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Want to know where to start reading? Well that depends on whether you'd like to start reading the current story line or previous-aka the very beginning.

About: Freedom Shores began after The Drifter when I decided to alter the way I write about my sim families. It is now written in rounds and by seasons. Each family in the neighborhood of Greenland Bay will generally get one update per round. All families and profiles are view-able in the link bar above.

Round 1 Year 2100: This round introduces you to the new families residing in Greenland Bay that I have never written about.
  • Round 1 Schedule
  • Round 1 Families - Baine/Conroy/Oates, Vandyke/Meyers/Downey, Steel, Andrews, Keaton, Sekemoto, Williams, Langerak, French/McIrish, Edwards/Hamilton
  • Round 1 Lot Tours 
Round 2 Year 2101: This round introduces you to families originaly from The Drifter who currently reside in Greenland Bay.
Round 3 Year 2103: This round will include updates of all families from the first two rounds as well as monthly detailed birthday posts.

Story trivia: Freedom Shores title originally comes from section 2 of The Drifter.

About: The Drifter is a Sims 3 fictional story that tells the tale of Will & Eliza and their family members. It covers their triumphs and tragedies through out their little (or big) sim lives. From love at first sight, to marriage and divorce, to the birth of their children, kidnapping, affairs, house fires and much more! It is a five part story in two sections and is intended to be read in order as per links below.

Will's boat, The Sealuxe
Part 1:
This part was written many years ago and originally published on TSR. 
It introduces you to the original founders of this story, Will & Eliza.
Will & Eliza
Part 2: Life after marriage and then some
Seymour beach house - photo of Howard & Barbara Seymour
Part 3: Your past can creep up on you

(Freedom Shores)
Greenland Bay Pier - Sandy Clark, Joshua Seymour & Natasha Mitchell
Part 4: Teens running wild

Greenland Bay Beach
Part 5: Self discovery and life changes 


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