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Joshua 'Josh' Seymour
Life Stage: young adult, 25 (born Jan 25, 2078)
Zodiac: aquarius
LTW: jack of all trades
Traits: brave, rocker, loves the outdoors, athletic, friendly, good
Hobbies: running, surfing, cycling, football
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school
Career: firefighter career - fire sergeant (7)
Family: parents Will & Eliza, sister's Charlotte, Pippa, Sarah, Lucy & Emma
BFF: Reece Hamilton
Romantic History: dated Natasha Mitchell all through high school, broke up not long after graduation.


Seymour Family

Joshua Seymour and Daisy

Joshua, who is mainly known as Josh, works as a fireman at the Greenland Bay fire department and has done since he graduated from high school. He is currently still single since breaking up with his girlfriend Natasha Mitchell. Josh lives alone with his dog Daisy whom he adopted from a local shelter. Josh is best friend to Reece Hamilton and big brother to five younger sisters.  


Strawberry Swing

Round 2 Winter, July 2101
Seymour Family

Will & Eliza are 43, Pippa is 14, Sarah, Emma & Lucy are 2.

Narrated by Eliza Seymour.

Night time has become pretty chaotic lately. Will has been helping me prep and cook dinner now that we have three extra mouths to feed. We eat pretty healthy, always have. I like to have a salad with dinner so I make that and then Will tends to the mains which is normally some kind of meat or fish.


Lot Tour - Seymour Family

Seymour Residence - 350 Oakgrove Road, Greenland Bay

And here it is the house of my all time favorite sim family! :)  This house was designed and created by me and looks a bit different compared to the last time I posted a tour of it. Unfortunately I lost some of the cc I was using and because SV is a big laggy anyway this time around I'm trying hard to use the least amount of cc possible.

As you can see though it is three stories to make room for all the kids they were going to have. lol Actually it only has three bedrooms and before the triplets arrived there was two kids in one room and a teenager living on the third floor. It has three bathrooms though! lol


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