Part 2 Finale - Good and Bad Beginnings

Eliza gave her son a kiss before setting him down and watching him run over to his father. They'd just gotten back from a picnic lunch at the local park. And after watching Joshua on the play equipment and interacting with the other toddlers she couldn't believe how much he had grown already.

Will lifted his son up in the air and spun around, Joshua immediately went into a hysterical giggling fit.
"Faster daddy, faster! Higher daddy, higher!"
Eliza couldn't help herself and laughed along with him. Her son's giggles had gotten them into several fits of laughter recently. 


Chapter 10 - Bundle of Joy

It was a major rush to the hospital in the early hours on a Wednesday morning. There were three other women going into labor that day so the maternity ward at the Sunset Valley Scared Spleen Memorial Hospital was a rush with mid wives and pediatricians.
As the sun peaked over the Stoney Falls of Sunset Valley, slowly rising, it cast a warm blanket over the town. The hospital clock ticked over to 7.27am and little Joshua Howard Seymour was born. 


Chapter 9 - Content With Life

Over the next few months Eliza got used to her growing belly. She found motherhood to be quite the experience and she was actually enjoying it. Maybe it was the constant nagging from her own mother over the years but she was actually looking forward to becoming a parent. It did help to have a wonderful supportive husband that was more excited than she was though. 

She had three weeks left of work and then she would be on maternity leave. Surprisingly she was leaving work earlier than she needed to but she felt that this was rather a big step in their lives and she wanted to prepare for it.


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