A list of all my sims birthday's by month and their ages. This is mainly for me to keep track of birthday's during each round and to encourage myself to do birthday posts. Sim's will physically age up on the below main years, meaning they will go through their in game transformation to the next life stage and any in between birthday's will just be story telling. All sim's ages have also been updated to reflect Round 3.

Baby: 0-1yrs, Toddler: 2yrs, Child: 5yrs, Teen: 12yrs, Young Adult: 18yrs, Adult: 35yrs, Elder: 60yrs

JANUARY (Summer)
Trey Downey 29
Christopher Steel 31
Beau Andrews 40
Yumi Sekemoto 63
Joshua Seymour 25
Natasha Mitchell 24
Bradley Kane 44

Matt Vandyke 28
Zoey Frio 22
Samantha Jones 43
Johnny Parker 44
William Seymour 45
Leon Schwarz 43

Wedding Anniversary's:
Mark & Justine Keaton 2097

MARCH (Autumn)
Jon Hamilton 48
Pippa Seymour 16
Howard Seymour 67
Annika Williams 2

Sam Sekemoto 6
Molly French 44

Wedding Anniversary's:
Howard & Barbara Seymour April 2055

Mark Keaton 35
Sue French 7
Fiona McIrish 45
Illiana Langerak 40
Eliza Seymour 45

Wedding Anniversary's:
William & Eliza Seymour May 2085

JUNE (Winter)
Leighton Sekemoto 30
Kylie Langerak 12
Harrison Jones 17
Caroline Edwards 46
Reece Hamilton 24
Madison Hamilton 24
Margo Kane 24

Justine Keaton 32
Ashley Keaton 3
Miranda Oates 27
Quinn Meyers 29
Bridget Mitchell 47
Amy Williams 37
April Hamilton 47
Alesha Kane 43
Korva Kane 18

Marcus Williams 39
Zelda Mae 36
Charlotte Seymour 22
Roger Mitchell 48
Flynn Frio 20

Malika Williams 6
Victoria Andrews 38
Anita Schwarz 42
Hayley Schwarz 17

Wedding Anniversary's:
Davey & Madison Edwards Sept 2101
Jon & April Hamilton Sept 2082
Roger & Bridget Mitchell Sept 2079

River McIrish 21
Dustin Langerak 40
Alistair Jones 45
Susannah Frio-Parker 41

Lillian Conroy 28
Barbara Seymour 65
Davey Edwards 26

Darcey Baine 27
Peter Langerak 21


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