'Special' - Prom

Greenland Bay Town Hall

The air was thick with excitement as the older teens of Greenland Bay High School approached the Town Hall. Some were nervous as the anticipation got the better of them on how they thought this big night would turn out.
Unexpected renovations were being done on the school gym so graduation had to be moved else where and at this time of year the last and only available venue was the local town hall.


Chapter 13 - The Last Couple

Mitchell Residence -130 Redwood Pkwy, Greenland Bay

If you were one of the surrounding neighbors to 130 Redwood Pkwy then loud music, shouting, laughter and sometimes the odd high pitched scream were starting to become a regular occurrence. It was also pretty much the standard noise that you would expect from a bunch of teens getting together on a Saturday afternoon.


Poll Results

What will Susannah decide to do about Connor?

A. Stay married to him but make him suffer a little longer (5 votes)

B. Leave him and hook up with Johnny (1 vote)

C. Divorce him for all he's worth! (1 vote)

D. Stay married to him but cheat on him with Johnny (1 vote)

E. Leave him, take the kids and start fresh (2 votes)

Total votes - 10

Probably should have posted this before chapter 12, oh well, lol!

Thanks to those who took part, you just added your own little piece to what happens in The Drifter! :)
New poll coming soon!


Chapter 12 - Dinner For Two

Seaside Grill Bar & Cafe, Greenland Bay

Connor sat opposite his wife, admiring the beauty sitting before him. He had a spark in his eyes, he was happy, and he was finally sleeping properly again.
It was impossible for him to put into words just how much he had missed his wife, and not just her sexy figure but he missed talking with her. He missed hearing her voice. He missed seeing her smiling face in the morning. He missed her kisses and warm embrace when he arrived home from work. He missed everything about her.

He made dinner reservations straight after Susannah finally opened up to him about everything. He wanted to take her out and spend some quality time with her. He wanted to wine and dine her till his heart was content--or was that his conscious? Whatever it was he was so thankful that she'd decided to give him another chance.


Chapter 11 - Ripple Effect

Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd, Greenland Bay

"But mummy I don't want to wear them! I look silly and feel like one of those geeky kids at school!"

Eliza looked down at her daughter, she knew Pippa could be grumpy at times and hard to please, and she almost thought they'd escaped any drama today while her daughter was fitted for her new reading glasses, but as soon as they arrived home her mood suddenly changed.

"Pippa sweetie, lots of sim's wear glasses, what about your aunt Suzie? Hmm? I'm pretty sure she had to get them when she was your age."


Chapter 10 - See Ya Round

Greenland Bay Boardwalk & Beach

The weather bureau predicted an overcast day, partly cloudy but mostly sunny in the morning with a chance of rain late in the afternoon. Winds were northeasterly averaging ten to twenty kilometers.

Will jogged down to the usual spot he met Connor for their once a week morning run. They were both silent on the way down to the beach, focusing on their pace and rhythm. Finally hitting the soft uneven surface of the sand, they welcomed the relief to their feet after jogging on a solid flat pavement for the past twenty minutes.


Chapter 9 - Gossip


This Love
This love is a strange love
A faded kind of
Day love
This love

This Love
I think I'm going to fall again
And even when you held my hand
It didn't mean a thing
This Love


Ramirez Residence - Greenland Bay

The streetlights turned on illuminating the neatly paved paths and roads of Greenland Bay. Sandy stood out the front of Damon's apartment and gripping one of the shoulder straps on her backpack she adjusted it slightly, giving her left shoulder a moments relief from the weight of her school books.

She could see Damon moving around in the lounge room and she wondered how he might be feeling and what he might be going through after what had recently happened at school.


A Tour of The Seymour Home

Presenting, The Seymour home.

Home to the couple who started it all. The couple that used to be the basis of this story. The sim couple that come alive, in my eyes.
Extra care was taken when designing and decorating this home. Will and Eliza are very close to my heart and with them both being family orientated (not necessarily trait wise) I wanted this to really show through their home.
Their kids mean world to them so be prepared for an overload of smiling happy family photographs hanging on the walls and some canoodling ones too. ;)



Chapter 8 - Coffee Kisses

Frio Residence - 14 Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

Flynn tossed and turned under the covers. The past few nights he hadn't slept too well. Still paranoid that his parents may have found out about his little side hobby, hacking. He thought it over and over and decided it just wasn't possible. He was quite meticulous with his usernames and passwords. They was definitely no way that any one of his family members would be able to figure them out.

The only time his mother came into his room was to collect his laundry basket and he always turned his computer off when he wasn't using it. He was pretty sure that he had done so last night. Hadn't he?


A Tour of The Frio Home

For those that are interested, as promised, here is a tour of one of the two lots that I built for Part Four.
Having already met the Frio's, I'm sure you have a feel for who they are by now, but I'd like to give you this opportunity to have a up-close and personal look at the place they call home.



Chapter 7 - Past Mistakes

Will's Theme Song - My Way Home by Alex Lloyd

Seymour Residence (Grandparents) -  Sunnyside Strand, Greenland Bay  

The old swing set rattled lightly and let out the odd squeak as Charlotte and Pippa watched their father and grandpa fish down on the shore.
Joshua was given a hall pass this weekend, since it was his first free weekend since being grounded, he chose not to attend this family outing and spent the day socializing with his friends down at the local mall.


Chapter 6 - And So It Begins

Susannah walked with a swing in her step towards the local food market stalls. Her swinging handbag was evidence of how good a mood she was in. She was called into her bosses office at the station today and they had offered her a new position, Lead Reporter.
Susannah was never one to let an opportunity pass and certainly not this one, considering it was one step away from what she'd been working towards for so long.


Families of Greenland Bay (Part 1 - Part 4)

**Please note: All family shots and information below were taken & written prior to The Drifter Part 5. Check out the Character Mosaic's for any updated info on the teens of Greenland Bay and also the List of Sim Profiles page for further updated info of current families in Greenland Bay. 

Seymour Family
350 Oak Grove Rd - Greenland Bay

William "Will" Seymour 
Life Stage: Adult
Zodiac Sign: Pisces  
Character Traits: Angler, Handy, Loves the Outdoors, Family Orientated, Friendly
LTW: Jack of all Trades (completed, Presenting the Perfect Private Aquarium)
School: Greenland Bay High School; graduate studies, Diploma of Fitness.
Job: Personal trainer
Family: parents Howard & Barbara Seymour; son Joshua, daughters Charlotte & Pippa; daughter Sandy (to Abigale)
BFF: father Howard, Connor Frio
Romantic: married Eliza (Evans) (history - dated Isabelle Sutton, 3 months; ex-girlfriend Abigale Clark, together 6 years)

Eliza (Evans) Seymour 
Life Stage: Adult
Zodiac Sign: Gemini 
Character Traits: Disciplined, Friendly, Athletic, Loves the Outdoors, Great Kisser
LTW: Surrounded by Family
School: Simstate High School; graduate studies, Simstate University (Business)
Job: Photographer (part-time)
Family: parents Charlie & Katherine Evans, son Joshua, daughters Charlotte & Pippa
BFF: sister in-law Susannah Frio
Romantic: married William Seymour (history - dated James (last name unknown) 3 years on & off during University. Dated Thornton Wolff, 2 months)

Joshua "Josh" Seymour 
Life Stage: Teen
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius 
Character Traits: Brave, Rocker, Athletic, Loves the Outdoors
LTW: Golden Tongue/Golden Fingers
School: currently attending Greenland Bay High School
Part-time Job: none
Family: parents Eliza & William Seymour, sisters Charlotte & Pippa, half sister Sandy
BFF: Natasha Mitchell, half-sister Sandy
Romantic: Natasha Mitchell

Charlotte Seymour 
Life Stage: Teen
Zodiac Sign:   
Character Traits: Clumsy, Disciplined, Artistic, Friendly
LTW: Fashion Phenomenon
School: currently attending Greenland Bay High School
Part-time Job: none
Family: parents Eliza & William Seymour, brother Joshua, sister Pippa
BFF: mother Eliza, cousin Zoey Frio
Romantic: crush on Reece Hamilton

Pippa Seymour 
Life Stage: Child
Zodiac Sign: Pisces  
Character Traits: Good, Athletic, Grumpy
School: currently attending Greenland Bay Elementary
Family: parents Eliza & William Seymour, brother Joshua, sister Charlotte


Chapter 5 - Young Love

Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd, Greenland Bay

Will pulled the covers up over his younger daughter Pippa as she snuggled down into bed. He loved these moments. Tucking in his youngest, wishing her sweet dreams before planting a kiss on her forehead.

Josh and Charlotte were too old now to be tucked in. Sometimes they didn't even see Josh before he went to bed. Ever since he'd been grounded he hung out upstairs in his room most of the time. Will wondered that maybe giving his son all that space up on the third story of their home wasn't such a good idea after all.

He reached over and switched the lamp off. "Night sweetie," he said gently brushing Pippa's blonde hair with his hand.


Chapter 4 - Hello, Goodbye (Pt 2)

Greenland Bay High School

The library at school often stayed open till late in the afternoon and Sandy sometimes took advantage of this. She enjoyed the piece and quiet there, it allowed her to get some study done, but she also enjoyed having the few library staff there as well.
She didn't really talk to them to much, generally only if she needed help with something. But it was knowing that they were there, that somebody was there, this helped to ease her mind that she wasn't completely alone.

She felt a chill in the air as she stepped outside and began her walk home, most likely to an empty home too. She was about to loose herself in her own thoughts when a car pulled up beside her and a familiar face looked out through the passenger window.

"Can I offer you a lift?" Smiled Mr Ramirez. "A lovely young girl like you shouldn't be walking home alone."

Sandy's heart almost leaped out of her chest as she smiled back at him. Almost running to the side of the car she opened the passenger door and jumped in.


Chapter 4 - Hello, Goodbye (Pt 1)

Connor's Theme Song - Pyro by Kings of Leon

Frio Residence - 14 Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

It was just before sunrise when Connor woke. He leaned over to see Susannah still fast asleep and stared at her for a long moment. She looked beautiful, and so peaceful. He moved a piece of her dark brown hair that had fallen over her face during the night. It fell back onto her pillow and blended in with the rest of her thick dark brown tendrils.

Quietly changing into his gym clothes he tossed a fresh towel from their ensuite into his gym bag and walked around and softly planted a kiss on wife's bare cheek. She stirred only briefly and then rolled over onto her stomach, pulling the covers up.


Chapter 3 - Death Has A List, You Know?

 Pinehill Woods - Greenland Bay

They arrived at the Woods just after 9.30pm. Reece Hamilton, good friend of Josh's, drove the six of them there in his father's car. Reece's parents were pretty lenient and offered him the car to take out as long as they promised they were back by curfew.


Chapter 2 - Trust

Greenland Bay Salon & Tattoo Parlor

After dropping her son, Flynn, off at home Susannah made her way to the salon in town with her daughter, Zoey. They were headed for their usual afternoon hair appointment. Once every eight weeks they did this together. There was nothing like having a professional wash and blow dry your hair, you always left the salon feeling like a new person, well almost. 


Chapter 1 - Not Likely

Greenland Bay, many years later....

Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd

Joshua strummed away at the strings of his guitar, concentrating on the melody he was playing. From the moment he picked it up he'd taken to it like a fish did to water.
It was a gift the previous Christmas from his parents. Apparently his father had once played guitar back in his day but he'd kept it tucked away in the basement and then lost it along with everything else back when they had the fire in Sunset Valley.


Part Three Catch Up

**Spoiler alert!!**


Behind The Scenes of Part Three

Thought I'd post just a few out takes from Part 3, if anyone is interested. The shots are mainly from the last few chapters but, hey, sometimes there can be some interesting things going on. I probably should have posted this earlier but to be honest I forgot. lol I had a few things on my mind, RL stuff and I started the 30 Day Sims Challenge so that was the end of that!



Part 3 Finale - New Friendships, Old Ways & Reunited

Sandy walked up the stairs that lead to the entrance of Greenland Bay Elementary. It was early Friday afternoon and her father picked her up from her school early in Sunset Valley. She never thought she would be like the other kids when their mothers or fathers picked them up early from school and then headed off camping for the weekend. Until now.


Chapter 11 - Feeling Alive Again

Several weeks later - Al Simhara

The sun was setting for the another day in Al Simhara. A welcoming cool breeze rolled off the river and up onto the mainland causing the tall palms to sway lightly, their leaves rustling. Insects came out of hiding and the locals that worked in the hot Egyptian sun all day returned to their homes to spend the night with their families.


Chapter 10 - The Move

Eliza woke to the sound of seagulls squawking outside the bedroom window. She could hear the waves crashing up onto the sandy shore and the faint sound of the television on downstairs. She pulled the blankets up to her chin and then her knees up to her chest, placing one arm around them.


Part Two Catch Up

**Spoiler alert!!**


Part One Catch Up

**Spoiler alert!!** 


Chapter 9 - Memories

Will was still in shock as he drove Sandy home to her mothers the next day. He couldn't believe it took three fire trucks to put the inferno out that engulfed their beautiful two-story home.
They took whatever belongings they had with them and drove over to Eliza's father's house which was situated off the main highway between Sunset Valley and Riverview. With Charlie away it meant that the house was empty but at least they had a bed to sleep in and a roof over their heads for the night. The next couple of days they would have to figure out where they were going to stay and live.


Chapter 8 - Suburban Inferno

Eliza ran as fast as she could to the laundry where the only fire extinguisher was kept. She had already tried throwing some water onto the flames but her hopes of putting them out were quickly diminished when sparks flew out onto the woven wicker rug underneath her feet.


Chapter 7 - Choices

It was a pleasant day in Sunset Valley, slightly overcast but perfect for fishing. So Will decided to take Josh and Sandy to his favorite fishing spot up at Stony Falls.
Abigail had taken a job that required her to work quite late into the night so Sandy stayed over with Will and Eliza for a few nights during the week.


Chapter 6 - The Morning After

Connor woke the next morning with a headache to top all headaches. You could probably describe it more as a migraine. Crap. What the hell did he get up to last night.
Opening his eyes his vision blurred as he pushed back the sheets and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and in doing so clipping his ankle on the corner of the bedside dresser.



Chapter 5 - Celebration

It was a quiet night in Sunset Valley. The sky was dark and littered with millions of tiny glistening stars. The moon shone down casting a glow upon the valley.
A soft thump came from the two story house at the end of Pinochle Point and in the warm night breeze balloons swayed out on the front lawn beside the mailbox. A celebration was being held. It was the birthday of a son, a grandchild and soon to be, a best friend.


Chapter 4 - Goodbye

Eliza ascended the stairs to the second level of the Simstate Psychiatric Hospital. Her father had arranged to meet her there as she didn't feel up to visiting her mother alone.
It had been three weeks since she spoke to her father on the phone, telling her that her mother was in hospital and she will now be residing there, permanently.

She wanted to be there for her father but she'd been so busy with work and organizing Joshua's arrangements for school. And not to mention getting over the shock that Will's ex-girlfriend was in town and that she claimed she had a daughter with him. Well, it wasn't just a claim anymore, it was a fact. Eliza had gone along with him to the hospital for support and the results came back positive.


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