Video Games

Round 1 Autumn - April 2100
Vandyke/Meyers/Downey Family

Matt is 25, Quinn and Trey are 26, and Miranda is 24.

Narrated by Quinn Meyers.

Playing video games till 2am in the morning probably isn't such a good idea when you've got to get up for work that same morning. Sometimes though I just have way too much fun with these guys and the time goes way too fast when we're gaming and mucking about.


Lot Tour - Vandyke/Meyers/Downey Family

This is the apartment block Matt, Quinn and Trey live at. Their apartment is the very top right and it was the only one available in this type of apartment to play a family in. Any of the other apartments were too small for three guys or too tall for Greenland Bay. I wanted the town to try to remain picturesque but still have at least a couple of city-like buildings.


Imitation of Life

Round 1 Autumn - March 2100
Baine/Oates/Conroy Family

Lillian is 25, Darcy & Miranda are 24, Trey is 26 and Matt is 25.

Narrated by Darcy Baine.

It feels like I've been trying to finish this particular sketch for ages now and I've been working on it for over a week but it's just not coming together. Trey always tells me to take a break when I'm stuck and I guess I could but I don't really have the luxury of taking breaks, this is my bread and butter and pays for my rent each week, along with everything else.


Lot Tour - Baine/Conroy/Oates Family

First lot tour for Freedom Shores!

So this is where Darcy, Lillian and Miranda live. It's a fairly modern abode and the girls started renting just after they all finished University. A friend of a friends friend of Lillian's owns it. ;)
This lot was created by Vasilla and it's a cc free lot which I totally love because I'm a bit over cc right now--apart from a few small pieces of clutter. The lot comes partly furnished, so I've just redecorated a little, mainly the girls rooms to suit their personalities and added my own touches here and there.


Round 1 Schedule

New banner is up and new colour scheme is saved! This is it, the start of Freedom shores! :)

The first round will be quite short, I guess it'll be a bit like an introduction to the families that I've never written about. I'm not sure yet how many updates I'll do a month but I'm aiming for at least three. I'm pretty confident I'll be able to keep up with three updates a month, anything more will be a bonus.

See below for the families that will feature in the first round of Freedom Shores. I can't wait to start writing about them! :)

Starting year, 2100.

March: 'Imitation of Life' (Baine/Conroy/Oates - narrated by Darcy Baine)
April: 'Video Games' (Vandyke/Meyers/Downey - narrated by Quinn Meyers)
May: 'Bright Side of the Road' (Steel - narrated by Christopher Steel)

June: 'You Gotta Be' (Andrews - narrated by Victoria Andrews)
July: 'Big Girls Don't Cry' (Keaton - narrated by Mark Keaton)
August: 'Loves Me Like a Rock' (Sekemoto - narrated by Leighton Sekemoto)

September: 'Solsbury Hill' (Williams - narrated by Amy Williams)
October: 'Kids' (Langerak - narrated by Peter Langerak)
November: 'Riptide' (French/McIrish - narrated by River McIrish)

December: 'Magic' (Edwards/Hamilton - narrated by Davey Edwards)
Birthdays: Round 1

Title Songs
Imitation of Life by REM
Video Games by Lana Del Rey
Bright Side of the Road by Van Morrison
You Gotta Be by Des'ree
Big Girls Don't Cry by Fergie
Loves Me Like a Rock by Paul Simon
Solsbury Hill by Paul Simon
Kids by MGMT
Riptide by Vance Joy
Magic by Coldplay


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