Edwards/Hamilton Wedding

Round 2 Spring, September 2101
Edwards/Hamilton Family

Davey Edwards and Madison Hamilton are 23.

Narrated by Madison Hamilton.

I started swimming at the local pool for a while in an attempt to get fit and maybe lose a kilo or two before the wedding. Davey thinks I'm crazy because he doesn't think I need to lose any weight. He said he loves me just the way I am which is really sweet and I love him for saying that, but let's face it, boys have absolutely no clue of what preparation a girl must go through in the lead up to her wedding.

It didn't last long anyways because I get bored so easily and quickly with exercise. I guess I should count myself lucky that I'm naturally slim, though I did cut down on eating carbs. Bread and pasta are a killer for me, but I love them!

Davey has been doing really well in the military. So far he's been promoted four times! He is now a Flight Officer and he also got a bonus too. We're not exactly rolling in cash but we've been saving for our honeymoon since my parents paid for the wedding.

Davey wasn't too happy about my parents paying for the wedding. I think he wanted us to manage it by ourselves but the tradition is that the brides parents cough up the cash for it, not the groom's and if my parents pay it just means that we can have a much nicer wedding and a bigger party afterwards.

Davey let me take control with organizing most of the wedding. I haven't been alone in organizing it though, mum has been there to help, but I've always kept Davey updated with everything.

Natasha has come over to help me choose things too. It's been fun chatting to her about the wedding. We both get really excited and just end up being really loud. It's probably a good thing Davey isn't home to witness that.

Once the day finally came and we were standing at the alter together with our family and friends looking on it all felt so surreal.

Surprisingly I felt quite relaxed. Everything had gone smoothly this morning at mum and dad's. I stayed over in my old room last night while Davey stayed at home. We haven't been apart in a long time and I all I could think about was Davey. I missed him!

But as I stood in front of Davey it looked like his mind was else where. He must have been really nervous because I could have sworn he was losing colour in his face.

I was first to recite my vows. I pledged my love to Davey forever, in sickness and in health, through the good times and bad. We've pretty much done all that already, well except for the sickness part.

 He laughed when I slid the ring on his finger.

Then he recited his vows and he said them with such a serious face it was then I began to feel tears well up in my eyes.

We were married, just like that! When I first met Davey I never imagined that we would one day be married but it's amazing what can happen further down the track. We've had our ups and downs but at the end of the day we are both absolutely mad for each other and truly love one another.

We sealed the deal with a passionate kiss in front of our guests. Everyone knows we're not shy about our love!

Everyone cheered and clapped while we kissed and some guests began throwing confetti and rice at us.

Once the tears came I couldn't stop them. It was an emotional moment and I can honestly say it was one of the happiest moments in my life.

Then the celebrations began! You could hear corks pop from champagne bottles and some of the guests took to the dance floor.

We chose to join our guests. Davey took my hand and we danced a slow dance while staring into each other's eyes. He took the opportunity to tell me why he looked so pale earlier and it was because he thought he'd forgotten his vows!

All of a sudden we were the only couple on the dance floor and everyone had gathered around to watch us dance. I'm never normally shy about things but for some reason this made me nervous.

After that it was time to cut the cake so Dad ushered everyone over towards the dining area. Both Davey and I said a few words just thanking everyone for coming and sharing this special day with us.

Dad had the biggest grin on his face when I walked over and offered him a slice of cake. He said I looked so beautiful and that he was so happy for Davey and I.

The cake was a raspberry white chocolate cake and of course I'd ordered from the best and most expensive cake shop in town. Everyone seemed to like it because pretty soon half of it had been eaten.

Some of the guests I didn't get a chance to speak to but Natasha came up and congratulated me. It felt kind of strange while I was hugging her because I was thinking that this is like the start to the next phase of my life. It felt a bit sad I guess but I know that we'll always be best friends, we've been through too much together.

We did a school cheer together for old times sake. After all we were both cheerleaders and we pretty much rocked back then in our sexy little cheer-leading outfits. I still think that we both rock our outfits now.


Portrait shots:

The bride, Mrs Edwards.

Bride and groom, Mr and Mrs Edwards. I love how Davey is looking at Madison. He looks so in love!

Bride and her parents, April & John Hamilton.

Groom and his mother, Caroline Edwards.

Madison with her bestie Natasha.

Madison with her brother, Recce Hamilton.

And now for some shenanigan shots... ;p

I don't even know what this pose is that sims do in game but it's cute that they're doing it together. :)

Peace with the besties.

Madison was keen on the peace pose. I think it was starting to rub off onto the others.

Did I mention mention Madison was keen on the peace pose, lol!

Game play notes:

- I ended up playing these two for just over a week sim time. They did a few couple-y things together. For some reason every one was having parties. lol So they went to like three parties together. Madison rolled a want to go to the local pool but she also got sun burnt while she was there. lol Luckily it faded before the wedding!

-Davey had four promotions during this time which I think was due to the fact that his handiness skill was maxed out. He is now a Flight Officer which is level 5 in the military career. I had him accept an opportunity to read a book relating to work to help his performance but I've delayed him reading it so he doesn't get another promotion. Haha!
Also not sure if you noticed but he magically has more hair when not in his work uniform. lol I tried to change this but the only option is a skin head look with his work hat.

-Madison is at the highest level in her job at the Day Spa. She can be a bit shallow when it comes to places she wants to work and jobs she'll do and so far she hasn't really shown much interest in anything else work wise so unless she pops up a few wants then she'll just cruise along at her current job for now. Davey is bringing in some good dollars now anyway.

-The wedding did not work out how I expected. :| lol I forgot that sims prefer to sit down at weddings than stand. Grrr. And all but one guest, Caroline Edwards, chose to not change into her formal wear. Omg sims, can be so frustrating sometimes! Also the weather turned crappy for their day and I ended up booking the reception late in the day anyway despite the invite saying it was in the morning.

-Portrait shots I took separately on a different day. I guess you could say it was a wedding after party, lol! I also forgot to add the pose player and a bunch of poses to my game so those poses are from the in game pose option via another sim.

-They also both rolled a want to visit Champs Les Sims so I guess that'll be their honeymoon destination!

Thanks for reading and hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas! :)

Carla  – (30 December, 2016)  

Madison is really such a pretty sim and in my experience, her features are quite unusual for a TS3 sim. Her face is quite angular and I always find it hard to get those features without a lot of fiddling in CAS.

Anyway, the wedding was really lovely! You could tell everyone was enjoying the festivities and it looked beautiful. Lucky Madison's parents were willing to foot the bill - seems like she has rather expensive tastes!

Also, if I was doing weddings in TS3, I would definitely do portraits the next day! In TS2, I have freezer clock but I don't think there's any such mod with TS3. I find that vital for making sure the sun doesn't go down before I'm ready!

Champs Les Sims is my favourite of the WA destinations. Very pretty! I hope Madison and Davey have a great time.

Jennifer  – (08 January, 2017)  

Hey Carla!

Madison would love the compliment. ;) I don't do a lot of fiddling in CAS, mainly because I don't have the patience. lol I find that most of my female sims tend to have thinner longer features than my male sims anyway. I also find that some of the younger sims when they age up tend to loose some of their plumpness, I guess you could call it.

I'm not sure if kids is on the cards for these two but I think their offspring would be really cute considering how different their looks are. I love Davey's round freckly face. :)

Thanks about the wedding! I was quite disappointed but it's my own fault as I tend to put pressure on myself for it to be perfect. lol And I always want to complete all the shots in one play session but sometimes it's just not possible. Next wedding will definitely be a backyard wedding for sure!

Thanks for reading & commenting! Hope you had a lovely Christmas & New Year. :)

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