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Round 1 Winter, August 2100
Sekemoto Family

Yumi is 60, Leighton is 27 and Sam is 3.

Narrated by Leighton Sekemoto.

Since mum moved in with Sam and I life has been a lot less stressful. She has been a massive help around the house especially during the week, she basically takes care of Sam now while I'm at work.
We used to have a maid, which mum hired for us back when Sam was born and when Alice died tragically at the hospital. That was one of the toughest years of my life and one that I'll never forget.


Lot Tour - Greenland Bay Cemetery

Aka remake of Sunset Valley cemetery.

This is the first of two lots I'm transferring over to this blog since my old main blog, Memoirs of a Sim, was switched over to private. Calling it an 'old' blog seems kind of strange but it was my first ever blog so it is a bit old I guess. Anyways, too many blogs as mentioned on my last post on MOAS but it's all good because I'm having lots of fun with this blog now! :)

Welcome to Greenland Bay Cemetery!


Greenland Bay Oasis Pool

Aka a makeover of Le Petit Shark Pool in Sunset Valley.

This is an early makeover/download by me, but it's probably one I like the best, out of the only two I've done. lol It was dyyyyyying for a makeover though, god damn! 
Tour and download link below, enjoy!

Welcome to Greenland Bay Oasis Pool!


Lot Tour - Sekemoto Family

Number 24 Sim Lane is home to the Sekemoto family. Elder Yumi and her young adult son Leighton and his son, toddler Sam. It is a small home and has an odd shaped floor plan but serves the purpose for this quiet family that keep to themselves.


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