Chapter 12 - Kissin' In The Blue Dark

The Grind Nightclub - Greenland Bay

Reece slowly trailed behind Josh as they approached the entrance to their local nightclub which was situated in the middle of town.

"Come on dude, you coming or what?" Josh asked his best mate as he climbed the stairs and headed for the open door to the club.


The Drifter Banners (Part 1-Part 5)

Here are the different banners I've made for the Drifter. :)

Borrowing this idea from Laura & Carla, thank you ladies. I really only started getting into making banners by Part 4. lol That's a bit sad but I wasn't too skilled up on PS then, actually I don't think I even had photo shop prior to that. 
Anyway, the template I use for The Drifter allows two banners so I normally do one for the top and then one for the bottom. I usually try to match them but generally the bottom one is really just a different angle or zoomed out view of the top banner.


Chapter 11 - No Big Deal

Beachside Apartments - 9 Sunsong Ave, Greenland Bay

"So, watta your plans today Joshie?"

Josh scooped up a piece of pancake with a big dollop of maple syrup onto his fork and then into his mouth. He didn't particularly like it when Madison called him that but he knew she meant nothing by it, it was simply an adjustment to his already shortened name and she always tried to apply her own style to everything, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't but it was something she always did.


Character Mosaic - Madison Hamilton

Full Name: Madison Allison Hamilton
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Snob, Dramatic, Hot-Headed, Perceptive, Genius, Diva, Supernatural Fan, Flirty
Occupation: part time Day Spa Assistant
Romantic Status: Davey Edwards

Favorite Drink: Orange Blossom
Favorite Color: She has two, Red & Black
Favorite Movie: Donnie Darko
Favorite Food: Tiramasu
Favorite Weather: Autumn
Currently Reading: Beautiful Disaster by Jamie Mcquire

Turn On's / Turn Off's: Bad Boys / Shy
One of the things I love most in the world: My Gucci Hobo bag
One word that describes you: Demanding
Something else about me: Smart


Character Mosaic - Davey Edwards

Full Name: Davey Aaron Edwards
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Ambitious, Party-Animal, Rebellious, Hot-Headed, Green-Thumb, Supernatural Skeptic, Good Sense of Humor, Pizza Lover
Romantic Status: Madison Hamilton
Occupation: Junkyard Assistant

Favorite Drink: Guava Juice (non-alcoholic)
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Film: Indiana Jones Trilogy
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Weather: Winter
Current Vehicle: BMX bike
Currently Reading: the newspaper
Turn On's & Turn Off's: A women with a nice round buttock / Party-Poopers
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: my mothers cooking
One Word That Describes Me: Quiet
Something Else About Me: wants to become a chef


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