Lot Tour - Jones Family

99 Langraab Avenue is home to the Jones' family, Alistair, Samantha & their teenage son Harrison and for a long time I have wanted to makeover this lot, especially the inside.
This lot is an existing EA lot that I plonked the Jones' in back when I was writing The Drifter and I just never got around to making it a proper home for them. Actually, I did make over the kitchen for their family photo shoot back then but I've since changed the colour scheme.


Sim Profile - Harrison Jones

Harrison Jones
Life Stage: teen, 15 (born June 18 2086)
Zodiac: cancer
Traits: friendly, charismatic, dog person, snob
Hobbies: soccer, debate club, school newspaper
Education: Greenland Bay elementary,
Immediate Family: parents Alistair & Samantha
BFF: parents Alistair & Samantha
Romantic History:


Sim Profile - Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones
Life Stage: adult, 41 age (born February 14, 2060)
Zodiac: pisces
LTW: lifestyle of the rich & famous
Traits: dramatic, nurturing, snob, flirty, coward,
Hobbies: styling, fashion blogging
Education: Bridgeport high school, Bridgeport University (communications & beauty therapy)
Career: Greenland Bay Day Spa - beauty therapist & spa package seller (3)
Immediate Family: husband Alistair and son Harrison
BFF: Alistair & son Harrison
Romantic: husband Alistair Jones
Romantic History: married Alistair in 2083


Sim Profile - Alistair Jones

Alistair Jones
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born October 29, 2058)
Zodiac: scorpio
LTW: jack of all trades
Traits: friendly, computer whiz, easily impressed, good sense of humor, flirty
Education: Bridgeport high school graduate, Bridgeport University (Economics & Finance)
Career: accountant
Immediate Family: wife Samantha & son Harrison
BFF: Samantha & son Harrison
Romantic: Samantha Jones
Romantic History: married Samantha in 2083


Jones Family

Alistair, Samantha and Harrison Jones

Life for the Jones' is pretty easy and comfortable with Alistair being a successful accountant and Samantha working as a beauty therapist. Their son, Harrison, has become their world after they lost their daughter, Claire, in a tragic car accident. 


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