Chapter 3 - Opportunities

Early morning,  Greenland Bay Plaza

Will stopped in front of the neatly stacked and packed stall out the front of the grocers. He placed several and various kinds of fruit into a plastic bag. He was running an urgent errand for his lately demanding and very pregnant wife.
Eliza had been really indecisive as to just exactly what she felt like eating so all she did was ask him to pick up some 'something healthy' on his way to drop Charlotte off at school.

"Anything specific?" he asked her on his way out the front door, which was probably a mistake.

"No! Whatever! Anything will do! As long as it's fruit of some kind!" She snapped at him from the kitchen. And just before he closed the front door she yelled out a, "Thank you darling!"

He tried to forgive her for her mood swings and snappiness, and not take it to heart. He knew it had a lot to do with her hormones at the moment and the fact that, well, this was their fourth child.

Will couldn't even begin to imagine what it must be like to have a little being growing inside of you. He thought it was pretty amazing though and was in constant awe at how Eliza's belly grew and grew, and of course how beautiful she always looked.

Her appetite was enough to shock anyone lately though. She was eating a lot. A LOT. In the amount of time he'd known her, never had he seen her eat so much and so often, and it was obvious that the little baby inside her was needing this.
He wondered though, for a moment, whether it was a possibility that Eliza might be eating for two instead of one? Nah, couldn't be. They conceived naturally and to have twins at her age is rare unless conceived through IVF.

Either way this would definitely be their last pregnancy. Unfortunately it wasn't all smooth sailing this time around, unlike the three other pregnancies. Eliza was still having morning sickness, though you probably couldn't really call it morning sickness now because that normally began at the start of a pregnancy and then ended one or two months after. This, this was something else.

Some days she had trouble getting out of bed due to sitting or standing up making her feel ill. They'd been to the doctor and everything seemed normal so there was really nothing else they could do, except deal with it till it either went away or, till she gave birth.
Will wanted nothing more than to have another child with her, another one to add to their 'clan', but he didn't want to see Eliza suffer at the expense of what he wanted.

After gathering the groceries and paying for them he walked towards the bookstore looking for his daughter. Charlotte had asked to quickly duck in there while he grabbed the necessary groceries. She was no-where in sight and then he spotted her skinny long legs and long brown hair. She was standing talking with a man who Will did not recognize. 

As Will approached them he noticed that this guy was a lot older than Charlotte and wondered why he would be talking so closely with his teenage daughter. He knew Charlotte could be friendly, just like him but he had also noticed lately the way some younger men looked at her. He didn't like it.

The thought of some 'man' or 'boy' undressing her with their eyes made his stomach twist into an angry knot. He knew she was growing up and fast, but Charlotte, in his eyes would always be his sweet baby girl.

"You ready honey?" He said once he got closer.

"Dad, this is Mr Abraham. He's from a modelling agency in Bridgeport." Charlotte said, her eyebrows raised with intense interest.

"Mr..?" the man asked holding out his hand offering a formal introduction.

"..Seymour." Will replied accepting the mans hand shake.

"Agh, Mr Seymour, what a pleasure it is! My name is Darryl and I'm from.." the man fished out a business card from his shirt pocket. "...Platinum Models."

Will took the card and studied it. He looked back at the man unsure as to what this guy wanted. When Will didn't respond, the man began to explain.

"Mr Seymour, I work as an agent for Platinum Models and I'm always on the scout for the next stunning beauty. I saw your daughter in the book store window and was unable to look away. She has the girl next door look down to a tea, have you ever thought of allowing her to do any modelling?"

Charlotte was beaming all the while Mr Abraham spoke. Modelling? He thought she could be a model? I mean she'd played pretend fashion shows with Pippa and sometimes Zoey, but real life modelling?

" would just be catalogue work at first. Pretty low key stuff," Mr Abraham continued. "But I see great potential in Charlotte. Her face.. it's absolutely perfect. Her bone structure and she has the right figure, even at this age--if you know what I mean." The man winked and smiled which Will didn't take to at all.

"What do you think dad? Pleasepleaseplease?" Charlotte politely pleaded.

"It's something we'd have to talk over with your mother first." Will wanted to check this guy out and the so called agency he said he worked for. There was no way he was going to send one of his daughters off to some photo shoot without having checked the legitimacy of this agency first.

When it came to his family Will was very protective and his daughters, well, let's just say that any future boyfriend was going to get a grilling and possibly a background investigation.

"Hey, no worries mate! Talk it over with the Mrs, my number's on the card. This really would be a fantastic opportunity for Charlotte though. There's no doubt about it, Charlotte is a striking young lady!"

Charlotte's face beamed of course when the man said this and she smiled widely.

 "Alright, so you can call the office or my mobile any time. The girls are lovely on reception."

"...yeah, thanks." Will said, flipping the business card over in his hand.

"Have a great day then--and you, Charlotte, you stay beautiful, okay?" Mr Abraham touched her face, ever so slightly sweeping his hand along her jawline. He did this in a non threatening way though, similar to how a father might sweep his hand over his own daughters face.

Turning around they began to walk back towards the car and Charlotte grabbed one of the grocery bags from her fathers hand. "So what do you think dad?" She asked.

"I'll talk it over with your mother when I get home."


"Yes honey, but first we need to get you to school and then I've got to get the groceries back home to tend to your mother's ever constant demanding appetite."

Charlotte laughed. Her poor father was definitely putting up with a lot during this fourth pregnancy. She knew her parents were still madly in love with each other by how close they always were, constantly hugging and kissing, holding hands whenever they went out somewhere. She thought it was sweet but lately she sensed some tension in the air between them.
She couldn't wait to meet her new little brother or sister and she hoped that once the baby was born that things would be back to normal again for her parents.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greenland Bay Fire Department

As Josh walked up towards the building he could feel his nerves start to get the better of him. This was his first day on the job. A job that Natasha helped him get through her father who happened to have recently become the Fire Chief of the Greenland Bay Fire Department.

He took a deep breath and then pushed open one of the maroon double doors. As he walked into the foyer area he saw movement through the glass windows of what looked to be an office and then a short solid man with an army style crew cut walked towards him, Mr Mitchell, his boss.

"Josh, nice to see you and welcome. I have to say I commend your tardiness. The last fella thought rocking up late to work was acceptable. So, you drove I take it?"

"Yes Sir, I've got my own car." Josh pulled a hand up to cover his mouth as he tried to clear the lump in his throat caused by his nerves. "I've moved out with a few friends down on beach road, so it's not far to drive."

"Oh, that's right. I remember Natasha mentioning something about that, and please, Mr Mitchell is fine. At least until you get used to Chief." Roger smiled.

"Of course Sir.. agh, I mean Mr Mitchell."

Roger laughed. The usually cool and calm Joshua Seymour was nervous. He gave Josh a reassuring pat on the arm and gestured for him to follow him into his office.

Roger handed Josh a pen and a couple of forms to fill out, some personal details, emergency contact, that sort of thing. The usual when you've just started a new job.
While Josh sat quietly filling out the forms Roger clicked away at few things on the computer in front of him until he received the completed forms back.

Roger read over where Josh had filled in the blanks and then shuffled the papers in his hands. "Now your father knows you've put him as an emergency contact, yes?"

"Yes, Si... agh,  Mr Mitchell."

"We just like to make sure that they're aware, so there's no surprises. We haven't had any incidents at this department since the last Chief was in charge for almost a decade and I'd like to keep it that way."

Josh nodded and watched Roger's eyes suddenly dart past him into the foyer area. "Trey! Can you get in here a minute!" He yelled out.

 A tall pale looking fellow with jet black hair entered the office. "Chief, you wanted to see me."

"Trey, I want you to meet Josh. He's just started with the department today and I'd like you to take him under your wing. Can you do that for me?"

"Sure Chief, of course."

"Your one of the best Sergeant's in this Department Trey and I know that you'll teach Josh everything he needs to know."

Trey nodded at Roger, almost saluting him. Then he turned to Josh and held out his hand. "Hey mate, nice to meet ya." Josh shook Trey's hand and the two young men exchanged a smile.

Roger turned and walked back towards his desk. "Great, maybe you could show him around first and then go through a few of the routines before you get stuck into the main procedures of what happens when we react to a call."

"No problem Chief. I got it."

Josh followed behind Trey as they walked out of the Chief's office and into the kitchen area. "You drink coffee?" Trey asked.

"Yeah." Josh replied.

"It's only instant but it's enough to get you started this early in the morning. Sugar?"

"Um, yeah, one thanks."

While Trey pulled two mugs from one of the cupboards and began making the coffee's, Josh looked around and took in the surroundings of his new workplace.

The first day on the job was always the most awkward. Not knowing what you'll be doing, where you'll be doing it or even if you'll be doing anything at all. Learning the ropes, getting settled and getting to know your new work colleagues always took time and also being the 'new guy', or girl, was a label that didn't normally get shaken till you'd been there for six or so months.

The aroma of coffee suddenly filled the room as Trey poured the hot liquid into two mugs. He added one sugar into Josh's and two into his own cup. "Not many of the guys start this early," he said as he handed Josh his mug. "I'm surprised the Chief didn't ask you to come in later. Anyway, we've got about six guys working here at the station and two ladies."

"How long have you worked here?" Josh asked before taking a sip.

"About four years."


The noise that suddenly filled the kitchen area was beyond anything Josh had ever heard. It was almost three times the pitch of a normal burglar alarm. The very moment it went off the hand that was holding his mug almost went flying. He clutched the mug with both hands, luckily only a few small sloshes of liquid escaped, not enough for anyone to really notice, though out of the corner of his eye he could've sworn he saw the corner of Trey's lips turn up into a smile.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Seymour Residence - 350 Oak Grove Rd, Greenland Bay

Above the TV noise Charlotte could just make out what her parents were saying but every now and then an ad would come on so loud, blaring out at whoever was there to listen, that all she ended up hearing were two low-talking muffled voices.

She heard a "Yes" and a "No, but.." and something about her possibly missing school. Argh, why were they taking so long to make their decision, she thought as she bounced impatiently on the spot.

Anyway, it's not like she'd be performing brain surgery under the camera lens? Geez. Besides missing school would be the lest of their worries. Charlotte wasn't a straight A student but she was close enough and she couldn't recall a time when she'd even handed her homework in late. No, she was pretty sure that it was completed and handed in on time, every time.

As she strained to listen in on her parents talking her mind drifted off for a moment imagining the glamorous life a famous model might live. Photographers taking pictures of her every move, sexy photo shoots with super cute male models. She thought for a moment on whether she'd be comfortable doing a lingerie photo shoot. She'd probably do it, she thought. She guessed that models were paid extra for those kinds of photo shoots and it's not like she'd be naked or anything, right?

Still struggling to hear much of what her parents were saying she gave up and retreated back to the couch. As she climbed back over she tried to be as discreet as possible, making sure she stayed in line with the wall so that she wasn't seen to have been eavesdropping. 
Luckily she did because her name was called moments after she'd just nestled back into the cushions. She quickly scuttled in trying to hide her excitement and the grin on her face.

She stood in front of her parents, who in turn looked back at her, then at one another, then back at her again. She was hoping that this would be an easy yes or no answer but obviously not.

"Charlotte," her father began. "I checked out the agency online and gave them a call this afternoon while you were still at school, and if you want to give this modelling thing a try then your mother and I are willing to let you. BUT..."

She knew there would be a but somewhere.

"We won't allow you to miss school and have your grades suffer. You may not agree with us now but your education is far too important to give up on. Do you understand that, honey?"

Charlotte nodded, attempting to keep a serious face. She wasn't so sure she was pulling it off though.  Her school work would be a breeze, she already knew that would take no extra effort.

"Also, you mentioned that you wanted to have horse-riding lessons at a stud farm just out of town, well, I think if you earn enough money from this modelling then you'll be able to take them and pay for them yourself. What do you think?"

By the look on their daughters face, Will and Eliza could already see what their daughter thought of their decision.

"YESYESYES!" She beamed. "Oooh, thank-you-thank-you-thank-you! I promise my grades won't drop! I-promise-I-promise!" Charlotte jumped up and down on the spot with excitement. She ran over to her father and gave him a big hug and kissed him on the cheek, then she did the same to her mother.

She was bursting with excitement. Oh my gawd, she had to tell Zoey! She had to call her right now!
Zoey was her cousin, her best friend and sometimes her partner in crime, though the only crime they usually made was ogling over cute boys at school and at the shopping mall. But Charlotte told her everything and Zoey did they same, there was nothing that they didn't share with each other and Zoey was going to be the first sim to hear the exciting news.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greenland Bay Fire Department

Having worked at the local Fire Department for many years now, Roger had perfected his routine and response to any emergency call. With his jacket, helmet and oxygen tank sitting in his office, right where they should be, he was the quickest and most effecient fire fighter to grab what he needed and race to Big Red--that was what they nicknamed the truck over the years--and be ready to put his impressive fire fighting skills into action.

For Roger this wasn't just a job, it was a profession and he took it seriously. Fire was not something to play around with and over the many years of working at the department he had seen and done things that not every normal sim could do.
They didn't give the role of Fire Chief to just anyone and in his thoughts he had earnt it. It was the bravest, strongest and most determined who would dedicate and risk their life for a total stranger. 

The siren echoed loudly throughout the whole station and as Josh followed behind Trey, he realized that his nerves had finally settled and he was starting to relax. It wasn't for long though because every time the siren went off it gave him the shock of his life. There was no warning and the volume of it was almost unbearable. 

Trey stopped at the top of stairs, he was still showing Josh around and introducing him to everyone as the other firefighters arrived for work. "Okay, so that's the ground floor and you've meet pretty much everyone that you'll be meeting today so now I'll show you the rest of the station." He spoke loudly attempting to be heard over the siren which was still going off.

"We've got a small lounging area with a TV but the Chief really doesn't like to see anyone relaxing up here unless there's a game on. You follow the footy?"

"Ah-huh. Greenland Bay Broncos."

"Yeah, me too. There's no better team, right." Josh nodded and smiled, then Trey continued on talking. "We've got the notice board near the wall there which we often use to map out prone area's of where fires tend to occur. You'd be surprised how often we get calls to the same area's, it can be a pain sometimes but what can you do. Some sims never learn."

Josh was beginning to squint at the wailing siren now, as they climbed the second flight of stairs to the third floor which was basically decked out as a gym. "How long does the siren go off for?" Josh yelled behind Trey. It was starting to cause a ringing in his ears and all he really wanted to do was hold his hands up to his head and cover his ears to get some relief.

"Long enough." Trey yelled back. "It's pretty loud at first but you'll get used to it." As they walked outside Trey's tone lowered and Josh felt some instant relief in his head and eardrums.

"Okay, so that's the third floor and then out here we have, well nothing really except for this." Trey waved his hand towards the fireman's pole. "Have you slid down one of these before?"

Josh nodded.

"Well there's nothin' to it. Just keep a loose but firm grip and you'll be fine. Best to grip with ya legs too rather than ya boots, rubber against metal tends to do the opposite, if ya know what I mean."

Josh watched Trey grab onto the poll and slide down. Nothing to it, Josh said to himself. If he stuffed this up then he would never live it down, at least not to himself anyway, he didn't think Trey would probably care too much, he seemed to be almost as serious as Mr Mitchell was.

After they both slid down the fireman's pole with success Trey lead Josh out to where they normally had lunch and yet another workout area.

"We eat lunch at those picnic tables and have the odd barbeque ever now and then. Over there you've got the chin-up bars and then the sprint tracks and then the pool in the far right corner." Trey pointed to each area as he spoke. "It's a pretty laid back atmosphere around here, but once that siren goes off, you know it's all systems go and you've gotta be ready. You'll get used to the mad rush soon enough though."

Josh nodded again.

Trey wandered over to one of the picnic tables and sat down, Josh not knowing what else to do and feeling that awkward 'new guy at the workplace' moment again, followed.

"So you got a girlfriend?" Trey queried Josh after he sat down beside him.


"Sweet. What's her name?"

"Natasha... Mitchell."

"The bosses daughter?" Trey said, his eyebrows raising at least an inch.

Josh laughed. "Yeah, but we've been going steady since high school.. so agh, Mr Mitchell is, you know, cool with it."

"Agh-huh. Well it's always a great start if your in the good books with the chief straight away. He takes his job pretty seriously."

"Yeah, I've noticed."

"So whatta-ya do for fun?" Trey asked. One of the reasons Trey made it to Sergeant was because he was a real charismatic sim. He loved interacting with others and genuinely enjoyed the company of other sims. He also saved a young girl from a burning building about a year ago which landed him the job promotion.

"Surf, normally. Hang out at the beach with my mates." Josh replied.

"That's cool." Trey said and then looked away over and beyond the cyclone fence, a deer coming out of the bushes catching his attention.
"Hey, do you like to party? We're having a party soon, just some close friends and whatever, your welcome to come, you could bring Natasha and who ever else if you want. More the merrier, you know."

"Sure, sounds cool. I've got a few mates that would definitely be up for a party, I'll let em' know." Josh immediately wondered whether Natasha would be able to make it, with her Uni schedule and all. He knew the Hamilton twins would be up for it for sure, Reece and Madison.

"Okay sweet. I'll give you the address before you leave tonight. Well, I guess we'd better get back inside and be ready for when the others return. No doubt they'll be needing refreshments and such depending on the type of call they had. Generally they're just small house fires caused but each call can be different."

As they walked back inside, this time Josh walked beside Trey instead of behind him. He could tell that Trey was older, by how much he wasn't sure, maybe two or three years but he liked this guy. He was easy to talk to and he seemed pretty together. You know, a good head on his shoulders, as some would say.
Josh had a feeling that he was going to enjoy working here at the station. He couldn't wait to get home to call Tash and tell her how well his first day went. Maaaaybeeee, he could persuade her to stay the night and she could show him what she thinks of him in his firefighter outfit.

Boys, do they ever think of anything else.

>>Chapter 4 - Coming soon...

Kaleeko  – (22 November, 2012)  

I read this when it first came out and I didn't have time to comment--and now I almost forgot to come back and leave one. Gah! I feel horrible, but I'm here now! ♥

Oh gosh, Will. He does not seem too thrilled about having another baby. XD I suppose that after the 4th it just becomes more or less routine, and this was definitely... unexpected!... but he just seems like he has his hands full, hahaha. I can't even imagine what Eliza must be feeling right now. He definitely doesn't seem upset over it, though, which is good! I'm just very excited to see how it pans out, though-hopefully the new bebe doesn't wear them both down to threads. x___x

Charlotte might be able to do that herself though, man. She definitely has the face of an angel, but darling, you are so naive. I really, reaaaally do not like this modelling agent guy. I am going to be watching him VERY closely! He may be totally innocent, but hey, Charlotte is a pretty girl--pretty girls can make good boys do bad things, bahaha.

It's still an exciting opportunity for her, though! Especially being approached out of the blue. That and going to the riding academy (he he he), she's got all the stars lining up for her. Such a lucky girl, but I have a hankering to see where it all may be headed.

I bet Will's going to be super protective of her, regardless--after what happened with Sandy, older men snooping around his girls is NOT going to be a good combo. :P

AWWWW, though, lookit Josh, growing up to be a handsome firefighter!! Man though, I feel sorry for him--working for his girlfriend's father. XD That would be TENSE. They seem to get along really well, but all it takes is one slip up either at work or with her, and the other could end up going down the tube. o___o I wonder how Natasha is doing, anyway! I miss that self-absorbed cutie pie. <3

Trey seems like a pretty cool dude. It's probably better for Josh, too, to make some friends who aren't from school; things change a lot after graduation, and maybe Trey can help him 'grow up', in a way. We'll see, though... I want to see more of him, first!

I'm sooooooooooo excited to see you writing again, sweetie! I love your sims only a tiny bit less than I love my own--they are so vibrant and lovable and realistic, and live in a world I wish I could visit and share with them. Never stop sharing it with us. ♥

And PS: I can't wait to see what Connor and Susannah are up to, too! You have so many characters I love, that I love every post but am always left wanting more. :D

Lovely writing and pictures as always, doll! <3

mmmcheezy225  – (23 November, 2012)  

So many babies, lol! I'm happy for them though. Their baby(ies?) will have a wonderfully loving and supportive family. <3

Hmmm, Charlotte's future agent seems a little sketch. Perhaps it was the comment about her not-yet-developed figure? Something is sounding off alarms. He better not hurt Charlotte. >:(

*ahem* Irrational defense of pixels aside, I'm happy Charlotte gets to try out this modeling thing! I'm excited to see how it works out for her.

It's weird to see Josh worried and awkward. It seems to suit him though, haha. Makes him all the more endearing. :) I'm sure he'll make a great firefighter!

Jennifer  – (25 November, 2012)  

Kaleeko, oh my goodness! Teehee.. :)

I've been doing that lately too reading chapters and then going back later to comment. lol

Will and Eliza are both feeling the stress of this fourth baby. Hopefully things will settle down once he/she is born but who knows what surprises are in store. *wink wink*

Charlotte is going to come into her soon. She will be aging up towards the end of Pt 3 and I have so many plans for her. Good and bad. She has lived a sheltered life so yeah, that kinda makes her naive but we'll see where this modeling thing takes her and whether it will change her too much or not.

Being a firefighter will only be a part time job for Josh, since he is taking some time off before he goes to Uni. Hopefully University EP comes out by that time, which would make it easier so I don't have to build something. lol
I don't think Josh can really do no wrong, your right, he and Roger get along well. Argh, I can't say too much but further down the track they might not. ;)

The last thing I wanted to do was introduce another character but I really like Trey so he will be someone that Josh can look up a bit, you know, after finishing school and aging up to a YA.
Trey's girlfriend is Darcy, I've featured them on Tumblr a couple of times, I think they're a cute couple and they have a strong group of friends which may be feature in a future chapter.

Awww, thank you hun! I'm happy to be back writing again too. Really missed my escapism into my sim story. lol

Ha, Connor and Susannah, I haven't forgotten about them and they will be coming up soon.

Thanks for the encouraging and every so long comment. Love tonnes for it. <3

Jennifer  – (25 November, 2012)  

Hiya Cheezy!

They sure will and a big family too! lol This will be the last though as I feel like I can't keep Eliza and Will as Adults for too long. It makes me said to think about them as Elders though. :|

Darryl is legit so you don't have to worry too much there. He won't be featured very often, maybe only a couple more times, like when Charlotte has her first photo shoot etc.

I think Josh would too and a spunky one. lol He's pretty laid back though so we'll see how he goes. It's only a part time job anyway.

Thanks so much Cheezy! Really appreciate your comment and taking the time read the latest chapter! <3

Anonymous –   – (09 December, 2012)  

Poor Will, he must be getting really tired. Happy, but tired. He'd probably freak out a bit if they had twins. It is not unusual for pregnant women to have huge appetites I suppose, but I have a feeling that she indeed eats for two babies :)
Regarding Charlotte now, I don't know... Something about Mr Abraham makes me wonder about his true intentions. And to be honest, if I were in Will's position I'm not sure if I would even discuss it. I'd probably just yell "FORGET IT!" straight away... Apparently, Will's more open-minded though, lol.
I like Trey, he seems a nice guy. Josh seems to think so too. So, it'd be nice if we got to know him a little better in the next chapters! :)


Jennifer  – (11 December, 2012)  

Hey Sfe!

I don't think he is quite as tired as Eliza though. ;) But yeah he is a little over it. I think it's at the stage where he just wants to have the baby/s born already. lol

Ha! I think most fathers would react like that after all there are a lot of nasty people out there and if big money has something to do with it then, you have to be careful.
Rest assured though that Mr Abraham is not like that. This post was just a 'lead up' to what will happen with Charlotte in future posts. Which I'm excited about but cannot spill any beans just yet!

Trey is a sim I created and posted some of his story on my Tumblr. He has a girlfriend, Darcy, but I don't think we will see them yet or at all as I have my hands full with all my other characters atm, lol! But Trey, he may become a new friend of Josh's. :)

So great of you to stop by Sfe and thank you for the comment! :)

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