Character Mosaic - Claire Jones

Full Name: Claire Anna Jones (born Nov 22, 2078. Died 2097)
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Snob, Good Sense of Humor, Dramatic, Coward, Ambitious
Occupation: studying to be a Veterinarian
Romantic Status: Reece Hamilton

Favorite Drink: Cointreau Margarita
Favorite Color: Light Blue
Favorite Movie: Edward Scissorhands
Favorite Food: Mango
Favorite Weather: Winter
Currently Reading: Fortune's Rocks by Maria Shrive

Turn On's / Turn Off's: Athletic Physic / Unfaithfulness
One of the things I love most in the world: Christmas
One word that describes you: Daft
Something else about me: Loving

Claire is the oldest sibling in her family and plays big sister to what she would call an insanely annoying little brother, which whom she absolutely loves to bits.

Unfortunately with Claire there isn't always a lot 'going on upstairs', if you get my drift. It's not that she isn't intellectually smart or switched on it's just that she has the blinkers turned on and sometimes forgets to turn them off! Some would say she is a bit daft most of the time.

Claire is submissive and tends to do what she is told by those around her that show authority or domineering traits, which is probably why she became best friends with Madison Hamilton in Elementary School and then later paired up with her best friends brother, Reece, in High School. Although Reece is faithful he tends to take advantage of Claire's submissiveness and in more ways than one. Overall though she is happy and willing to follow who ever chooses to lead in front.

Claire's future is already set in stone and with her parents still being happily married--and most likely till they receive a visit from the Grim Reaper--she will also follow the same path her mother did of becoming engaged, getting marriage and then having children.
With her daftness I don't think she is probably capable of much more, though her ambition to become a Vet Nurse is one of the most important things to her because she has always had a love for animals, large or small, and a passion for helping them.

She is a great friend, is funny and often happy and is rarely seen to be in a bad mood, she also tends to look on the bright side of life or any situation that she comes across. Will Claire follow the same path as her mother or will she discover an unexpectedly different path?

Kaleeko  – (26 February, 2013)  

I have to say, though Claire might not be the sharpest knife in the rack, I like her a lot. :) she's one of those characters that doesn't have too much bite to her, making her really relatable; it's easy to just follow the path that has always seemed to be in front of you, but she has a touch of sweetness that at least someone like Margo has always appreciated!

I'm curious, though, if she will follow that path... With all the hints you've dropped, I wonder what's in the cards for her now! I'm excited to see if she evolves, or decides to marry Reece and make babies and live happily ever after... I never know what you have up your sleeves!

I'm also looking forward to the rest of these! Such a clever idea. :D

At at for now hon!

Jennifer  – (10 March, 2013)  

Kaleeko, your killing me with kindness from all your comments atm. Love ya for it. <3

With out giving too much away, for me Claire was never going to be one of the major YA characters. I'm not sure what it is but I just don't feel it with her, you know? We haven't clicked. Haha. That sounds so strange but I know it makes sense because you do have to click with the characters your writing about.

She definitely does have a sweetness under that snobby bone in her body. lol Possibly unlike Tash or Madison.
If she was going to stay I think she would've married Reece. *wink wink*

Thanks so much for the comment Missy! XD

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