White Leaves

Round 3 Summer, January 2103.
Hamilton Family - Jon is 48, April is 47 and Reece is 24 (Charlotte Seymour is 22).

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Narrated by Reece Hamilton.

Charlotte and I now spend most of our time together. I think she is such a super fine chick and I'm really excited to see where this goes. She is so easy to talk too, I feel like I can talk to her about anything.

It's pretty great what we have together. I really enjoy her company and things have definitely heated up between us. We took it pretty slowly at first because I was still going through some stuff and to be honest I was still thinking about Claire.

It's taken long enough but I feel like myself again after everything that happened. I've finally put it behind me and feel like I've healed from everything that I went through and that I can now look forward to the future.

It's an odd thing to look back on it all but it reminds me of how much I've grown and changed for going through it. I'm definitely in a happier place.

I'm so thankful for my family for being there, and also to Charlotte. She encouraged me to get up and out and about. We go on a big hike once every fortnight together, it's a lot of fun and we just talk the whole time we're together.

I've been spending lots of time at my local gym too. I usually run five to six k's each time. It really helps to clear my head and keep my focus on the good things in life. I used to get really down but those spells are few and far between now.

Afterwards I jump on the weights. This is something I prefer much more than cardio. The burn I feel from lifting is awesome it gets me so pumped! Plus, what girl doesn't like muscles?

Sometimes Charlotte writes me love letters which I'll admit at first I was quite taken back by. I've never received a love letter before so it was really cool when I checked the mail one day and found a letter from her. She writes some really neat stuff in there that no girl has ever said to me.

We have a lot of fun together, sometimes too much. I feel like a teenager again when we're together.

Most nights when she stays over we tend to just chill in my room on my bed and watch scary movies. She loves scary movies, me not so much but I'll watch them for her.

Other nights we can't seem to keep our hands off each other. I won't go into details but I'm sure you get my drift.

Mum and dad even seem more relaxed and happier now that I am as well. I guess a lot of what I went through affected them and put a lot of stress on their relationship, which I didn't even consider until now.

Dad has been giving me some at home golf lessons. He is an awesome golfer but with owning and running his own law firm he doesn't get a lot of time to play.

It's been really great spending some time with him, just the two of us. I've got a lot to learn about golf but he has given me some really good pointers and I hope to one day be as good a golfer as my dad is.


Gameplay notes:
  • Title song is White Leaves by Birds of Tokyo. 
  • Had this chapter sitting in my drafts for a while. Sometimes I get stuck for a song title but this morning when I was driving to work, thinking about sims (as you do lol) this song came on and it just got me thinking of Reece and how much it suited him. 
  • I am shipping these two so hard right now. 😍 It's been long awaited getting them together and now that they are it's hit me right in the feels. And imagine the beautiful babies they will have, lol!<3 li="">
  • Reece has come along way since the early days of The Drifter and I'm so glad I put him through the hard times because it has made him grow up a lot. I'm really liking who he is becoming. He comes from a good family but always had that spoiled rich kid rebel attitude going on, which was fun for a while but yeah, it's always nicer to watch your characters grow and develop into something better. 
  • I've made the official move to my boyfriends so hoping to get back into my simming routine again. It was a bit out of whack due to work being really busy for a while and preparing to move etc, but I'm starting to feel relaxed again now that the hard stuff is over. 
Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of your week! 😎

Carla  – (30 July, 2017)  

Aw, Charlotte and Reece are really an adorable couple! I'm shipping them too, lol! They seem so happy together and I can only hope they continue to be.

Glad you're done with your move! Hope you've well and truly settled in now. :)

Jennifer  – (30 July, 2017)  

Thanks Carla! :) I'm really excited about their little sim-life together and what will become of it. Finally getting these two together in my story has been long awaited and I'm just thrilled that they get along so well because hey sometimes it doesn't work out how you want it to. lol

I'm feeling much more settled now, thanks, and very happy with where I'm living. :)

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