Chapter 7 - Choices

It was a pleasant day in Sunset Valley, slightly overcast but perfect for fishing. So Will decided to take Josh and Sandy to his favorite fishing spot up at Stony Falls.
Abigail had taken a job that required her to work quite late into the night so Sandy stayed over with Will and Eliza for a few nights during the week.


Chapter 6 - The Morning After

Connor woke the next morning with a headache to top all headaches. You could probably describe it more as a migraine. Crap. What the hell did he get up to last night.
Opening his eyes his vision blurred as he pushed back the sheets and swung his legs over the edge of the bed, and in doing so clipping his ankle on the corner of the bedside dresser.



Chapter 5 - Celebration

It was a quiet night in Sunset Valley. The sky was dark and littered with millions of tiny glistening stars. The moon shone down casting a glow upon the valley.
A soft thump came from the two story house at the end of Pinochle Point and in the warm night breeze balloons swayed out on the front lawn beside the mailbox. A celebration was being held. It was the birthday of a son, a grandchild and soon to be, a best friend.


Chapter 4 - Goodbye

Eliza ascended the stairs to the second level of the Simstate Psychiatric Hospital. Her father had arranged to meet her there as she didn't feel up to visiting her mother alone.
It had been three weeks since she spoke to her father on the phone, telling her that her mother was in hospital and she will now be residing there, permanently.

She wanted to be there for her father but she'd been so busy with work and organizing Joshua's arrangements for school. And not to mention getting over the shock that Will's ex-girlfriend was in town and that she claimed she had a daughter with him. Well, it wasn't just a claim anymore, it was a fact. Eliza had gone along with him to the hospital for support and the results came back positive.


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