Character Mosaic - Reece Hamilton

Full Name: Reece Michael Hamilton
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Charismatic, Daredevil, Party-Animal, Athletic, Inappropriate
Romantic Status: girlfriend Claire Jones
Occupation: none but has always dreamt of joining the Police Force

Favorite Drink: Beer, any kind
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Film: From Dusk Till Dawn
Favorite Food: Chilli
Favorite Weather: Autumn
Current Vehicle: none, he drives his twin sister' Mazda 3.
Currently Reading: Jack of Diamonds by Bryce Courtenay
Turn On's / Turn Off's: Busty Blondes / Smoking
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: Drinking with friends
One Word That Describes Me: Faithful
Something Else About Me: Reckless

Reece may come across as a cocky and confident young man but deep down it's all just an act to hide his insecurities from others. Romance being one of them and the direction his life is going, and the direction it will take very soon.
He knows he isn't the best player on the football team--hell, sometimes he can't even catch the ball properly--but he is always willing to give it a shot at the off chance that he will be the one who is cheered upon from the crowds up in the stadium.

Reece is a faithful friend, boyfriend and brother, and because he has witnessed a long stable marriage between his own parents he feels that this is what he wants also. But will he find this with Claire though? Does she feel the same way and are they still too young for marriage?

With a big shot lawyer for a father, you might think that Reece would be ambitious and driven but he is almost the complete opposite. He'd rather be out partying or working out at the gym than working his ass off at some desk job, but he knows that eventually his parents will cut off the financial support they've been giving their two children and insist that they learn to live independently and experience what the world has to offer--good and bad.

With that thought in mind, Reece has decided to take a shot at his childhood dream--to become a police officer. He's dreamt of this since the age of five and although he has his doubts that he'll succeed he figures he's better off giving it a shot now, rather than later.

Will he get distracted with his love of partying, being immature and reckless or will he be forced to grow up and face the insecurities that have haunted him since he was a teenager?

Jennifer  – (21 December, 2012)  

Alrighty, so this is the first of 6, maybe 7, character mosaics that will be posted through out Part 5.

I've been a busy bee organizing the others so that they will be ready for posting before or after certain chapters.

I'm just a tad excited to be delving a little deeper into my character's personalities too. It's a lot of fun!

End of spam comment. ;)

Kaleeko  – (26 February, 2013)  

Ahasjhdgscg, I love this! I love how much depth and thought you've put into these characters--they're so human, it makes me care so much more than I do about almost all other sims except maybe my own! They have such life to them.

I'm so interested to see where Reese is headed, and if he'll be able to reach his dreams... But biggest on my mind is how and when he'll propose, and if she'll say yes! Gah I'm nervous on his behalf.

Jennifer  – (10 March, 2013)  

Hey Kaleeko,

I've seen other story blogs do this. Their medium is TS2 but they turned out so well and it really helped me to have a better understanding of the characters I was reading about. Adds a little bit extra to what is already there. ;)

I've fallen in love with Reece and I'm so excited to write about him in this Part and the next. I predict he'll be around for a while.

Thanks again for commenting lovely! XD

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