Chapter 1 - Freedom At Last

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Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd, Greenland Bay

A cool afternoon breeze swept over her bare shoulders as Eliza hugged her son goodbye. She was probably hugging him too tightly for his liking but she couldn't help it. The day that she thought she'd be prepared for had come and she realized that she was far from prepared by the overwhelming loud sobs that rose up from her chest. 

Their first born, and now their eldest, was moving out of home. She closed her eyes and thought back to the days when Josh first came into the world. He was such a delightful little baby and soon quickly grew into a very curious toddler.


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What would you like to read more of in The Drifter?

Okay so I went a little silly on the pie chart above, but my last poll chart was so bad that I felt I had to make up for it this time around, lol!
I'm really happy with the percentage of votes this time around. Thanks everyone and once again YOU will be taking part in creating your own little piece of history very soon in Part Five of The Drifter!

To see that Romance is the clear winner here makes me even happier because I enjoy writing this genre in my sim stories so much. Actually it's really the only thing that I feel confident and comfortable writing about.

So I guess Drama goes hand in hand with Romance, and Suspense I can guarantee! But Death? Really? Do you really want to see one of my characters, die? I can barely even say it let alone think it. lol Just so you know I'm silently freaking out about this. Eeek! Kaleeko, I will be calling upon you when and if this gets written into Part Five as I think I'm going to need a little help with this one.

Keep and eye out for a poll new, which will be posted soon-ish, and also for the first chapter of Part Five! Woo hoo!


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