Lot Tour - Langerak Family

This home belongs to the Langerak family, Dustin, Illana, Peter, Kylie & Illana's sister Zelda. Let's just say it's a full house! It's located at 9 Sierra Tango St in Greenland Bay.

I did a switch-a-roo on my round 1 schedule, McIrish/French family were listed to be the next update but for some reason I was feeling more inspired to make over the Langerak home so that's what I did. lol


Solsbury Hill

Round 1 Spring, September 2100
Williams Family

Marcus is 36, Amy is 34 and Malika is 3.

Narrated by Amy Williams.

Finally Spring is here and I can't tell you how happy I am about it! This winter was considerably colder than the previous one. It constantly rained and snowed heavily in both July and August. Both Malika and I were starting to become quite restless, so you can imagine my excitement at seeing the first sight of beautiful blue sky and sunshine again.


Lot Tour- Williams Family

This lot lovely lot, if I may say so myself, is home to the Williams family! Amy, Marcus & little Malika.
I built this lot many years ago, back in 2011 I think and uploaded it to TSR. Which means I also got a bit lazy and decided not to re-shoot for this post and just used the original shots I took back when I built it so the lot shows some background of Riverview but really the Williams live in Greenland Bay. ;)


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