Chapter 13 - The Last Couple

Mitchell Residence -130 Redwood Pkwy, Greenland Bay

If you were one of the surrounding neighbors to 130 Redwood Pkwy then loud music, shouting, laughter and sometimes the odd high pitched scream were starting to become a regular occurrence. It was also pretty much the standard noise that you would expect from a bunch of teens getting together on a Saturday afternoon.


Poll Results

What will Susannah decide to do about Connor?

A. Stay married to him but make him suffer a little longer (5 votes)

B. Leave him and hook up with Johnny (1 vote)

C. Divorce him for all he's worth! (1 vote)

D. Stay married to him but cheat on him with Johnny (1 vote)

E. Leave him, take the kids and start fresh (2 votes)

Total votes - 10

Probably should have posted this before chapter 12, oh well, lol!

Thanks to those who took part, you just added your own little piece to what happens in The Drifter! :)
New poll coming soon!


Chapter 12 - Dinner For Two

Seaside Grill Bar & Cafe, Greenland Bay

Connor sat opposite his wife, admiring the beauty sitting before him. He had a spark in his eyes, he was happy, and he was finally sleeping properly again.
It was impossible for him to put into words just how much he had missed his wife, and not just her sexy figure but he missed talking with her. He missed hearing her voice. He missed seeing her smiling face in the morning. He missed her kisses and warm embrace when he arrived home from work. He missed everything about her.

He made dinner reservations straight after Susannah finally opened up to him about everything. He wanted to take her out and spend some quality time with her. He wanted to wine and dine her till his heart was content--or was that his conscious? Whatever it was he was so thankful that she'd decided to give him another chance.


Chapter 11 - Ripple Effect

Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd, Greenland Bay

"But mummy I don't want to wear them! I look silly and feel like one of those geeky kids at school!"

Eliza looked down at her daughter, she knew Pippa could be grumpy at times and hard to please, and she almost thought they'd escaped any drama today while her daughter was fitted for her new reading glasses, but as soon as they arrived home her mood suddenly changed.

"Pippa sweetie, lots of sim's wear glasses, what about your aunt Suzie? Hmm? I'm pretty sure she had to get them when she was your age."


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