Round 2 Schedule

First round down! Yay! :D I guess that means I've settled into the changes of my story blog. lol Things are going well in RL so I'm going to try to update a bit more regularly now.
Round 2 will only consist of updates of the sims/families from The Drifter days not any of the new family's that were added to this blog from Round 1, which means I won't be aging my sims up till Round 3 but it will still be a new year if that makes any sense, lol!
I still have a bunch of family & sim profiles I'll be doing for the below so it will be a busy Round even though it looks like it's not going to be. :)

Starting year, 2101.

January: 'Electric Feel' (Seymour/Frio family - narrated by Charlotte Seymour)
February: 'Soldier On' (Jones family - narrated by Harrison Jones)

March: 'Is This Love' (Parker/Frio family - narrated by Johnny Parker)
April: 'Lanterns' (Mitchell family - narrated by Bridget Mitchell)
May: 'Better Days' (Edwards family - narrated by Caroline Edwards)

June: 'Caring Is Creepy' (Hamilton family - narrated by Reece Hamilton)
July: 'Strawberry Swing' (Seymour family - narrated by Eliza Seymour)
August: 'Dancing On My Own' (Seymour 1 family - narrated by Joshua Seymour)

September: Edwards/Hamilton wedding  (narrated by Madison Hamilton)
October: 'Two Strong Hearts' (Seymour GP family - narrated by Barbara Seymour)
November: 'Learning to Fly' (Kane family - narrated by Margo Kane)

December: 'Dreams' (Edwards 1 family - narrated by Davey Edwards)

Title Songs
Electric Feel by MGMT
Soldier On by Temper Trap
Is This Love by Bob Marley
Lanterns by Birds of Tokyo
Better Days by The Black Sorrows
Caring Is Creepy by The Shins
Strawberry Swing by Coldplay
Dancing On My Own by Calum Scott
Two Strong Hearts by John Farnham
Learning to Fly by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Dreams by The Cranberries


Happy Birthday To You, 2100

Ashley Keaton turned 1 in July. She loves to play with the dollhouse that mummy & daddy got for her birthday, but most of the time she just chews on the dolls heads.



Round 1 Summer, December 2100
Edwards/Hamilton family

Davey is 23 and Madison is 22.

Narrated by Madison Hamilton.

Things between Davey and I have been going really smoothly lately. What I mean by smoothly is we haven't been arguing as often as we normally do. I'm not sure if it was the last major fight we had, which resulted in us not speaking or seeing each other for two whole weeks or if we've matured since leaving school. It's think it's a bit of both.


Sim Profile - Davey Edwards

Davey Aaron Edwards
Life Stage: young adult, 24 (born November 5, 2077)
Zodiac: scorpio
LTW: super popular
Traits: ambitious, party-animal, rebellious, hot-headed, green thumb, supernatural skeptic, good sense of humor, pizza lover
Hobbies: video games, gardening
Education: unknown Elementary school, Greenland Bay High School
Career: Military (1)
Family: mother Caroline Edwards
Romantic: Madison Edwards
Romantic History: boyfriend to Madison since early years of high school (includes a two week break-up). Married Madison September 2101.


Sim Profile - Madison Edwards

Madison Allison Edwards (was Hamilton)
Life Stage: young adult, 23 (born June 20, 2078)
Zodiac: gemini
LTW: celebrity psychic
Traits: snob, dramatic, hot-headed, perceptive, genius, diva, supernatural fan, flirty
Hobbies: shopping
Education: Greenland Bay Elementary & High School
Career: Greenland Bay Day Spa-spa specialist (clothes folder (1)
Family: parents Jon & April Hamilton, twin brother Reece Hamilton
BFF: Natasha Mitchell
Romantic: Davey Edwards
Romantic History: girlfriend to Davey Edwards since early years of high school, kissed Joshua Seymour during two week break-up with Davey. Married Davey September 2101.


Edwards Family

Davey Edwards & Madison Hamilton

Davey and Madison have been together since their early years of high school. Some would say these two are match made in heaven, others might disagree. Their personalities clash at the best of times but deep down these two really care and adore each other.
Madison works at the local Day Spa and Davey has just started work in the Military career. They live together in an old abandon warehouse Davey bought and only recently got married. 


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