Chapter 4 - Hello, Goodbye (Pt 1)

Connor's Theme Song - Pyro by Kings of Leon

Frio Residence - 14 Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

It was just before sunrise when Connor woke. He leaned over to see Susannah still fast asleep and stared at her for a long moment. She looked beautiful, and so peaceful. He moved a piece of her dark brown hair that had fallen over her face during the night. It fell back onto her pillow and blended in with the rest of her thick dark brown tendrils.

Quietly changing into his gym clothes he tossed a fresh towel from their ensuite into his gym bag and walked around and softly planted a kiss on wife's bare cheek. She stirred only briefly and then rolled over onto her stomach, pulling the covers up.


Chapter 3 - Death Has A List, You Know?

 Pinehill Woods - Greenland Bay

They arrived at the Woods just after 9.30pm. Reece Hamilton, good friend of Josh's, drove the six of them there in his father's car. Reece's parents were pretty lenient and offered him the car to take out as long as they promised they were back by curfew.


Chapter 2 - Trust

Greenland Bay Salon & Tattoo Parlor

After dropping her son, Flynn, off at home Susannah made her way to the salon in town with her daughter, Zoey. They were headed for their usual afternoon hair appointment. Once every eight weeks they did this together. There was nothing like having a professional wash and blow dry your hair, you always left the salon feeling like a new person, well almost. 


Chapter 1 - Not Likely

Greenland Bay, many years later....

Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd

Joshua strummed away at the strings of his guitar, concentrating on the melody he was playing. From the moment he picked it up he'd taken to it like a fish did to water.
It was a gift the previous Christmas from his parents. Apparently his father had once played guitar back in his day but he'd kept it tucked away in the basement and then lost it along with everything else back when they had the fire in Sunset Valley.


Part Three Catch Up

**Spoiler alert!!**


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