Chapter 3 - First Time

"So who is this, so called mate, that let you borrow his two thousand simolean a night penthouse suite?" Susannah asked Connor as they walked together towards the massive double doors of the Luxury Penthouse.

"He's a close business associate of work."

It was getting close to 2am  in the morning. They'd danced and drank up a storm at several of the hot spots in town. Susannah had lost count of how many drinks she'd had but she was feeling so good and they were having such a great time together.


Character Bio - Susannah Seymour

Note: Character Bio's were written pre- Part 4. Check out the Families page for updated info.

Full Name: Susannah Alice Seymour
Life stage: Young Adult

Marital Status: Girlfriend to Connor Frio
Dependents: None

Occupation: Investigative Reporter for the Greenland Bay Local Paper, also studying Journalism part-time.
Career Status: Climbing the Journalism ladder, aiming for Star News Anchor.

Parents: Howard (MIA) and Barbara Seymour
Siblings: Older brother,William.

Traits: Excitable, friendly, artistic, good, eco-friendly.
Favorite Food: Fruit Parafrait


Character Bio - Connor Frio

Note: Character Bio's were written pre- Part 4. Check out the Families page for any updated info.

Full Name: Connor Lachlan Frio
Life Stage:Young Adult

Marital Status: Boyfriend to Susannah Seymour
Dependents: None

Occupation: Works in the business sector in the big city, exact title unknown.
Career Status: N/A

Parents: Father deceased. Mother still lives in Greenland Bay.
Siblings: One brother, Jared.

Traits: Flirty, party animal, charismatic, athletic, easily impressed.
Favorite Food: Fish & Chips


Chapter 2 - Old Friend

"You stay away from my girl, you hear. She's taken." Connor said half joking, half serious.

Jared took a step back distancing himself from his brother. "Hey man, I was only given' her a friendly chat while she was waitin' for you. You shouldn't leave such a sweet young thang all along in a club, she's bound to get snapped up."

Susannah hadn't recognized the biker to be Connor's brother. She'd only met him a couple of times when she was kid. And hadn't seen him around Greenland Bay since.

"Yeah thanks for the tip," Connor replied with a sarcastic tone.


Chapter 1 - Unforgettable Errand

As he lifted Joshua up out of the child booster seat, Will shut the passenger door and pressed the padlock symbol on his car keys to set the alarm. The new FWD was a large improvement to his old pick-up and a lot roomier.
Safety was a main priority for Will but he also wanted enough room for family holidays away. They'd discussed having another child and decided that it was best for mum and child (mainly mum) that they would wait until Joshua was in school.


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