Chapter 5 - Bad Decisions

Frio Residence - Sierra Tango St, Greenland Bay

The wooden clock hanging on the kitchen wall ticked loudly, echoing throughout the unusually quiet home of the Frio household. The smell of dinner that had been cooked almost an hour and half ago still lingered. Two plates were left sitting on the bench top, one with a few crumbs remaining and the other completely untouched.

A taxi pulled up swiftly to the curb, inside sitting in the backseat Connor pulled a fifty and a twenty dollar note from his wallet and handed it over to the driver. "Keep the change," he said as he slid over to the door to exit the vehicle. There wasn't going to be much change from seventy dollars, Connor already knew that. A taxi from the city to the suburbs was always pricy.

Carrying his briefcase he walked quickly along the pebble stone path that lead to their front door, already knowing that he was going to be in trouble for being late, again.

As he had his sights set on the front door he wasn't looking at where he was walking and suddenly the tip of his shoe hit something hard and he felt an immediate intense pain in his big toe.


Pulling his leg up he grabbed at the end of his shoe with both hands, attempting to ease the pain.

"Who put that god damn stupid gnome on the frigging path!?" He yelled into the darkness.

His first emotion was pain but then anger soon rose up and took over. He grasped at his shoe as he tried to control his temper. What he really wanted to do was kick the stupid gnome. It's stupid face smiling up at him as if it knew exactly what it had done. Connor thought he saw it's mouth move, maybe giving a little chuckle but no, that wasn't possible. The gnome was made of ceramic.

Bugs fluttered around the outside light near the front door as he walked with a limp towards the entrance. He noticed the newspaper near one of Susannah's potted plants, no-one had bothered to bring it inside, again. He frowned as he bent down to grab it.

"Probably because I'm the only one who reads it." He muttered to himself.

The house was quiet as he walked in, the TV wasn't turned on, blaring loudly into their large lounge room like it usually was. The kids must be in their rooms, he thought, most likely on their computers or whatever it was they did in there. Studying he hoped.

He headed straight for the kitchen, he knew Susannah would've cooked dinner already and on the off chance maybe she waited for him so they could eat together. But he was too late, as usual. His dinner sat on the bench, stone cold. A bottle of champagne open and only one glass had been used.

With a sigh he took a bite of his cheesesteak, placed it back on the plate and then walked into the lounge to watch some late night TV. He wasn't really that hungry anyway, he felt tired and thought he might watch some Letterman before bed to help him wind down.

He'd been working overtime a lot lately. He was doing this for them, his kids, so they could have the things that he never had when he was a kid, and just to through a spanner into the works he'd had a flat tyre tonight.

Connor saw his wife napping on the couch so he tip toed over to the fire to stock the coals a little bit, get the flames going again. He was deciding whether or not to wake her then he heard movement and a sigh as she woke from her slumber.

"Your home." She said.

Connor kept stoking the fire, he wasn't sure he wanted to meet his wife's eyes, the disappointment that he would see in them. "I'm so sorry honey, I had car troubles. Just my luck, I tell ya."

"You could've called you know?" She stretched and then stood up. "It's not like I was worried or anything."

There it was, that tone, in her voice. He was beginning to recognize it more often now and with the amount of times he kept stuffing up it was no wonder. But why could she not realize she was doing this for them.

"Suzie, please don't walk away from me." Connor said.

"What is it Connor?"

"Sweetheart, I'm sorry." He attempted to touch her face but she turned away. "Baby, please don't be like that. It's was stupid of me not to call, I know, I lost track of time and you wouldn't believe how hard it is to get a taxi on Friday afternoons! My car is still parked in the emergency lane on the Simlink Hwy for god-sake.

"I can smell liquor on your breath." Her nose turned up as she said this. "And why did you leave your car parked in the emergency lane?"

"Because I had a flat. It scared the hell outta me while I was driving, damn." She wasn't meeting his gaze. Did he really have to explain every time, where and what he did after work? It had been years since he had that affair with Nikki. Why couldn't she trust him still?

"And yeah, I had a quick drink with the guys after work, that's not a crime is it? It was only one and then I was outta there."

She continued to stare off over towards the TV even though it wasn't on. The look on her face was almost crushing his heart. He was trying, he was always trying but whatever he did he always happened to stuff up in some way.

"Suzie please...

He tried to touch her again, this time aiming for her hair, sliding what was in her face behind her ear.
She pushed him away again but this time not with a brush of turning her head but with her hand.

"I'm tired Connor, I've had a busy day too you know. I'm going to bed." She finished bluntly. She turned on her heel and began walking off and up the stairs to their bedroom.


"Yes Connor, I heard you the first time." She said as she kept walking up the stairs.

"Okay, well - I'm just gonna watch some of the box for a while before I head up." There was no response, she just kept walking.

Connor slumped down onto the couch and clicked the TV on.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Greenland Bay Pier

They'd lost track of time during the night. The Party at Trey's turned out to be pretty wild. Josh smiled as he walked with Tash beside him, thinking about what a great night it had been. Trey and his friends, who were several years older, certainly knew how to throw a party.

Since they were all going to be drinking they'd decided to walk to and from the party and with Trey's house being right in the middle of town meant it wasn't a very long walk. 

"We should go skinning..*hiccup*..dipping when we get.. *hiccup*..home," Claire said and then let out a burp, quickly covering her mouth and smiling. "Ex-cuuuuuse me!" She giggled.

It was the beer she'd drunk and not just one either, actually she couldn't remember how many she'd had but she knew she was drunk, that's for sure. She was a happy drunk though, unlike her boyfriend Reece who seemed to be chatting away incoherently as they walked along the footpath.

Madison was getting a piggy-back ride from Davey, who surprisingly hadn't had that much to drink. She was laying kisses on his cheek and whispering kinky things into his ear. Davey was smiling and every now and then he'd let his arm go from around her legs and pretend to let her fall. If she was going to tease him while the six of them walked home then he would tease her too, just not in the way she'd like it.

Natasha stayed quiet, walking beside Josh, holding his hand. She thought about what Claire said about going skinny dipping. Could be fun, I mean it is getting dark and well, she was feeling a little rebellious.
She leaned in towards Josh and rested her head on his shoulder for a moment while they walked.
"You wanna go swimming?" She whispered.

Josh turned his head towards her's but he didn't say anything. She knew he was smiling though. "Sure." He finally said.

They didn't have much farther to go but Claire began complaining that her feet where hurting in the high heels she was wearing.
"Why-don-you-take-dem off them!" Reece exclaimed drunkenly.

"N' walk n' barr-feet? I-don-fink-so!" Claire exclaimed back. She  had a thing about germs and there was no way she was going to walk around on the dirty ground with bare feet.

'Nightswimming, deserves a quiet night...'

'The photograph on the dashboard taken years ago,
turned around backwards so the windshield shows'

'Every streetlight reveals a picture in reverse,
Still it's so much clearer'

'I forgot my shirt at the water's edge,
The moon is low tonight'

'Nightswimming, deserves a quiet night,
I'm not sure all these people understand'

'It's not like years ago,
The fear of getting caught'

'The recklessness in water,
They cannot see me naked'

'These things they go away,
Replaced by everyday'

'Nightswimming, remembering that night
September's coming soon, I'm pining for the moon'

'And what if there were two,
Side by side in orbit around the fairest sun?'

'The bright tide forever drawn,
Could not describe nightswimming'  

'You, I thought I knew you
You, I cannot judge,
You, I thought you knew me'

'This one laughing quietly,
Underneath my breath,

'The photograph reflects,
Every street light a reminder'

'Night swimming,
Deserves a quiet night...'

'Deserves a quiet night.'

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Beachside Apartments - Sunsong Avenue, Greenland Bay

The sky had clouded over by the time they'd walked back from the beach to the apartment. Drops of rain began to fall, splattering over everything. Rumbles of thunder were heard in distance and flashes of lightening lit up the now cloudy horizon.

The others watched as Reece backed out of the driveway in Madison's car to take Claire home. It had been several hours since the party, since they'd all stopped drinking.
Reece felt fine and but he knew if he was to be pulled over by the police that he would be over the limit. He wasn't fully licensed yet either, none of them were, they were all still on their P Plates. Reece would take the back streets to Claire's parents house, like he always did. He'd done it a thousand times. It would be fine.

But this time it would be be life changing. 

>>Chapter 6 - If Only    

Jennifer  – (22 September, 2013)  

Yikes, it's an update! lol

Will try to keep this brief but this chapter has been sitting in my drafts since last year! Argh! Anyways, you know what RL can be like. ;)
But I do hope to get back into the swing of things again.

A couple of things um, second half of this post the pics are not very clear, I forget to change my settings in game. Oops. Also, REM song is yet to be added to the sidebar music player, and sorry to make you listen to the whole song, it just kinda happened to I went with it!

End of spam.

Hope everyone is well, hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! :)

Ben and Amber  – (30 September, 2013)  

I'm anxious to see what happens next... I really do love The Drifter. You do a fantastic job with it!

Jennifer  – (02 October, 2013)  

Thanks Ben & Amber! Really appreciate it and so glad that you are still enjoying it!

The next chapter will be up soon-ish. It's about 70% complete and I'm aiming to publish it by next weekend, if all goes to plan. lol

Thank you again for reading and commenting! :)

PiB - Nicarra  – (08 October, 2013)  

And there I thought Drifter was yet another one of the blogs that had died. It was a long time tween updates.

Nice update- hope that Connor and Suzie can work things through.

Jennifer  – (08 October, 2013)  

Hi PiB!

Aww geez, I know I know! And I didn't plan on it being so long between updates but RL got in the way, and also Tumblr, lol. My old laptop was really giving me the shizes tho with crashes & errors etc, so that's another reason why I kinda just lost some interest.

But I'm back now and so is The Drifter!

We will see more of Suzie in Chapter 7, but as for working things out, this will not be till much later in Part 5.

Thank you PiB and great to hear from you! :)

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