Sim Profile - Jon Hamilton

Jon David Hamilton
Life Stage: adult, 48 (born March 25, 2055)
Zodiac: aries
LTW: renaissance sim
Traits: charismatic, athletic, genius, computer whiz, workaholic
Hobbies: golf, collecting
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, Graduate studies; Bridgeport university-law, business and communications
Career: lawyer (co-owner of Hamilton & Parker law firm)
Family: wife April, twin son Reece & daughter Madison
BFF: wife April and son Reece & daughter Madison
Romantic: April Hamilton
Romantic History: married April September 2082


Hamilton Family

Jon, April and Reece Hamilton

The Hamilton's are probably the wealthiest family in Greenland Bay. Jon is a lawyer and co-owner of Hamilton & Parker law firm with Johnny Parker. Jon and April have two children, twins Reece and Madison. Their son Reece moved back home after the tragic death of his girlfriend Claire and has since been trying to get his life back on track. Their daughter Madison lives with her fiance Davey.
April doesn't work, she is a housewife and is also a dedicated advocate to certain charities in town and often organizes, attends and supports these charity events as a representative of her husbands' business. In particular GBADF, Greenland Bay Alcohol & Drug Foundation. This cause is very close to her heart due to the history of her own son's addiction. 


Better Days

Round 2 Autumn, May 2101
Edwards Family

Caroline Edwards is 44 (Davey Edwards is 23, Madison Hamilton is 22, Fiona McIrish is 42, River McIrish is 18 and Sue French is 4).

Narrated by Caroline Edwards.

So I finally taught Clover to sit! Oh I'm so proud of him and it's taken a while but we got there in the end. He is always so well behaved but I must admit I've been a bit slack in the department of training him.


Lot Tour - Edwards Family

Edwards family home - 18 Maywood Lane, Greenland Bay 

Home to Caroline Edwards and her German Shepherd Clover, this is an original EA lot from Sunset Valley (which is the base hood for Greenland Bay) that I gave a makeover. I'd already done the makeover ages ago but I didn't save the household with the house so I had to do it all over again. From what I can remember I think this time around it looks a lot better.


Sim Profile - Caroline Edwards

Caroline Edwards
Life Stage: adult, 44 (born June 29, 2057)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: professional author
Traits: shy, nurturing, artistic, kleptomaniac, family-oriented
Hobbies: writing
Education: Riverview elementary & high school, graduate studies: Riverview university-writing
Career: receptionist (business career-level 3)
Family: son Davey Edwards
Romantic History: divorced Michael Edwards-married 12 years


Edwards Family

Caroline Edwards and Clover

By day Caroline works as a receptionist at the Greenland Bay Business Center, by night she is an aspiring author and one day hopes to finally have her first novel published. She is divorced and has one son, Davey, from her marriage. 



Round 2 Autumn, April 2101
Mitchell Family

Roger is 46, Bridget is 45 and Natasha is 22.

Narrated by Bridget Mitchell.

Roger and I had a surprise visit from Natasha recently. We weren't expecting her to come down from University for at least another week due to a change in her schedule. I was so delighted to see her, I always am. I miss her so much since she moved out of home.


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