Chapter 8 - Something Pretty

Greenland Bay Cemetery

It was mid morning as Madison, Davey, Natasha and Josh quietly talked at the entrance of the cemetery. The mood was somber despite the clear day and the sun shinning through the clouds. Cars were still rolling up and parking, everyone dressed in black, their faces already full of sadness.


Chapter 7 - Confusion & Cocktails

Greenland Bay Pier & Beach

Susannah let the sandy strands of grass slide through her fingers as she stared out at the horizon. The water lapped gently onto the shore and the reeds waved in the breeze coming off the water.

It had been far too long since she'd visited her local beach. Actually she couldn't even remember that last time she came down here. Before the kids maybe? How years ago was that, Flynn and Zoey were now both in their teens. With a family and working full time it was no wonder she never found the time to do such things.

She thought about Connor and her kids, and life in general. Was this where she wanted to be? Was this the life she wanted to be living? Lately, she wasn't completely sure.


Chapter 6 - If Only

Greenland Bay Private Hospital

It was an overcast morning at the Greenland Bay Private Hospital. Clouds from last nights storm were slowly dissipating but there was still a chill in the air. The sort of chill that went straight through to your bones.

Normally the nurses and doctors were dealing with the after math of the emergency room from the previous night, but there had only been one major fatality last night. A car accident involving two local young adults.


Chapter 5 - Bad Decisions

Frio Residence - Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

The wooden clock hanging on the kitchen wall ticked loudly, echoing throughout the unusually quiet home of the Frio household. The smell of dinner that had been cooked almost an hour and half ago still lingered. Two plates were left sitting on the bench top, one with a few crumbs remaining and the other completely untouched.


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