Part 1 Finale

Eliza couldn't believe how quick the next two weeks had gone. After organizing a rare day off at work, Susannah insisted that she help her in finding a wedding dress.

After pounding the pavement for several hours, and not having any luck, they decide to grab a hot dog in the park for lunch.


Chapter 9

After a long moment of staring at the two figures, Will recognizes the man standing with Eliza is the one who spoke to him at the book store.
"Come on then, your coming with me!" he hears the man say and watches as he grabs Eliza by her wrist, pulling her towards his car.
"HEY!" Will quickly yells.

"What do you think your doing?" Will says aggressively, running up to the them.
"We're just catching up on old times, aren't we sweetheart!" Thornton says trying to grab Eliza again.
"No, we weren't! Get away from me, Thornton!" Eliza snatches her hand back, away from his attempted grasp.


Chapter 8

The next few months for Eliza were very busy. Settling in to her new role, as CEO of Two Peas Corporate Towers, didn't take much work but of course her work load had increased. Although the view from her large corner office on the very top floor made up for this.

Returning home from work after a busy day was a delight for Eliza. With her and Will taking it in turns staying at each others house during the week, most nights Eliza would find him waiting patiently on her couch watching TV.


Chapter 7

Finishing up his morning coffee Will descends the stairs to the lower level of his yacht. Turning the computer on it makes it's usual beeps and technical sounds and then the desktop appears on the monitor.
He sighs. 'Now, the task of finding that phone number' he mutters to himself.

After sifting through numerous emails from his mother, Will finally locates the phone number he'd been searching for. Nerves start to surface as he dials in the digits on the key pad.
It rings for a while and he almost decides to hang up, but then a sweet young voice answers, his sister.
"Hello, this is the Seymour residence."


Chapter 6

After parking the pickup at the back of the Wilsonoff Theater Will walks around the front to meet Eliza.
He spots her straight away, standing on the red carpet. She is dressed in a sequined mini dress, her long slender legs are complemented by purple high heels and her golden blonde hair is casually tied up in a ponytail.
Walking up to her he is a little speechless at how stunning she looks.

"Hi! You look...amazing!" Will says moving in with open arms to give her a friendly hug.
"Oh, thank you" Eliza replies wrapping her arms around him. She takes a breath as she hugs him and breathes in his delicious masculine aroma.


Chapter 5

Mrs YatShen invites Eliza in and serves some fresh sake for them to drink before getting down to business. Gesturing to Eliza to take a seat at the dinning table Mrs YatShen excuses herself for a moment to go to the ladies room. But she only makes it half way there when something starts happening to her.

Almost choking on her sake Eliza turns around to see an orange light encompassing Mrs YatShen's body. Getting up from her chair she walks over to Mrs YatShen not wanting to believe what her eyes are showing her.


Chapter 4

With both of them craving for a stronger drink they head up stairs to the bar at the Seaside Docks Cafe.

"Do you mind?" Will asked, gesturing that he'll make the drinks.

"Please, be my guest." Eliza stands in front of the bar watching him make swift smooth bar tending movements. "So you done this before?" she asks, smiling.

"Yeah, just a little" Will replies throwing some ice up in the air and catching it in a glass then pouring the blended liquid in. "I was a bar tender back in college for a couple of years."

Finishing their drinks they head downstairs and a waitress seats them at their reserved table. Being a true gentleman, Will pushes Eliza's chair in for her before the waitress takes their order.


Chapter 3

Eliza wakes early the next morning, unable to sleep she decides to take a run along the beach. As seagulls squawk above her searching for their morning feed, she feels the early morning rays penetrating her skin.

On her way back down the beach she feels the density of the sand making her calf muscles work hard. Giving her eye's a break from the glare she glances to the right where the palm trees separate the road from the shore.
A large yacht is docked on the right hand side. Could this be the drifter's boat, she wonders.


Chapter 2

Eliza sits down at an available park seat and places her laptop on the table. Even on her days off she is working. She's got a presentation to give at work tomorrow afternoon and has been putting it off for the last couple of days.
Working for a major corporation has it's benefits, a comfortable salary and wonderful travel opportunities. But it also has it's downfalls, working long hours and putting in 110% all the time.

With dusk setting in Eliza makes a few last finishing touches on her presentation.
She lets out a small sigh in relief as she pushes her laptop closed. Happy to have completed her task she heads home for dinner and a night in front of the TV.


Chapter 1

In the towns he briefly visits he is known only as, the drifter. From town to town he travels, along many different coastlines. He hasn't known any other way of living except on the sea.

He lives, eats and breathes on his yacht, The Sealuxe. He likes to live simple and this yacht has everything that he ever needs.


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