Valentine's Day 2103

Matt had his date with Lillian all planned out. First a romantic chick flick, then a romantic dinner for two, and then he would ask her. Finally he would ask her the question that had been on his mind for so long.



Round 3 Summer, February 2103
Parker Family - Johnny is 42, Susannah is 41 and Flynn is 17

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Narrated by Flynn Frio.

Lately I've been finding school really hard. I never imagine in the last years I'd have this amount of homework. Sometimes I'm up late just trying to get it done.


Schwarz Family

Leon, Anita and Hayley Schwarz

Originally from Shang Simla, China, the Schwarz family moved to Greenland Bay for Leon and Anita's career advancements. They have since settled in nicely and Hayley has already made friends at school.


Only Wanna Be With You

Round 3 Summer, February 2103
Baine/Conroy/Oates Family - Darcy and Miranda are 27, Lillian is 28.

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Narrated by Miranda Oates.

So far this summer has been one to remember! The three of us had a tonne of fun at the summer festival this year. Lillian joined me in a hot dog eating contest which I won, she came last.


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