Edwards/Hamilton Wedding

Round 2 Spring, September 2101
Edwards/Hamilton Family

Davey Edwards and Madison Hamilton are 23.


Stoney Falls Reception Centre

This is the lot opposite Stoney Falls and I thought it would be the perfect place for a wedding. It's only a very short sim walk over to the falls, since the lots are facing each other, and I think it will hopefully make for a great background for wedding shots.


Dancing On My Own

Round 2 Winter, August 2101
Seymour 1 Family

Joshua is 23 (Natasha Mitchell is 22)

Narrated by Joshua Seymour.

Living on your own is a lot different than when I shared with two roomies. If anything breaks you have to fix it yourself or at least pay someone to fix it. Luckily I've fixed broken faucets before and this one just needed another washer replaced.


Lot Tour - Seymour Family

Seymour (1) Residence - 9 Sung Song Avenue, Greenland Bay

So this is the lot that Josh is renting by himself. It's right opposite the beach which is perfect for Josh since that is one of his true loves. I created this lot a long time ago, back in my TSR days. It was a bit girly so I had to alter some of the inside but I really like the layout and it's not too big or too small so I thought it was perfect for Josh.

It's probably a bit luxurious for him since he is only 22 but I think it suits his style and I really wasn't up for building something new just for him. lol Anyway he might end up having someone move in further down the track. A girl maybe? ;) We'll see. It's a two bed/bathroom and would comfortably suit two possibly three sims.


Sim Profile - Joshua Seymour

Joshua 'Josh' Seymour
Life Stage: young adult, 25 (born Jan 25, 2078)
Zodiac: aquarius
LTW: jack of all trades
Traits: brave, rocker, loves the outdoors, athletic, friendly, good
Hobbies: running, surfing, cycling, football
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school
Career: firefighter career - fire sergeant (7)
Family: parents Will & Eliza, sister's Charlotte, Pippa, Sarah, Lucy & Emma
BFF: Reece Hamilton
Romantic History: dated Natasha Mitchell all through high school, broke up not long after graduation.


Seymour Family

Joshua Seymour and Daisy

Joshua, who is mainly known as Josh, works as a fireman at the Greenland Bay fire department and has done since he graduated from high school. He is currently still single since breaking up with his girlfriend Natasha Mitchell. Josh lives alone with his dog Daisy whom he adopted from a local shelter. Josh is best friend to Reece Hamilton and big brother to five younger sisters.  


Strawberry Swing

Round 2 Winter, July 2101
Seymour Family

Will & Eliza are 43, Pippa is 14, Sarah, Emma & Lucy are 2.

Narrated by Eliza Seymour.

Night time has become pretty chaotic lately. Will has been helping me prep and cook dinner now that we have three extra mouths to feed. We eat pretty healthy, always have. I like to have a salad with dinner so I make that and then Will tends to the mains which is normally some kind of meat or fish.


Lot Tour - Seymour Family

Seymour Residence - 350 Oakgrove Road, Greenland Bay

And here it is the house of my all time favorite sim family! :)  This house was designed and created by me and looks a bit different compared to the last time I posted a tour of it. Unfortunately I lost some of the cc I was using and because SV is a big laggy anyway this time around I'm trying hard to use the least amount of cc possible.

As you can see though it is three stories to make room for all the kids they were going to have. lol Actually it only has three bedrooms and before the triplets arrived there was two kids in one room and a teenager living on the third floor. It has three bathrooms though! lol


Sim Profile - Pippa Seymour

Pippa Seymour
Life Stage: teen, 16 (born March 18, 2087)
Zodiac: pisces
Traits: good, athletic, grumpy, disciplined
Hobbies: writing, drawing
Education: Greenland Bay elementary, currently attending Par Excellence Preparatory School (private school)
Family: parents Will & Eliza, brother Joshua, sisters Charlotte, Sarah, Lucy & Emma
Romantic History:


Sim Profile - Eliza Seymour

Eliza Seymour (was Evans)
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born May 30, 2058)
Zodiac: gemini
LTW: surrounded by family
Traits: disciplined, friendly, athletic, loves the outdoors, great kisser
Hobbies: running, writing
Education: Simstate elementary & high school, graduate studies; Simstate university-business and communications
Career: worked as CEO at Doo Peas Corporate Towers SV (8)
Family: husband Will, son Joshua, daughters Charlotte, Pippa, Sarah, Lucy & Emma. Sister in-law Susannah Frio-Parker. Mother & father in-law, Barbara & Howard Seymour. Parents Charlie & Katherine Evans.
BFF: husband Will, daughter Pippa, sister in-law Susannah Frio-Parker
Romantic: husband Will
Romantic History: dated James (last name unknown) on & off during university, dated Thornton Wolff 2 months. Married William Seymour, May 2085.


Sim Profile - William Seymour

William 'Will' Seymour
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born February 25, 2058)
Zodiac: pisces
LTW: jack of all trades
Traits: angler, handy, loves the outdoors, family-orientated, friendly
Hobbies: fishing, football, running
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, graduate studies; diploma of fitness
Career: toddler sports coach - athletic career (3) / personal trainer
Family: wife Eliza, son Joshua, daughters Charlotte, Pippa, Sarah, Lucy & Emma. Sister Susannah Frio-Parker, mother Barbara & father Howard Seymour.
BFF: wife Eliza and Connor Frio
Romantic: wife Eliza
Romantic History: dated Abigale Clark 2.5 years. Married Eliza Evans, May 2085.


Seymour Family

Will, Eliza, Pippa and triplets (not identical) Emma, Lucy and Sarah Seymour

The Seymour family are very family orientated and have been through many up's and down's over the years. The up's definitely out way the down's though!

Greenland Bay is Will's home town, he grew up here but when his father became lost at sea he set sail on his fathers boat, the Sealuxe, to search for him. Will was just a teenager and he searched for his father for many years but never found him. One day he docked at a small town called Sunset Valley and this is where he met Eliza. Sparks flew right from the moment they met and they ended up getting married and settling down and starting a family in Sunset Valley. Only after a tragic house fire did they move back to Greenland Bay and this is when they decided to extend their family-to six children!

Will works as a toddler sports coach and a personal trainer when he is not coaching toddlers, Eliza is currently a stay at home mum to triplets. Pippa is in high school and loves helping with the triplets and playing big sister to them. Charlotte and Joshua are their eldest children who have since moved out of home.


Caring Is Creepy

Round 2 Winter, June 2101
Hamilton Family

Jon is 46, April is 45 and Reece is 22 (Charlotte Seymour is 20).

Narrated by Reece Hamilton.

I played my guitar the other day after god knows how long. It's been a while since I've played it. After Claire died I just lost my will to play it. I lost my will to do anything at all.


Lot Tour - Hamilton Family

Hamilton Residence - 98 Landgraab Ave, Greenland Bay
This lot I download a long long time ago, it's a creation by kbradley03 and I added a few of my own finishing touches to it. I remember the moment I saw this house I knew it was perfect for the Hamilton's. It think it's a lovely build and style. All her homes are really lovely!


Sim Profile - Reece Hamilton

Reece Michael Hamilton
Life Stage: young adult, 24 (born June 20, 2078)
Zodiac: gemini
LTW: golden tounge/golden fingers
Traits: daredevil, athletic, charismatic, party animal,
Hobbies: football, guitar, surfing
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school
Family: parents Jon & April Hamilton, twin sister Madison
BFF: Joshua Seymour
Romantic: Charlotte Seymour
Romantic History: boyfriend to Claire Jones all through high school and early years of young adulthood until her death in 2097.


Sim Profile - April Hamilton

April Grace Hamilton
Life Stage: adult, 47 (born July 18, 2056)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: living in the lap of luxury (completed)
Traits: family-oriented, dramatic, kleptomaniac, snob, good sense of humor
Hobbies: fundraising and charities, collecting
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, graduate studies; Bridgeport university-business and communications
Career: housewife & founder of GBADF (Greenland Bay Alcohol & Drug Foundation)
Family: husband Jon Hamilton, twin son Reece & daughter Madison
BFF: husband Jon, son Reece & daughter Madison
Romantic: husband Jon
Romantic History: married Jon September 2082


Sim Profile - Jon Hamilton

Jon David Hamilton
Life Stage: adult, 48 (born March 25, 2055)
Zodiac: aries
LTW: renaissance sim
Traits: charismatic, athletic, genius, computer whiz, workaholic
Hobbies: golf, collecting
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, Graduate studies; Bridgeport university-law, business and communications
Career: lawyer (co-owner of Hamilton & Parker law firm)
Family: wife April, twin son Reece & daughter Madison
BFF: wife April and son Reece & daughter Madison
Romantic: April Hamilton
Romantic History: married April September 2082


Hamilton Family

Jon, April and Reece Hamilton

The Hamilton's are probably the wealthiest family in Greenland Bay. Jon is a lawyer and co-owner of Hamilton & Parker law firm with Johnny Parker. Jon and April have two children, twins Reece and Madison. Their son Reece moved back home after the tragic death of his girlfriend Claire and has since been trying to get his life back on track. Their daughter Madison lives with her fiance Davey.
April doesn't work, she is a housewife and is also a dedicated advocate to certain charities in town and often organizes, attends and supports these charity events as a representative of her husbands' business. In particular GBADF, Greenland Bay Alcohol & Drug Foundation. This cause is very close to her heart due to the history of her own son's addiction. 


Better Days

Round 2 Autumn, May 2101
Edwards Family

Caroline Edwards is 44 (Davey Edwards is 23, Madison Hamilton is 22, Fiona McIrish is 42, River McIrish is 18 and Sue French is 4).

Narrated by Caroline Edwards.

So I finally taught Clover to sit! Oh I'm so proud of him and it's taken a while but we got there in the end. He is always so well behaved but I must admit I've been a bit slack in the department of training him.


Lot Tour - Edwards Family

Edwards family home - 18 Maywood Lane, Greenland Bay 

Home to Caroline Edwards and her German Shepherd Clover, this is an original EA lot from Sunset Valley (which is the base hood for Greenland Bay) that I gave a makeover. I'd already done the makeover ages ago but I didn't save the household with the house so I had to do it all over again. From what I can remember I think this time around it looks a lot better.


Sim Profile - Caroline Edwards

Caroline Edwards
Life Stage: adult, 44 (born June 29, 2057)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: professional author
Traits: shy, nurturing, artistic, kleptomaniac, family-oriented
Hobbies: writing
Education: Riverview elementary & high school, graduate studies: Riverview university-writing
Career: receptionist (business career-level 3)
Family: son Davey Edwards
Romantic History: divorced Michael Edwards-married 12 years


Edwards Family

Caroline Edwards and Clover

By day Caroline works as a receptionist at the Greenland Bay Business Center, by night she is an aspiring author and one day hopes to finally have her first novel published. She is divorced and has one son, Davey, from her marriage. 



Round 2 Autumn, April 2101
Mitchell Family

Roger is 46, Bridget is 45 and Natasha is 22.

Narrated by Bridget Mitchell.

Roger and I had a surprise visit from Natasha recently. We weren't expecting her to come down from University for at least another week due to a change in her schedule. I was so delighted to see her, I always am. I miss her so much since she moved out of home.


Lot Tour - Mitchell Family

Mitchell family home - 130 Redwood Parkway, Greenland Bay

An original home from The Drifter days and I think I might have downloaded this lot and then given it a makeover but it was so long ago that I honestly can't remember. I know I didn't build it myself though.
It's a three bedroom, two bathroom family home, with garage and pool and plenty of spare backyard space.


Sim Profile - Natasha Mitchell

Natasha Elizabeth Mitchell
Life Stage: young adult, 24 (born January 12, 2079)
Zodiac: capricorn
LTW: fashion phenomenon
Traits: neat, snob, flirty, couch potato, artistic
Hobbies: designing, drawing, styling, shopping
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, graduate studies-Bridgeport university textile & design
Family: parents Roger & Bridget Mitchell
BFF: Madison Hamilton, Bridget Mitchell
Romantic History: ex-boyfriend Joshua Seymour (broke up just before University)


Sim Profile - Bridget Mitchell

Bridget Mary Mitchell
Life Stage: adult, 47 (born July 18, 2056)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: culinary librarian
Traits: naural cook, frugal, family-orienated, childish, snob
Hobbies: cooking, gardening, shopping
Education: Bridgeport high school, graduate studies-Bridgeport university teaching
Career: middle school teacher
Family: husband Roger Mitchell and daughter Natasha Mitchell
BFF: husband Roger and daughter Natasha
Romantic: husband Roger
Romantic History: married Roger Mitchell September 2079


Sim Profile - Roger Mitchell

Roger Stephen Mitchell
Life Stage: adult, 48 (born August 15, 2055)
Zodiac: leo
LTW: firefighter super hero
Traits: frugal, brave, loves the outdoors, good, charismatic,
Education: Bridgeport high school, Graduate studies-Bridgetport university (differed Bachelor of Arts)
Career: chief fireman at Greenland Bay Fire Department
Family: wife Bridget Mitchell, daughter Natasha Mitchell
BFF: wife Bridget
Romantic: wife Bridget
Romantic History: married Bridget September 2079


Mitchell Family

Roger, Bridget and Natasha Mitchell

Roger is the Chief firefighter at Greenland Bay Fire Department, his wife Bridget works as a middle school teacher at Greenland Bay Elementary and their only child Natasha is currently studying at University (Texting & Design) and technically still lives at home but also lives on campus as well. 

The Mitchell's are a close family and with Natasha being the only child, they have always given her anything she has ever wanted. Before she went off to University she broke up with her boyfriend Joshua Seymour so she could focus on her studies. They'd been together all through high school so she also wanted a 'break' from being together.


Is This Love

Round 2 Autumn, March 2101
Parker Family

Johnny is 40, Susannah is 39 and Flynn Frio is 17.

Narrated by Johnny Parker.

Life is unbelievably good at the moment. I feel so thankful and grateful for the people in my life right now. My beautiful wife Susannah who is the absolute love of my life. Every day I get to wake up beside her and I can't help thinking how beautiful she is and how lucky I am to have someone as amazing as her in my life.


Lot Tour - Parker Family

The Parker family home, number 17 Maywood Lane Greenland Bay. This is an original home from The Drifter days. I haven't changed too much only the decor inside so it doesn't look so manly now that there's a lady in the house. ;)


Sim Profile - Flynn Frio

Flynn Frio
Life Stage: teen, 19 (born August 25, 2084)
Zodiac: virgo
LTW: golden tongue/golden fingers
Traits: slob, excitable, charismatic, computer whiz
Hobbies: hacking
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school
Career: part-time job-computer hacker
Family: father Connor Frio, mother Susannah Frio-Parker, stepfather Johnny Parker, sister Zoey Frio
Romantic: Hayley Schwarz
Romantic History: going steady with Hayley Jan 2103


Sim Profile - Susannah Frio-Parker

Susannah Alice Frio-Parker
Life Stage: adult, 41 (born October 14 2062)
Zodiac: libra
LTW: star news anchor
Traits: artistic, hopeless romantic, excitable, friendly, good
Hobbies: painting, reading, writing
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, Bridgeport University (Journalism degree)
Career: Editor In Chief-Journalism career
Family: husband Johnny Parker, son Flynn Frio & daughter Zoey Frio
BFF: Eliza Seymour and Johnny Parker
Romantic: Johnny Parker
Romantic History: divorced Connor Frio 2095, married Johnny Parker 2096


Sim Profile - Johnny Parker

Johnny Parker
Life Stage: adult, 42 (born February 2, 2061)
Zodiac: aquarius
LTW: renaissance sim
Traits: heavy-sleeper, hopeless romantic, vehicle enthusiast, bookworm, eccentric
Hobbies: reading, tweaking and polishing his beloved 1969 dodge charger
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, Bridgeport University (Law degree)
Career: Lawyer-buisness career (level 7-vice president), co-owner of Hamilton & Parker Law Firm
Family: wife Susannah, step son Flynn Frio & step daughter Zoey Frio
BFF: 1969 dodge charger, wife Susannah
Romantic: Susannah Frio-Parker
Romantic History: married Susannah 2096


Parker Family

Johnny Parker & Susannah Frio-Parker, and Flynn Frio

Johnny and Susannah married one year after her divorce went through from her ex-husband Connor Frio. Susannah's son to Connor, Flynn, lives with them full-time and visits his father in Bridgeport most weekends. Susannah also has a daughter to Connor, Zoey, who has is currently living with her best friend and cousin Charlotte Seymour in Greenland Bay. Susannah choose to hyphenate her last name because of her two children.


Soldier On

Round 2 Summer, February 2101
Jones Family

Alistair is 43, Samantha is 41 and Harrison is 15.

Narrated by Harrison.

So I've been doing really well at school lately and Mum and dad promised that if my grades improved then they would buy me a bigger aquarium for my fish. So I worked really hard on my homework during the first semester of school and it was worth the struggle I tell you. They got me the coolest aquarium I've ever seen!

It has lots of real live plants and some ceramic pots for the fish to hide in and even a treasure chest. I only have like four fish but I'm hoping they will breed so that I have a couple of schools in there eventually. It's heaps big enough so I don't think they'll be too cramped.


Obituary - Claire Jones

2078 - 2097

Claire Anna Jones died in the Sacred Spleen Hospital in Greenland bay. She died from internal injuries due to an automobile accident. She was 19 years old. Her funeral was held at the Greenland Bay cemetery.


Update Coming Soon!

Just a little note to say that I haven't abandoned this blog! Life is good at the moment and busy. Now that Summer has ended and Winter is well and truly on it's way I'll be spending more time in the hot seat (my desk chair lol) and updating this blog again. I always tend to back off a little during Summer as it's my favourite season so I don't like to waste it. I'm already feeling the Winter blues kick in but I'm fighting it-or pretending it's not there, lol.

I did start a little project on tumblr earlier this year when I took two weeks off work, making over Sunlit Tides and all the original households living there. I kind of got a bit carried away but it was something I'd wanted to do for a while. ST has become one of my favourite hoods to play in. I'm a huge fan of the beach so what can I say, it feels like a home away from home when I play in that hood. :)
I'm at the stage where I only have a few more households to makeover and then I'm done. Of course then there are the community lots, but to be honest most of them in ST aren't too bad. I'll be happy to let my newly made over sims simmer in the background for a while now and live out their lives (yes, I've turned aging & story progression on!) while I turn my focus back to Freedom Shores.

I've missed the creative outlet this blog gives me. Mainly writing and story telling. So time to get back into it! My next update is the Jones family and I'm making a start on taking the shots this week so should have the update ready hopefully in the next fortnight.

Hope everyone is doing well! :)


Lot Tour - Jones Family

99 Langraab Avenue is home to the Jones' family, Alistair, Samantha & their teenage son Harrison and for a long time I have wanted to makeover this lot, especially the inside.
This lot is an existing EA lot that I plonked the Jones' in back when I was writing The Drifter and I just never got around to making it a proper home for them. Actually, I did make over the kitchen for their family photo shoot back then but I've since changed the colour scheme.


Sim Profile - Harrison Jones

Harrison Jones
Life Stage: teen, 15 (born June 18 2086)
Zodiac: cancer
Traits: friendly, charismatic, dog person, snob
Hobbies: soccer, debate club, school newspaper
Education: Greenland Bay elementary,
Immediate Family: parents Alistair & Samantha
BFF: parents Alistair & Samantha
Romantic History:


Sim Profile - Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones
Life Stage: adult, 41 age (born February 14, 2060)
Zodiac: pisces
LTW: lifestyle of the rich & famous
Traits: dramatic, nurturing, snob, flirty, coward,
Hobbies: styling, fashion blogging
Education: Bridgeport high school, Bridgeport University (communications & beauty therapy)
Career: Greenland Bay Day Spa - beauty therapist & spa package seller (3)
Immediate Family: husband Alistair and son Harrison
BFF: Alistair & son Harrison
Romantic: husband Alistair Jones
Romantic History: married Alistair in 2083


Sim Profile - Alistair Jones

Alistair Jones
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born October 29, 2058)
Zodiac: scorpio
LTW: jack of all trades
Traits: friendly, computer whiz, easily impressed, good sense of humor, flirty
Education: Bridgeport high school graduate, Bridgeport University (Economics & Finance)
Career: accountant
Immediate Family: wife Samantha & son Harrison
BFF: Samantha & son Harrison
Romantic: Samantha Jones
Romantic History: married Samantha in 2083


Jones Family

Alistair, Samantha and Harrison Jones

Life for the Jones' is pretty easy and comfortable with Alistair being a successful accountant and Samantha working as a beauty therapist. Their son, Harrison, has become their world after they lost their daughter, Claire, in a tragic car accident. 


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