Honeymoon Collection #3

Welcome to part 3 of Will and Eliza's Honeymoon Collection.
The fourth and final part will be posted soon.

Taking a jog together on a perfect morning.

Eliza leads the way, choosing to pass a couple of her favorite french homes.


Honeymoon Collection #2

Welcome to part 2 of their Honeymoon Collection, this one is a little shorter but 
part 3 is almost ready, it will be posted in a day or two.

Joking around out the front of their hotel before they head off for another eventful day.

 Will on his scooter on their way up to Le Galleria d'Art. I'm sure Eliza was close behind.


Honeymoon Collection #1

Here they are, the first collection of Will & Eliza's honeymoon pictures. 
Just a reminder that this is part 1 of 4, so stay tuned for the next collection coming soon.

After sailing in to France, they enjoy breakfast at the Catania Cafe before exploring Champs Les Sims.  

Kissing in the Park after breakfast.


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