Big Girls Don't Cry

Round 1 Winter, July 2100
Keaton Family

Justine is 29, Mark is 32 and Ashley is 1.

Narrated by Mark Keaton.

On July the 3rd little Ashley Keaton came into the world. She weighed 7.5 pounds and from the moment I set eyes on her I fell in love.
It's hard to explain the joy I felt when the nurse handed her over to Justine in the hospital bed and we both looked into our daughters eye's for the very first time.


Lot Tour - Keaton Family

Residents of this neat little home are Mark & Justine Keaton and their new born baby. This family and this lot were pre-made by EA, I just gave them all a makeover!

Their house is small but minimalist and I've tried to modernize it inside. To me, they seem like sims that would like the modern look so that's how I've decorated their house. Mark and Justine both have full time jobs so I didn't think that would leave much time for them to spend on the house/yard, only weekends really, so I haven't fully decorated the outside yet.
I figure now Justine has the baby she will be staying home a lot so she'll need something to do, like maybe some gardening in the backyard. ;)


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