Chapter 2 - Young Love #2

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 Beachside Apartments - Sunsong Avenue, Greenland Bay

Natasha followed Josh up the stairs to the second floor of the apartment. Josh pushed his bedroom door open allowing Natasha to walk through first.

"So... looks like you've pretty much settled in already." She said as she sat down on the edge of the bed, crossing her legs and looking around his bedroom.

Josh hadn't completely unpacked all his belongings, there were still a few boxes that remained unopened, but these he pushed into the bare corners of his new room planning to unpack them later. 

Natasha called him unexpectedly saying she still had a few days before she had to start Uni. Apparently two of her teachers had fallen ill to some bad flu that was going around campus. 

His eyes trailed the line of her short denim skirt which stopped a little higher than mid thigh. Her lightly tanned skin was shimmering under the over head lights, her legs were toned and slim. Even as a teen Josh had always thought Natasha had the sexiest legs he'd ever seen.

He walked over and sat down beside her on the edge of the bed, wrapping an arm around her. The moment his skin touched her's she felt a tingling sensation. His hand was warm and she could feel his chest up against her shoulder.

"Did you get everything sorted for Uni, then?" he asked her as he gently nuzzled her neck and began laying kisses on her skin.

Natasha giggled. "Yeah... hee, hee ...I... hee, hee ...did." His kisses tickled her. It was a good tickle though, if there was such a thing.

She fell backwards onto the bed sighing. She was feeling tired. The last two weeks had been so busy she really didn't get much of a chance to relax. Holidaying with her parents wasn't as much fun as she thought it would've been. Turns out they completely planned the whole trip before they'd even left, and this included Natasha being dragged along sight-seeing with them when all she wanted to do was relax and lie in the sun and work on her tan.

Josh jumped up, climbing over to the other side of the bed and layed down beside her. He could smell her perfume, it was the one she always wore. Her favorite, Chanel No-something-or-other. He slid his hand up onto her waist and underneath her shirt a little, feeling the skin on her stomach.

"I think that'll be the last holiday I ever take with my parents." She said as she stared up at the ceiling.

"Hmmm." Josh murmured and leaned down to kiss her. He gave her small, soft light kisses and for a few moments at a time he would pause during a kiss, just holding his lips on her's.

With every kiss Josh gave her, the hand he had underneath her shirt moved further up towards her chest each time, then finally landing right where he wanted it, on her right breast. He massaged it and Natasha closed her eyes and allowed a whimper of a moan to escape from her lips.

She began to feel giddy as she lay there allowing Josh to kiss and caress her. There was something about his touch that she couldn't explain, it was sensual and almost electrifying. He was never forceful in any way but it was like he knew what his touch did to her and that she wasn't able to resist it.
It didn't take long before the front of her shirt was completely unbuttoned and they both began removing the remainder of each others clothes.

"I've missed you so much," Josh said as he took a short breather from her lips and moved down onto her neck.

"I've..." Natasha swallowed, finding it hard to utter a full sentence while Josh nuzzled her neck the way he did. It was almost half a minute later that she managed to finish what she was going to say. "...I've missed you too."

It was true. She had missed him. She wasn't lying and it took this short break they were forced to have for her to realize exactly what her feelings were for him. They were real and strong, and she'd been a little afraid of them. Just as Josh had longed for her, she too had longed for him while she was away holidaying with her parents.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"So, I walk outta the (police) station and who happens to walk past but Bella Bachelor. I was like-- daaamn girl-- have you grown up or what?! The hooters on that girl, Davey, you would've..."

"He-would-have-what." Madison sneered at her brother.

"Doesn't she dress Emo style, or somethin'?" Davey asked. He knew full well that this was not a topic to be talking about with Madison sitting at the breakfast table. They'd both had an enjoyable night last night, not one argument and the last thing he needed was for Reece to shake things up this morning. Luckily for Davey though Josh came down the stairs just at the right moment and with Reece having an attention span of a fish the topic changed almost immediately. Almost.

"Josh, ma-man! Morning dude, hey were you up late or somethin'?"

Josh took a seat at the dining table, joining the rest of his friends for breakfast. "Hey." He stifled a yawn and stretched one arm up into the air. He'd never slept so good and with Tash by his side it had been even better.

"Dude, keep ya morning breath off my cornflakes would ya!" Reece covered his cereal bowl fearing the contents would be contaminated.

"So, what's happening?" Josh asked.

"The topic this morning is hooters, which I'm sure you'll find thoroughly entertaining. " Madison stated sarcastically. She placed her elbows on the table and rested her chin in her hands. "Don't you guys ever have anything else to talk about. Geeeeeeez."

"So Josh, did I hear you let a certain someone in late last night? Hmm? Have a little late night rendezvous did we?" Reece rubbed his hands together like a cheeky little kid about to get up to no good.  "Damn. Lucky you man."

Madison's head jerked up. "What?! Tash came over last night? What time was this?" She demanded suddenly feeling annoyed that she'd missed her best friends arrival at their new apartment.

"It was about eleven, I think," Natasha said as she made her way to the bottom of the stairs.

Madison squealed and jumped up so fast from the table that her chair almost fell backwards. She raced over to her best friend and smothered her in a hug.

"Ohmygawdohmygawd! Your here!" She squealed, jumping up and down on the spot unable to contain her excitement.

Natasha smiled at her best friend once they broke apart. Josh wasn't the only one she'd missed, she missed her best friend as well.

"It's been aaaaaaages! You must tell me everything, everything about your holiday! Oooh--any cute guys, hmm? Oooh and everything about the campus your going to be studying at! Oh my gawd girl we have so much to catch up on!!" Madison's squeals got louder by the second.

"Oh..oh..I have an idea! Lets go to the park for lunch! We can all have a picnic together! Aww, come on, come on! Pleeeeeeaassssee! Guys...?" 

The boys shrugged when she turned around to see if they had any objections. Davy and Reece had learned that sometimes it was best to do what Madison wanted, just to avoid any unnecessary arguments or dramatization.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greenland Bay Central Park

With Reece heading off to work it ended up just being the four of them going to the park. They enjoyed a small picnic lunch which the girls made before they all left. Natasha filled her best friend in on any holiday goss, not that there really was any, and also her plans and schedule for Uni.

When they'd finished lunch the two couples strolled causally around the man-made pond, taking some private time out together. Madison and Davey made their way over to a vacant bench seat while Natasha and Josh stood over looking the water, Natasha throwing some small pieces of bread in the water to the fish that were swimming close to the surface.

Josh was having trouble keeping his hands to himself. To say he was ecstatic to have Natasha back by his side, back in his arms again, was an understatement. He wasn't going to let her out of his sight and Natasha was enjoying being the center of attention--as usual--but this time if felt different. Their relationship had gotten pretty intense not long after Prom.

It was all thanks to a few too many glasses of nectar, or slugs of nectar more like it. Josh had taken a bottle from his parents nectar rack and they'd snuck out onto the back decking of his parents house to watch the stars together.

It was a warm night and it didn't take long until they'd both completely finished the whole bottle. They then somehow stumbled up to Josh's bedroom and that's when they took the next step in their relationship.
Although the memory of what happened that night might be a little blurry, there were moments that they'd never forget. One being Josh tripping over his own feet and landing with a massive loud thud on his bedroom floor. Both of them covering their mouths and collapsing into a fit of laughter onto his bed.

They moved to the playground equipment chatting about various and random things. Natasha seemed to do most of the talking. Josh just sat on the swing opposite her, listening intently and watching her sway back and fourth.
He watched her smile and laugh as she spoke freely to him. She seemed happy and this made him happy. He knew it must be something to do with them being together again, or maybe it was the passionate night they recently shared? Whatever ever it was, it was a good thing.

Josh knew that Tash had some doubts about them or him. He wasn't exactly sure which but when you put yourself out there, when you allow yourself to get close to someone and then you receive almost nothing in return, then you know that something isn't right.

For some strange reasoning of her own Natasha had been distant with him during the time they shared in High School. She kept her feelings tucked away inside, obviously not being comfortable confiding in him.
But Josh, he was sure of his feelings from the first moment he met her and now he couldn't be any more certain. He loved her and she was the only girl he wanted to be with, and as lame as it sounded, she made his heart flutter in a way that no other girl did. Sometimes he wondered whether Natasha might be the one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with?

But only time would tell that.   

>>Chapter 3, coming soon!

Jennifer  – (09 June, 2012)  

This update took a bit to finish. Starting full time work didn't help. lol All is good though!

This chapter is (sort of) like a continuation of Chapter 5 in Pt 4, which was also titled, Young Love. ;)

Hope everyone is well and thanks for reading! <3

Katerine  – (09 June, 2012)  

Darn it those 2 are just good looking! skip everything and get to the baby making! i kid i kid. Those two are so smitten! can not wait to read more!

Jennifer  – (16 June, 2012)  

Hey Katerine.. or Kat! :)

Haha, well I'm actually enjoying stringing this one out and they these two have a fair way to go before they start a family. They both still have some growing up to do as you will see in the coming chapters.

Thanks so much Kat, really appreciate it! <3

Dino Witt  – (26 June, 2012)  

Wen is Chapter 3 coming? :D
- I really like the hitory! (:

.. Sorry for bad english bur i'n danish. :D

S.B.  – (27 June, 2012)  

I'm so glad I'm finally getting time to catch up on everything I've missed. It's such fun!

Josh and Natasha make a great couple: balanced and falling in love with each other. I'm not sure about Madison LOL. I think she'd drive me crazy, and it was kind of hysterical that she'd start jumping up and down about 'cute guys' when it was really obvious that something was going on between Josh and Tash.

I hope you find time to keep writing. Don't stress to do two a month, just do it when you have the time and energy.

Jennifer  – (30 June, 2012)  

Hi Dino Witt! Nice to meet you and thanks for reading and leaving a comment! :)

I still have a fair few shots to take for the next chapter so it might not be until early mid July that it's published. I hope you can hold out till then! lol

Jennifer  – (30 June, 2012)  

Hey SB!

Aww yey and glad your enjoying it!

Oooh that is music to my ears because I love Josh & Tash as a couple too! It's not always going to be balanced like this though. Keeping my lips sealed! ;)

Haha, yes Madison drives everyone a little crazy. Her and Reece are probably the least mature of all the teens. Growing up they were spoilt rotten and given whatever they wanted but they will soon find out that not everything in life get's served to you on a silver platter. lol

Thank you so much for the comment! It means a lot! <3

Ben and Amber  – (21 September, 2012)  


When will you be updating the story? I really am missing it! Hope all is well.


Jennifer  – (27 October, 2012)  

Hi Ben & Amber!

Oh my, big HUGE apologies for not reply to your comment! I've been a little pre-occupied lately but there will still be updates to The Drifter, I'm just not sure when.
I think once Seasons EP comes out I may just finish the next chapter. It's actually half written already, lol!

Anyway, I appreciate you stopping by and it makes me happy to hear that your still interested in reading it. That alone makes me motivated to get back to writing. ;)

Hope all is well with you and I'll be sure to post an update of when I'll be updating next, er soon. Not sure if that made sense but agh, yeah.

Take care! <3

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