Happy Birthday To You, March 2103

April Hamilton knew just the thing to get her husband, Jon, to relax on his 48th birthday and that was to drag him along with her to their favourite holiday destination, Mountain Top Retreat in Sunlit Tides.


Sim Profile - Hayley Schwarz

Hayley Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 17 (born September 22, 2086)
Zodiac: virgo
LTW: the culinary librarian
Traits: shy, computer whiz, schmoozer, genius, vegetarian
Hobbies: hacking
Education: Shang Simla elementary, Greenland Bay high school
Family: parents Leon and Anita
BFF: Flynn Frio
Romantic: Flynn Frio
Romantic History: 


Sim Profile - Anita Schwarz

Anita Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 42 (born September 7, 2061)
Zodiac: virgo
LTW: perfect mind, perfect body
Traits: avant garde, perfectionist, shy, family-oriented, artistic
Hobbies: painting
Education: Shang Simla elementary & high school, Shang Simla university; major in fine arts, communications
Career: art appraiser-conservation specialist (8)
Family: husband Leon and daughter Hayley
BFF: husband Leon
Romantic: husband Leon
Romantic History: 


Sim Profile - Leon Schwarz

Leon Schwarz
Life Stage: adult, 43 (born February 5, 2060)
Zodiac: aquarius
LTW: super popular
Traits: family-oriented, clumsy, vegetarian, heavy sleeper, charismatic
Hobbies: fishing, golf
Education: Shang Simla elementary & high school, Shang Simla university; major in communications, science & medicine
Career: medical-gene therapist (7)
Family: wife Anita and daughter Hayley
BFF: wife Anita
Romantic: wife Anita
Romantic History:  


When We Were Young

Round 3 Autumn, March 2103
Seymour 1 Family - Joshua is 25

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Joshua Seymour

Work is going really well, I was promoted to Fire Sergeant! Pretty happy about that considering I've been working there for a few years now. I took Trey's place as he was also promoted to Fire Captain.


Sim Profile - Annika Williams

Annika Williams
Life Stage: toddler, 2 (born March 22, 2102)
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Traits: clumsy, artistic
Family: parents Marcus & Amy Williams, and sister Malika Williams
Romantic History:


At My Most Beautiful

Round 3 Autumn, March 2103
Williams Family - Marcus is 39, Amy is 27,  Malika is 6 and Annika is 2.

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Marcus Williams.

Ever since Malika aged up she has grown quite fond of the family cat, Lily. We gave her the responsibility of feeding and grooming her and she has taken to it quite seriously.


Happy Birthday To You, February 2103

On Zoey's 22nd birthday she had to work in the afternoon so she headed to the gym in the morning with her best friend and room mate, Charlotte.


Valentine's Day 2103

Matt had his date with Lillian all planned out. First a romantic chick flick, then a romantic dinner for two, and then he would ask her. Finally he would ask her the question that had been on his mind for so long.



Round 3 Summer, February 2103
Parker Family - Johnny is 42, Susannah is 41 and Flynn is 17

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Flynn Frio.

Lately I've been finding school really hard. I never imagine in the last years I'd have this amount of homework. Sometimes I'm up late just trying to get it done.


Schwarz Family

Leon, Anita and Hayley Schwarz

Originally from Shang Simla, China, the Schwarz family moved to Greenland Bay for Leon and Anita's career advancements. They have since settled in nicely and Hayley has already made friends at school.


Only Wanna Be With You

Round 3 Summer, February 2103
Baine/Conroy/Oates Family - Darcy and Miranda are 27, Lillian is 28.

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Miranda Oates.

So far this summer has been one to remember! The three of us had a tonne of fun at the summer festival this year. Lillian joined me in a hot dog eating contest which I won, she came last.


Happy Birthday To You, January 2103

Yumi Sekemoto celebrated her 63rd birthday at home with a small gathering of family and friends.


White Leaves

Round 3 Summer, January 2103.
Hamilton Family - Jon is 48, April is 47 and Reece is 24 (Charlotte Seymour is 22).

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Reece Hamilton.

Charlotte and I now spend most of our time together. I think she is such a super fine chick and I'm really excited to see where this goes. She is so easy to talk too, I feel like I can talk to her about anything.


In My Daughter's Eyes

Round 3 Summer, January 2103
Keaton Family - Mark is 35, Justine is 32 and Ashley is 3.

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Justine Keaton.

I don't know what it is happening lately but I feel like everything is a bit out of control. Things are breaking and I feel like nothing is going our way at the moment. The sink in the bathroom broke down and flooded the floor. Mark fixed it, but it took forever in a day to repair.


Round 3 Schedule

Below is my planned posting schedule for Round 3. It took me almost two years to get through round 2 but I'm hoping this round will be a little smoother and quicker. With all my sim profile's now completed I can focus on just playing and writing updates of all my families and to be honest I've been looking forward to this round for a while.

I've included birthday posts because otherwise I probably wouldn't do them if they weren't listed. lol And I've also listed anniversary's too because I think that could be a really fun thing to do. An excuse to write up a romantic post of my married sim couples. I used to do romantic posts of my sim couples all the time but I haven't done one in like forever and I do miss writing them.

I'll be listing the song titles I use again as well. Okay, let's get this show on the road! ;)

Starting year, 2103.



Round 2 Summer, December 2101
Edwards 1 FamilyDavey is 24 and Madison is 23.

(last update/next update)

Narrated by Davey Edwards.

Thanks to our parents and some of our friends who put in money for us as a wedding gift we were able to take our honeymoon a lot sooner than expected. Maddy and I have always wanted to visit Egypt since we were in our teens. We both also love the hot weather so this was always going to be the perfect place for our honeymoon.


Learning to Fly

Round 2 Spring, November 2101
Kane Family

Bradley is 42, Alesha is 41, Margo is 22 and Korva is 16.

Narrated by Margo Kane.

Lately Mum and dad are getting really fed up with my little sister's attitude. Well mainly mum, maybe dad not so much. Korva and dad have this father/daughter bond, a bit like the bond that mum and I have together, so he is normally a bit easier on scolding her than mum is.


Lot Tour - Kane Family

Kane Residence - 58 Water Lily Lane, Greenland Bay

An original lot created by Kaleeko and also the original home of the Kane family. It is a very sweet country manor with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The lot size is quite large and there is not one corner that isn't filled or decorated with something, which I love!
I made some of my own personal touches to their home and also to the outside but I didn't want to change too much considering that this is someone else's creation and I know how much time and effort goes into building and decorating a lot.


Sim Profile - Korva Kane

Korva Farah Kane
Life Stage: teen, 16 (born July 13, 2085)
Zodiac: cancer
Traits: eco-friendly, loves the outdoors, rebellious, mean-spirited
Hobbies: chess, frisbee
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school
Family: father Bradley & mother Alesha Kane, older sister Margo Kane. Simbot Lilobot
Romantic History:


Sim Profile - Margo Kane

Margo May Kane
Life Stage: young adult, 22 (born June 25, 2079)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: world class gallery
Traits: clumsy, coward, shy, loser, photographer's eye
Hobbies: taking photo's, drawing/sketching, daydreaming
Education: Twinbrook elementary, Greenland Bay high school
Career: awkwardly close zoomer (3)
Family: father Bradley & mother Alesha Kane, younger sister Korva Kane. Simbot Lilobot
BFF: mother Alesha
Romantic: huge crush on Joshua Seymour
Romantic History: dated Ian Pesce


Sim Profile - Alesha Kane

Alesha Kane
Life Stage: adult, 41 (born July 18, 2060)
Zodiac: cancer
LTW: surrounded by family
Traits: good, friendly, mooch, hopeless romantic, kleptomaniac, bookworm
Hobbies: drawing/sketching, baking desserts
Education: Twinbrook elementary & high school, Twinbrook university; major in communications
Career: high school teacher (6)
Family: husband Bradley, daughters Margo and Korva, simbot Lilobot
BFF: husband Bradley, oldest daughter Margo
Romantic: Bradley Kane
Romantic History: married Bradley Kane Oct 2081


Sim Profile - Bradley Kane

Bradley Kane
Life Stage: adult, 44 (born January 12, 2059)
Zodiac: capricorn
LTW: become a creature-robot cross breeder
Traits: friendly, loves the outdoors, no sense of humor, eccentric, grumpy, genius
Hobbies: inventing, fishing
Education: Twinbrook elementary & high school, Twinbrook university; major in communications & science
Career: top secret researcher (8)
Family: wife Alesha, daughters Margo & Korva, and simbot Lilobot. Older brother Travis and younger sister Amelia Kane.
BFF: wife Alesha & Lilobot
Romantic: wife Alesha
Romantic History: dated Emerald Greenwood (now deceased) early years of high school, married Alesha Drudge 2081.


Kane Family

Bradley, Alesha, Margo, Korva and Lilobot Kane

Bradley and Alesha are high school sweet hearts and live in a sweet little cottage with their two girls and simbot. Bradley is a very successful scientist, Alesha is a school teacher, Korva is still in high school and Margo works as a freelance photographer.

(An original family by Kaleeko)


Two Strong Hearts

Round 2 Spring, October 2101
Seymour (GP) Family

Howard is 65 and Barbara is 63.

Narrated by Barbara Seymour.

From the very moment that Howard was found and returned to us life feels like such a blessing now. It's like we were given a second chance, like Howard was given a second chance. We've been inseparable since that day at the hospital and have never spent a night apart.


Lot Tour - Seymour Family

Seymour (GP) Residence - 455 Sunnyside Blvd, Greenland Bay

This beach house belongs to Howard & Barbara Seymour. Now in their elder years, Howard and Barbara are enjoying retirement together with a view!

Years ago this house was their family home, before Howard got lost at sea and their oldest at the time, a young William in his teens, went in search of his father only to never return home as well but to continue on searching for many years to come.
With her husband and son gone and this home holding too many memories, Barbara moved into a temporary home in Greenland Bay with her daughter Susannah. Many years later when Howard was finally found they both returned to the family beach house to stay forever and live out the rest of their days together.


Sim Profile - Barbara Seymour

Barbara Seymour
Life Stage: elder, 63 (born November 23, 2038)
Zodiac: sagittarius
LTW: world renowned surgeon (completed)
Traits: family-orientated, friendly, good, bookworm, genius, excitable
Hobbies: painting, cooking, golf
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, degree in medicine and communications
Career: worked as a surgeon at Greenland Bay Hospital
Family: husband Howard, son William, daughter Susannah. Grand children; Joshua, Charotte, Pippa, Emma, Lucy & Sarah Seymour. Zoey and Flynn Frio.
BFF: husband Howard
Romantic: Howard Seymour
Romantic History: married Howard Seymour April 2055


Sim Profile - Howard Seymour

Howard Seymour
Life Stage: elder, 67 (born March 10, 2036)
Zodiac: pisces
LTW: surrounded by family (completed)
Traits: brave, angler, handy, loves the outdoors, friendly, family-orinentated
Hobbies: fishing, inventing, golf
Education: Greenland Bay elementary & high school, degree in business and communications
Career: created, owned and managed Seymour Fisheries (since sold)
Family: wife Barbara, son William, daughter Susannah. Grand children; Joshua, Charotte, Pippa, Emma, Lucy & Sarah Seymour. Zoey and Flynn Frio.
BFF: wife Barbara, son William
Romantic: Barbara Seymour
Romantic History: married Barbara Seymour April 2055


Seymour Family

Howard & Barbara Seymour

Retirement couldn't be any more blissful for this elderly couple, enjoying the rest of their days together at their family beach house. They are proud parents of two children and grandparents to eight. Barbara retired from working as a top medical surgeon and Howard his own fishing business.


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