Chapter 9 - I Love You, But

Beachside Apartments - 9 Sunsong Avenue, Greenland Bay

"Ding-dooonnnngggg, ding-dooonnnnggg!"

After immediately hearing the doorbell ring Josh walked briskly from the kitchen over to the front door to greet his girlfriend. The anticipation he experienced all day of knowing that he was going to see was enough to drive him crazy.
He was already in a good mood but his mood lifted even more the very moment he saw her and the moment they embraced in the entry way.


Character Mosaic - Natasha Mitchell

Full Name: Natasha Elizabeth Mitchell
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Neat, Snob, Flirty, Couch Potato, Artistic, Childish, Photographer's Eye, Loves the Summer
Romantic Status: Joshua Seymour
Occupation: studying fashion/textile design at Bridgeport University

Favorite Drink: Geranium Delight
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Film: Pretty Woman
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Weather: Summer
Current Vehicle: white Volkswagen Beetle
Currently Reading: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Turn On's / Turn Off's: Smile & Eyes / Overweight
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: a heart locket given from her grandmother
One Word That Describes Me: Demure
Something Else About Me: Unsure


Character Mosaic - Joshua Seymour

Full Name: Joshua Howard Seymour
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Rocker, Athletic, Loves The Outdoors, Perceptive, Good, Fire Immunity, Friendly, Irresistible, Loves the Summer
Girlfriend: Natasha Mitchell
Occupation: Fireman

Favorite Drink: Heinikin Beer
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Film: Saving Private Ryan
Favorite Food: Trifle
Favorite Weather: Summer
Current Vehicle: Blue Jeep Wrangler Soft Top
Currently Reading: FHM Magazine

Turn On's & Turn Off's: Tanned Long Legs / Unladylike Behavior
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: his Rip Curl surf board
One Word That Describes Me: Easy-going
Something Else About Me: Fluent in French


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