. She found motherhood to be quite the experience and she was actually enjoying it. Maybe it was the constant nagging from her own mother over the years but she was actually looking forward to becoming a parent. It did help to have a wonderful supportive husband that was more excited than she was though. 

She had three weeks left of work and then she would be on maternity leave. Surprisingly she was leaving work earlier than she needed to but she felt that this was rather a big step in their lives and she wanted to prepare for it.


Chapter 8 - Family

Sunset Valley Wellness Center for Women

By the police officer's orders Will took Eliza to see a doctor in the next couple of days. She made preference she wanted to see her own doctor who practiced at a clinic down on Redwood Pkwy.

They had already talked about the night Thornton snatched her. She tried to recall as much information as she could remember to Will who sat quietly and listened. He was really still fuming inside though, but Eliza was safe and that's all that mattered to him. She said he hadn't hurt her in any way but he was still glad he gave him a decent beating. Now that Thornton was going to be behind bars he would never bother her or anyone else again.


Chapter 7 - The Rescue

Police squad cars parked out the front of the stone cottage. One blocking the path of the van, in case the abductor thought of a quick escape, the other directly out front of the main window.
The blue and red strobe lights flashed intermittently, reflecting in the cottage windows. Two police officer's stood beside their cars ready to strike, one holding a megaphone.



Chapter 6 - Insanity of a Lover

Eliza woke to the smell of something old and musty. Opening her eyes she felt groggy and lifting her head up she realized the smell was coming from the pillow she'd been sleeping on. Blinking several times, she tried to focus as she sat up on the bed.
Whoa...major head spin.
Gripping the blankets on the mattress she tried to steady herself.


Chapter 5 - The Waiting and Not Knowing

Simstate Forest, outskirts of Sunset Valley.

Off the main highway that would lead you to Riverview, down a secluded dirt road, a small abandoned cottage is nestled in amongst the forest. The tops of the tall cedar trees swayed lightly in the cool night breeze.


Chapter 4 - An Unexpected Call

Greenland Bay...

Susannah Seymour sat down and slipped on her cork high heels. Fastening the straps, she felt excited about her date tonight with Connor. Connor Frio. Her brothers best mate.
Connor and Will had been friends since high school. He'd had two best mates back then. But she didn't count Jack Taylor as one of them because they'd had a falling out. What it was about, she wasn't sure, she was too young back then to remember any of the exact details. But she knew it was around the time their father disappeared.


Chapter 3 - Signs

Eliza had made the last few arrangements for their house warming party. It would be many weeks later, but she hoped it wasn't too late for people to free up their schedule for this Saturday night.  She'd planned it as being a casual party but she wanted to have it catered for - thinking of cooking for so many people kind of gave her a headache.


Chapter 2 - Settling In

It had been a couple of months since they'd moved and finally felt settled into their new home. Eliza had gone back to work, which meant Will had the mornings to himself.
With the weather warming up in Sunset Valley he changed straight into his togs and headed out towards the laundry with a pile of dirty clothes.
His work day didn't consist of the 9 to 5 grind like Eliza's and everybody else's. His hours were a lot more flexible. Starting at 3pm and then finishing at 8pm. Will enjoyed those hours and the mornings were his favorite anyway.


Chapter 1 - Moving House

They had finally made their last trip from going back and fourth between Eliza's old house and to their new one. Will unloaded the last few suitcases they had left from the back of his pick up.
Most of the furniture had already arrived and the removalists were being told where to put what by a small team of interior designers, thanks to a lovely fellow Eliza met in France.


Honeymoon Collection #4

Welcome to the final part of Will and Eliza's Honeymoon Collection. Although they both had
a wonderfully romantic time away together, unfortunately it cannot go on forever and they
must return to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

Exploring the ancient ruins. Will received a long distance call from his mum and sis. I think they were missing him.

Excavating a small site they found.


Honeymoon Collection #3

Welcome to part 3 of Will and Eliza's Honeymoon Collection.
The fourth and final part will be posted soon.

Taking a jog together on a perfect morning.

Eliza leads the way, choosing to pass a couple of her favorite french homes.


Honeymoon Collection #2

Welcome to part 2 of their Honeymoon Collection, this one is a little shorter but 
part 3 is almost ready, it will be posted in a day or two.

Joking around out the front of their hotel before they head off for another eventful day.

 Will on his scooter on their way up to Le Galleria d'Art. I'm sure Eliza was close behind.


Honeymoon Collection #1

Here they are, the first collection of Will & Eliza's honeymoon pictures. 
Just a reminder that this is part 1 of 4, so stay tuned for the next collection coming soon.

After sailing in to France, they enjoy breakfast at the Catania Cafe before exploring Champs Les Sims.  

Kissing in the Park after breakfast.


Part 1 Finale

Eliza couldn't believe how quick the next two weeks had gone. After organizing a rare day off at work, Susannah insisted that she help her in finding a wedding dress.

After pounding the pavement for several hours, and not having any luck, they decide to grab a hot dog in the park for lunch.


Chapter 9

After a long moment of staring at the two figures, Will recognizes the man standing with Eliza is the one who spoke to him at the book store.
"Come on then, your coming with me!" he hears the man say and watches as he grabs Eliza by her wrist, pulling her towards his car.
"HEY!" Will quickly yells.

"What do you think your doing?" Will says aggressively, running up to the them.
"We're just catching up on old times, aren't we sweetheart!" Thornton says trying to grab Eliza again.
"No, we weren't! Get away from me, Thornton!" Eliza snatches her hand back, away from his attempted grasp.


Chapter 8

The next few months for Eliza were very busy. Settling in to her new role, as CEO of Two Peas Corporate Towers, didn't take much work but of course her work load had increased. Although the view from her large corner office on the very top floor made up for this.

Returning home from work after a busy day was a delight for Eliza. With her and Will taking it in turns staying at each others house during the week, most nights Eliza would find him waiting patiently on her couch watching TV.


Chapter 7

Finishing up his morning coffee Will descends the stairs to the lower level of his yacht. Turning the computer on it makes it's usual beeps and technical sounds and then the desktop appears on the monitor.
He sighs. 'Now, the task of finding that phone number' he mutters to himself.

After sifting through numerous emails from his mother, Will finally locates the phone number he'd been searching for. Nerves start to surface as he dials in the digits on the key pad.
It rings for a while and he almost decides to hang up, but then a sweet young voice answers, his sister.
"Hello, this is the Seymour residence."


Chapter 6

After parking the pickup at the back of the Wilsonoff Theater Will walks around the front to meet Eliza.
He spots her straight away, standing on the red carpet. She is dressed in a sequined mini dress, her long slender legs are complemented by purple high heels and her golden blonde hair is casually tied up in a ponytail.
Walking up to her he is a little speechless at how stunning she looks.

"Hi! You look...amazing!" Will says moving in with open arms to give her a friendly hug.
"Oh, thank you" Eliza replies wrapping her arms around him. She takes a breath as she hugs him and breathes in his delicious masculine aroma.


Chapter 5

Mrs YatShen invites Eliza in and serves some fresh sake for them to drink before getting down to business. Gesturing to Eliza to take a seat at the dinning table Mrs YatShen excuses herself for a moment to go to the ladies room. But she only makes it half way there when something starts happening to her.

Almost choking on her sake Eliza turns around to see an orange light encompassing Mrs YatShen's body. Getting up from her chair she walks over to Mrs YatShen not wanting to believe what her eyes are showing her.


Chapter 4

With both of them craving for a stronger drink they head up stairs to the bar at the Seaside Docks Cafe.

"Do you mind?" Will asked, gesturing that he'll make the drinks.

"Please, be my guest." Eliza stands in front of the bar watching him make swift smooth bar tending movements. "So you done this before?" she asks, smiling.

"Yeah, just a little" Will replies throwing some ice up in the air and catching it in a glass then pouring the blended liquid in. "I was a bar tender back in college for a couple of years."

Finishing their drinks they head downstairs and a waitress seats them at their reserved table. Being a true gentleman, Will pushes Eliza's chair in for her before the waitress takes their order.


Chapter 3

Eliza wakes early the next morning, unable to sleep she decides to take a run along the beach. As seagulls squawk above her searching for their morning feed, she feels the early morning rays penetrating her skin.

On her way back down the beach she feels the density of the sand making her calf muscles work hard. Giving her eye's a break from the glare she glances to the right where the palm trees separate the road from the shore.
A large yacht is docked on the right hand side. Could this be the drifter's boat, she wonders.


Chapter 2

Eliza sits down at an available park seat and places her laptop on the table. Even on her days off she is working. She's got a presentation to give at work tomorrow afternoon and has been putting it off for the last couple of days.
Working for a major corporation has it's benefits, a comfortable salary and wonderful travel opportunities. But it also has it's downfalls, working long hours and putting in 110% all the time.

With dusk setting in Eliza makes a few last finishing touches on her presentation.
She lets out a small sigh in relief as she pushes her laptop closed. Happy to have completed her task she heads home for dinner and a night in front of the TV.


Chapter 1

In the towns he briefly visits he is known only as, the drifter. From town to town he travels, along many different coastlines. He hasn't known any other way of living except on the sea.

He lives, eats and breathes on his yacht, The Sealuxe. He likes to live simple and this yacht has everything that he ever needs.


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