Chapter 9 - Gossip


This Love
This love is a strange love
A faded kind of
Day love
This love

This Love
I think I'm going to fall again
And even when you held my hand
It didn't mean a thing
This Love


Ramirez Residence - Greenland Bay

The streetlights turned on illuminating the neatly paved paths and roads of Greenland Bay. Sandy stood out the front of Damon's apartment and gripping one of the shoulder straps on her backpack she adjusted it slightly, giving her left shoulder a moments relief from the weight of her school books.

She could see Damon moving around in the lounge room and she wondered how he might be feeling and what he might be going through after what had recently happened at school.


A Tour of The Seymour Home

Presenting, The Seymour home.

Home to the couple who started it all. The couple that used to be the basis of this story. The sim couple that come alive, in my eyes.
Extra care was taken when designing and decorating this home. Will and Eliza are very close to my heart and with them both being family orientated (not necessarily trait wise) I wanted this to really show through their home.
Their kids mean world to them so be prepared for an overload of smiling happy family photographs hanging on the walls and some canoodling ones too. ;)



Chapter 8 - Coffee Kisses

Frio Residence - 14 Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

Flynn tossed and turned under the covers. The past few nights he hadn't slept too well. Still paranoid that his parents may have found out about his little side hobby, hacking. He thought it over and over and decided it just wasn't possible. He was quite meticulous with his usernames and passwords. They was definitely no way that any one of his family members would be able to figure them out.

The only time his mother came into his room was to collect his laundry basket and he always turned his computer off when he wasn't using it. He was pretty sure that he had done so last night. Hadn't he?


A Tour of The Frio Home

For those that are interested, as promised, here is a tour of one of the two lots that I built for Part Four.
Having already met the Frio's, I'm sure you have a feel for who they are by now, but I'd like to give you this opportunity to have a up-close and personal look at the place they call home.



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