Lot Tour - Kane Family

Kane Residence - 58 Water Lily Lane, Greenland Bay

An original lot created by Kaleeko and also the original home of the Kane family. It is a very sweet country manor with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The lot size is quite large and there is not one corner that isn't filled or decorated with something, which I love!
I made some of my own personal touches to their home and also to the outside but I didn't want to change too much considering that this is someone else's creation and I know how much time and effort goes into building and decorating a lot.

Entry. Those doors lead to Korva's bedroom and a spare room, which is actually decorated as a nursery at the moment. I think it was Korva's room when she was a toddler. lol

Sitting room, complete with fireplace which unfortunately is out of view in this shot. I quite like this cozy little nook though. Door on the left leads out to the backyard.

Kitchen and dining. Kitchen was quite small so I decided to open it up a bit.

This was initially a sun room I think so I bulldozed the wall but kept the windows. I love that you can look out into the side yard (with a pond) and neighboring park land while eating your breakfast. :)

Korva's bedroom. Her favorite colour is blue so I tried to use that as a theme but I also rushed through decorating this room. Figure I can pretty it up later, though I get the feeling Korva is a bit of a tomboy compared to her older sister.

Up to the second floor and this is the living area.

It's a small space but it works. ;) Those photo's have actual photos of the Kane family in them but I forgot to open them up and reset them. I noticed this happens often after installing a lot with existing photo's on the wall. There is always something you forget to do! lol

Directly behind the living area is Bradley and Alesha's bedroom. I really like this room, it feels very calming. And yep I don't have reflections turned on in my game, it's been a bit laggy lately so I've had to turn down some of the settings.

Hallway which leads you to upstairs bathroom and Margo's bedroom.

Upstairs bathroom. I bulldozed a wall that separated the shower from the rest of the bathroom. I'm pretty much obsessed with open plan living and lots of space. lol That window looks out onto Margo's balcony too.

So Margo was originally down stairs in the bedroom that Korva is now in. Margo is a young adult and Korvo still a teen so I think Margo deserves a bigger room and also more privacy. I stuck with the purple theme that Kaleeko used (also Margo's favorite colour) and to be honest I just love it. It's so girly and cute! ;)

Now for a tour of their backyard!

I did a switch-a-roo with some shrubs and added hydrangea's. These are probably one of my favorite and most used shrubs in TS3. I think they add a fluffiness and softness to big open spaces. ;p

The not so smallish pond in a corner of their backyard. I think this is a cool idea! I never add ponds to my sims backyards but it makes sense to me especially since I find being near water really relaxing.

Floor plan, upstairs and downstairs.

So I didn't post shots of the 'nursery' because I basically do not know what to do with that room at the moment. lol And yep they have a garage which has a second floor and that is were Bradley works on his inventions and also where simbot, Lilobot, sleeps. :)

Going to start on this families update this weekend because I'm excited to play them but I'm also excited to progress to Round 3. I did have one family left after the Kanes but I've made the decision not to add them because I think I have plenty of families to write about already. Let's just imagine that Sandy Clarke is off living the dream in the big city of Bridgeport.

Thanks for looking and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Carla  – (24 March, 2017)  

Love this! I'm totally in love with Korva's bedroom - definitely suits a tomboy but still has that slight feminine touch that shows it might not be an actual boy residing there. I'm really looking forward to learning more about this family. :)

Jennifer  – (25 March, 2017)  

Thanks Carla, glad you like it! I was really looking forward to adding this family to the neighborhood. :)

Shannon SimsFan  – (25 March, 2017)  

I like the open feeling kitchen and dining, I would have opened it up and knocked out that wall too, I think, and seeing the park while eating breakfast is so cool.

Jennifer  – (27 March, 2017)  

Thanks Shannon! :) That was exactly what I was aiming for, to feel more open. The house has so much character, I just love it-inside and out!

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