You Gotta Be

Round 1 Winter, June 2100

Beau is 37 and Victoria is 35.

Narrated by Victoria Andrews.

There's nothing more I look forward to in the morning than my first cup of coffee for the day, especially after a night of listening to Beau's loud snoring. I swear even the Heavens above must be able to hear him snore.


Lot Tour - Andrews Family

This is Beau and Victoria's home and since they're in their mid to late thirties I figure they could afford something like this, that is if they are both working full-time. I said IF. lol I'll elaborate more on Beau's employment adventures in my next update, but they were already living in this lot when I first started playing them.

As you can see from the before shot below I added two extra rooms. I didn't want to but I was having trouble with a section of the roof, it just wouldn't do what I wanted it to do! lol Anyway, it was a big house before but now it's an even bigger house!


Bright Side of the Road

Round 1 Autumn, May 2100

Christopher is 28 and Victoria Andrews is 35.

Narrated by Christopher Steel.

It's midnight and almost everything is unpacked. There's still a few boxes left, probably full of my clothes, I can't really remember since I didn't write on the boxes after I packed them. After scoffing down three slices of pizza, almost a whole beer I slumped down on the couch to watch some of the box for a while.


Lot Tour - Steel Family

This is where Christopher Steel resides and this lot is an existing EA lot in Sunset Valley that I gave a makeover. It's located at 373 Skyborough Blvd and is called the Garden Cottage. It is a small house, only two bedrooms, one bathroom but it's built on a sizable lot, which means plenty of backyard space!
Also, because this lot isn't filled with tonnes of clutter I decided to make it available for download, which also means it is a CC free lot. :)

Let's take a tour shall we...


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