Only Wanna Be With You

Round 3 Summer, February 2103
Baine/Conroy/Oates Family - Darcy and Miranda are 27, Lillian is 28.

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Narrated by Miranda Oates.

So far this summer has been one to remember! The three of us had a tonne of fun at the summer festival this year. Lillian joined me in a hot dog eating contest which I won, she came last.

Darcy learned to roller skate and didn't fall over once! She is a pretty quick learner with things like that.

I was surprised when Lillian asked me if I wanted to have a water balloon fight with her and since she entered the hot dog eating contest with me I couldn't say no. I got her a doozey! It was beautiful warm day so she wasn't too annoyed about getting wet.

Lillian missed me by a mile but I also ducked down pretty quick. I guess all the yoga and acrobats come in handy giving me ninja like moves.

I guess Lillian came prepared because after our little water fight she threw on her bathers and got a tan at the portable tanning station. She looked like a summer goddess when she stepped out, all blonde and bronzed.

There are so many things I love about summer and one of them is eating snow cones, minus the brain freeze of course. Argh, they can really hurt!

Some days we would just lay out on the back lawn on our towels soaking up the rays and if we got too hot we'd take a dip in the spa to cool off.

I just love our close group of friends and the fact that we all still get along really well. We have formed a close friendship with each other and the fact the we are all couples I think helps too.

Darcy and Trey are still going smooth and steady and I'm not sure what the future holds for them but they don't seem to be in any rush to take their relationship any further. As long as they are happy then that's the main thing.

Things are going really well with Quinn and I. He is so incredibly sweet and we're absolutely crazy for each other. I really miss him when he's not around! We've been talking about getting a place of our own but are yet to mention anything to the others.

Lillian and Matt are still going strong too. I'm not sure about Matt but I know Lillian is very into getting married and starting a family. She is the kind of person who has been planning her wedding since she was little girl. I've got a feeling it won't be too long before these two get hitched.

When and if any of us move out I will really miss our little get together's. We've had some really memorable barbecue and spa nights and I feel like it just won't be the same once a couple from our group leaves.

I'm concerned about moving out because it will then increase the rent for Lillian and Darcy and I feel bad about that, especially for Darcy because, like me, she doesn't have a stable job as such. We rely on ourselves to find and produce the work to get paid and that can be tough sometimes.

I know Darcy is a big girl and I care a lot for both of them, they are like my family and I just wouldn't want to leave them in a difficult situation.

Quinn rang me late one night and asked if I would meet him down by the beach, he said he had a surprise for me. I wasn't really sure what to think until we met up and then he proceeded to bend down on one knee and reached for something in his jeans back pocket.

He held what I thought was a not so small velvety blue box in his hand. Miranda Oates, he started, I have fallen madly in love with you, your fun loving nature, your beautiful personality, mind and soul. Will you accept this ring as a sign of my love and affection and be my wife?

I must have spoken in a whisper or maybe I just said answered in my head because I was too shocked to even speak. Yes, yes, yes I will be your wife! I said to him before we embraced.

We kissed for a long time that night under the soft light from the street lamp with the waves gently lapping onto the shore. It was so surreal and romantic.

The next morning I told both the girls and they were both shocked and excited for me. I honestly didn't think I'd be the first out of the three of us to be getting married. Quinn and I had been talking about moving in together for a little while but not about marriage. Still I was pretty excited about it, I love him to bits and couldn't be happier that he asked me.

Game play notes:
  • Title song is Only Wanna Be With You by Hootie & The Blowfish.
  • My first update since I got my new gaming computer! It was a surprisingly a smooth process of installing my game and all the households. Apart from all my sims wearing blue eye shadow because the game defaulted to that since I installed my sims without their custom content, everything else went fine. lol 
  • I've already found a cute little house for Miranda and Quinn to move into. I'm thinking they'll move out together and then get married afterwards, probably have a backyard wedding. ;)
  • I've given the three couples nicknames too. lol Miranda and Quinn = Quinanda, Lillian and Matt = Lillatt, Darcy and Trey = Trecy. Lillatt is by far my favourite!
  • Not much updating about their jobs and things, though Lillian did get caught by the cops and spent the night in jail. lol She didn't tell anyone though! Miranda performed for tips at the local park, she earned a $160 in a day, not bad and it was amusing to watch her perform the acrobats. Darcy is still madly drawing and sketching and she has some that are quite valuable but I'm keeping them in her inventory so she can eventually put them in an art gallery. I just need to find or build a gallery. :|
  • I'm quite eager for these three to move forward now that I have my game running so smoothly. It's also tough playing three adult sims in the one house so I look forward to just updating them as couples next time.
  • Outtakes to follow soon on my simblr.
Thanks for reading and enjoying the rest of your weekend! :)

Anonymous –   – (12 September, 2017)  

Your pictures are always so colorful. I especially love the one of the three girls suntanning in their backyard. The lightning is amazing. Seems like they had a great summer :)

Backyard wedding sounds lovely but I'm kinda sad they won't be roommates anymore.

Jennifer  – (14 September, 2017)  

Thanks Anon. :)

The girls did have a great summer! I always enjoy playing these three and I'm excited to see the relationships with their boyfriends progress. When they all do finally move out I'll make sure that when I do updates to include a visit from at least one of them. They're all pretty close friends so I don't imagine leaving them out of any of their updates.

A backyard wedding will be easier for me but also cheaper for Quinn and Miranda since they will have just bought a house of their own.

Carla  – (29 September, 2017)  

Aw, that's wonderful! Miranda was just talking about Lillian gettng married soon and now it turns out it will be her and Quinn! It's sweet that she's concerned about her roomies' ability to pay the rent once she leaves - hopefully they'll figure something out and she can enjoy married life guilt-free.

Jennifer  – (30 September, 2017)  

Thanks Carla. :)

Yes it was an expected surprise for Miranda. She has never really been all that fussed about getting married, as long as she is happy then that's all that matters to her. Though she is pretty excited now that she is engaged. I'm sure the other girls will be fine, though it might just be Darcy now who has to think about being able to pay the rent. ;)

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