Lot Tour - Mitchell Family

Mitchell family home - 130 Redwood Parkway, Greenland Bay

An original home from The Drifter days and I think I might have downloaded this lot and then given it a makeover but it was so long ago that I honestly can't remember. I know I didn't build it myself though.
It's a three bedroom, two bathroom family home, with garage and pool and plenty of spare backyard space.


Sim Profile - Natasha Mitchell

Natasha Elizabeth Mitchell
Life Stage: young adult, 24 (born January 12, 2079)
Zodiac: capricorn
LTW: fashion phenomenon
Traits: neat, snob, flirty, couch potato, artistic
Hobbies: designing, drawing, styling, shopping
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, graduate studies-Bridgeport university textile & design
Family: parents Roger & Bridget Mitchell
BFF: Madison Hamilton, Bridget Mitchell
Romantic History: ex-boyfriend Joshua Seymour (broke up just before University)


Sim Profile - Bridget Mitchell

Bridget Mary Mitchell
Life Stage: adult, 47 (born July 18, 2056)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: culinary librarian
Traits: naural cook, frugal, family-orienated, childish, snob
Hobbies: cooking, gardening, shopping
Education: Bridgeport high school, graduate studies-Bridgeport university teaching
Career: middle school teacher
Family: husband Roger Mitchell and daughter Natasha Mitchell
BFF: husband Roger and daughter Natasha
Romantic: husband Roger
Romantic History: married Roger Mitchell September 2079


Sim Profile - Roger Mitchell

Roger Stephen Mitchell
Life Stage: adult, 48 (born August 15, 2055)
Zodiac: leo
LTW: firefighter super hero
Traits: frugal, brave, loves the outdoors, good, charismatic,
Education: Bridgeport high school, Graduate studies-Bridgetport university (differed Bachelor of Arts)
Career: chief fireman at Greenland Bay Fire Department
Family: wife Bridget Mitchell, daughter Natasha Mitchell
BFF: wife Bridget
Romantic: wife Bridget
Romantic History: married Bridget September 2079


Mitchell Family

Roger, Bridget and Natasha Mitchell

Roger is the Chief firefighter at Greenland Bay Fire Department, his wife Bridget works as a middle school teacher at Greenland Bay Elementary and their only child Natasha is currently studying at University (Texting & Design) and technically still lives at home but also lives on campus as well. 

The Mitchell's are a close family and with Natasha being the only child, they have always given her anything she has ever wanted. Before she went off to University she broke up with her boyfriend Joshua Seymour so she could focus on her studies. They'd been together all through high school so she also wanted a 'break' from being together.


Is This Love

Round 2 Autumn, March 2101
Parker Family

Johnny is 40, Susannah is 39 and Flynn Frio is 17.

Narrated by Johnny Parker.

Life is unbelievably good at the moment. I feel so thankful and grateful for the people in my life right now. My beautiful wife Susannah who is the absolute love of my life. Every day I get to wake up beside her and I can't help thinking how beautiful she is and how lucky I am to have someone as amazing as her in my life.


Lot Tour - Parker Family

The Parker family home, number 17 Maywood Lane Greenland Bay. This is an original home from The Drifter days. I haven't changed too much only the decor inside so it doesn't look so manly now that there's a lady in the house. ;)


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