Learning to Fly

Round 2 Spring, November 2101
Kane Family

Bradley is 42, Alesha is 41, Margo is 22 and Korva is 16.

Narrated by Margo Kane.

Lately Mum and dad are getting really fed up with my little sister's attitude. Well mainly mum, maybe dad not so much. Korva and dad have this father/daughter bond, a bit like the bond that mum and I have together, so he is normally a bit easier on scolding her than mum is.

She's been skipping school and sometimes even takes my bike without asking me. I haven't a clue where she goes.

Or what she does. Knowing her I bet she gets up to mischief. Korva simply cannot help herself when it comes to being naughty.

I don't even know where she gets this rebellious evil attitude from. Certainly not mum or dad. Maybe another relative or maybe this is just a phase she is going through? She is a bit like the black sheep of our family though.

She sets booby traps around the house and I know she thinks it's hilarious, especially when I am the one who falls for them. I tell you though, one day she will set a trap in the wrong place and mum or dad will fall for it and I bet then she will regret it.

Lilobot has no qualms about telling Korva off which I actually find quite funny. Though Korva just ignores her because she thinks that she is just a stupid robot which Lilobot is far from. She is the sweetest kindest and most intelligent robot I have ever met.

My dad invented and created Lilobot. Pretty cool huh! She helps mum and dad around the house but sometimes I think she forgets that she is a robot and ends up doing things that can cause her circuits to short out.

Dad is always there though, to the rescue, to repair or rewire her back to normal again. Sometimes I wonder what Lilobot would like if she weren't a robot, if she was just like any normal sim. I bet she would be really cute and pretty.

Korva didn't come home for dinner one night so I dobbed on her and told them she took my bike again. To be honest it was really starting to annoy me! Since I don't have a car or drive, my bike is my only mode of transport and I paid for that out of my own money.

I suggested that maybe she skipped school again and Dad almost lost it. He threw the dinner wrap down onto his plate and started huffing and puffing. I felt bad because I probably put him off eating the rest of his dinner.

After mum had finished her dinner they went over to Korva's room to talk to her. I wanted to hear what sort of punishment she was going to get so I sneaked quietly up to her closed bedroom door to listen.

I couldn't believe it but she didn't want to listen to either of them. That's when I heard dad turn her TV off and he started to raise his voice. Dad doesn't really yell though, he is pretty placid compared to when mum gets mad.

Turns out dad was the victim to one of Korva's shower booby traps! I felt sorry for him because I also know what it's like to have bright pink hair for a day. The day it happened to me mum said I could take the day off school.

Dad said his piece and maybe mum thought it wasn't harsh enough because she got quite loud and angry. My mum is really a kind loving person but Korva seems to push her buttons more than anyone else's in this house. They grounded my sister for a whole month and she had to wash my bike and the family car and also help out around the house with extra chores.

 After I heard mum yell that she was grounded I headed upstairs to my room. I'm glad my room is upstairs now. It's down the far end of the house so it's really quiet and I feel like I have my own private space away from whatever else is going on in the rest of the house.

I set up a dating profile the other night. As soon as I hit save profile I regretted it immediately. I really don't know what I was thinking. Oh well, it's done now and I've already got a few views of my profile. I guess that's good yeah? This sort of thing scares me though but sometimes it's good to do things that scare you, right?

I haven't really dated much, during or after high school. I went on a few dates with Ian Pesce but then his family moved away and he went with them. I was really bummed about that because I felt like I was just starting to really get to know him.
Joshua Seymour is still my biggest crush and hall pass. Sometimes we hang out or chat online but we're more just friends for now. Maybe one day I'll get my wish with him, but I think it'll only happen when Natasha is no longer on the face of this earth.

I'll admit I'm glad the high school days are over and now I can do whatever I want whenever I want. I still abide by mum and dads rules though and if I go out I just let them know where I'm going, that's all they've asked of me since I'm still living here. Well, and to help out around the house too but to me that stuff is a piece of pie.

It's really freeing to be able to just take my bike and ride anywhere at whatever time I want. I always take my camera with me everywhere I go. Photography is one of my passions and one day I hope to be able to travel the world and take photo's of some amazing beautiful places.

 Sometimes I get the best ideas at nighttime after dinner when I'm sitting up in my room. I rode to the local cemetery thinking that I might get some cool shots of the moon and a few tombstones but turns out it was one of my bad ideas. It was incredibly scary there at night and I heard all sorts of noises and got such a fright that I fainted.

Once I came to I ran out of there so fast, jumped on my bike and sped down the hill back home. I laughed to myself almost all the way home. It was pretty funny though and a little thrilling at the same time. I'm trying to do things out of my comfort zone so that when I finally am able to go travelling the world I won't be such a scaredy-cat.

As soon as I got inside I went straight to the freezer and chowed down on some chocolate chip ice cream. Nothing like some of your favorite ice cream to make you feel better! Not sure I'll be visiting the cemetery at night again anytime time soon, but maybe I'll try it during the day instead. I think that's a safer bet and I still think there could be some really nice shots there.

Game play notes:
-Song title is by Learning to Fly by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

-With this being the first update of the Kanes since adding them to Greenland Bay I really wanted it to be more of an introductory update but it kinda didn't turn out like that. Margo and Korva became the focus so I just went with it. 

-Korva was a little terror during the time I played the Kane's. She got that teenager mood swing moodlet and then rolled wants to skip school and plant a booby trap. She is pretty evil but is still young. I really like that her and Margo are so different though.

-I forgot how much fun Margo is to play too! She has the coward and clumsy trait and I didn't think she would faint at the cemetery, though she did only because she saw a ghost, lol! I guess that is expected then. :D She is just so darn cute too. Love this girl so much and I really would like to see her travel too. I'll admit I have some plans for Margo but I also want to see how she goes in game by herself if that makes sense. I'm trying not to be too controlling of my sims now, letting them decide some of their own fate. In saying that though I do have a little surprise for this family in round 3. ;p

-Next and last update for round 2 will be Davey and Madison's honeymoon. You'll have to wait for the update to find out where they decided to go. ;)

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Anonymous –   – (24 March, 2017)  

I actually like Korva. Sometimes it's fun to give Sims some bad traits, just to shake things up :p

I can't believe Margo snitched on her sister =O

Are you going to play every family from both Round 1 and 2 in Round 3 ?

Jennifer  – (24 March, 2017)  

Hi Anon! Yes I like Korva too and with her and Margo being opposites it's a nice mix and certainly makes it fun to play. ;) I think Margo was just fed up with seeing her sister do whatever she wants. lol

Yep I will most certainly be playing every family from rounds 1 & 2 in round 3. I've actually already written up round 3 schedule. I'm so ready to make a start on it!

Thanks for commenting Anon. :)

Anonymous –   – (25 March, 2017)  

That's quite a lot of families ! You'll have your work cut out for you I'm sure lol. But hey, you won't hear me complain, I'm always looking forward to reading all about your Simmies' lives ;-)

Jennifer  – (25 March, 2017)  

There sure is Anon but I don't think it'll be too difficult. Basically it's almost two families per month in a sim year and I'll probably throw in a birthday post each month too. It's going to be fun!

Aww thank you! That is so nice to hear! :)

Carla  – (05 April, 2017)  

Margo and Korva seem like total opposites, don't they? Teenagers in TS3 can be a real handful - I actually think they overdid it a little with those grumpy moodlets they get sometimes! My sims often get about 24 hours' break from those and then a new one pops up, lol.

I'm very interested to see what happens with Margo's dating profile. She may find there's someone out there other than Joshua!

Jennifer  – (09 April, 2017)  

Yep, they sure are! I know what you mean and I think that's why a lot of my sims don't have any of those types of traits. Korva inherited these traits from her grandfather who was an evil jewel thief. Certainly makes for an interesting play session. lol

I'm hoping for Margo to do that too. Maybe when she finally gets to go out and travel for her photography skill she will break free from that crush she has with Joshua. ;)

Thanks for reading and commenting. :)

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