Chapter 4 - An Unexpected Call

Greenland Bay...

Susannah Seymour sat down and slipped on her cork high heels. Fastening the straps, she felt excited about her date tonight with Connor. Connor Frio. Her brothers best mate.
Connor and Will had been friends since high school. He'd had two best mates back then. But she didn't count Jack Taylor as one of them because they'd had a falling out. What it was about, she wasn't sure, she was too young back then to remember any of the exact details. But she knew it was around the time their father disappeared.


Chapter 3 - Signs

Eliza had made the last few arrangements for their house warming party. It would be many weeks later, but she hoped it wasn't too late for people to free up their schedule for this Saturday night.  She'd planned it as being a casual party but she wanted to have it catered for - thinking of cooking for so many people kind of gave her a headache.


Chapter 2 - Settling In

It had been a couple of months since they'd moved and finally felt settled into their new home. Eliza had gone back to work, which meant Will had the mornings to himself.
With the weather warming up in Sunset Valley he changed straight into his togs and headed out towards the laundry with a pile of dirty clothes.
His work day didn't consist of the 9 to 5 grind like Eliza's and everybody else's. His hours were a lot more flexible. Starting at 3pm and then finishing at 8pm. Will enjoyed those hours and the mornings were his favorite anyway.


Chapter 1 - Moving House

They had finally made their last trip from going back and fourth between Eliza's old house and to their new one. Will unloaded the last few suitcases they had left from the back of his pick up.
Most of the furniture had already arrived and the removalists were being told where to put what by a small team of interior designers, thanks to a lovely fellow Eliza met in France.


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