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Current living Sims in Greenland Bay 60, or there about. lol Not all sims have profiles yet and there are also a couple of families that I have not listed below, so the count is an estimate for now. ;)
Sorted by Family.**GP stands for grandparents.

Andrews: family profile

Baine/Conroy/Oatesfamily profile

Downey/Meyers/Vandykefamily profile

Edwardsfamily profile

Edwards 1family profile

French/McIrishfamily profile

Hamiltonfamily profile

Jonesfamily profile

Kanefamily profile

(*original family by Kaleeko)

Keatonfamily profile

Langerak/Maefamily profile

Mitchellfamily profile

Parker/Friofamily profile

Schwarz: family profile

Sekemotofamily profile

Steelfamily profile

Seymour/Friofamily profile

Seymour: family profile

Seymour 1: family profile

Seymour (GP)family profile

Williamsfamily profile


Deceased Sims



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