Chapter 6 - If Only

Greenland Bay Private Hospital

It was an overcast morning at the Greenland Bay Private Hospital. Clouds from last nights storm were slowly dissipating but there was still a chill in the air. The sort of chill that went straight through to your bones.

Normally the nurses and doctors were dealing with the after math of the emergency room from the previous night, but there had only been one major fatality last night. A car accident involving two local young adults.

"Seriously, how much longer do we have to wait before we can go in and see him!" Madison sighed loudly.

There was a hint of irritation in her voice, 1, because she was impatient and 2, because she'd been on edge ever since receiving the phone call that her twin brother had been in a fatal car accident. Her heart was pounding and her nerves were starting to get the better of her.

"Maybe I should go check at reception again." Josh suggested. He didn't really want to leave Madison alone, he could see she wasn't taking this too well. He too was eager to see how Reece was doing.

When Reece finally woke from his deep slumber and opened his eyes it took him a minute or two before he realized exactly where he was. Turning his head he looked up at the ceiling and squinted at the over head lights above him. What the hell happened last night?

He had a headache. A bad one and his legs were aching but it wasn't like an ache he experienced while training at footy practice, it was something else. It was a deep intense ache.

The last thing he remembered was driving Claire back to her parents house. He closed his eyes and tried to remember back to last night.

Heavy rain and thunder, and the sky had grown dark in a matter of a few minutes. He remembers a howling wind as he drove them through the back streets and he had to grip the steering wheel tighter than usual due to the force of it.

He winced as he shifted his body in the hospital bed. Damn it was like he'd been hit by a freight train or something.
Looking out towards the window he stared out at the trees swaying gently in the wind, maybe in the hope that they might jog his memory somehow and give him some insight into what happened last night.

There was a water tower as he turned onto another one of the back streets to Claire's parents house. That he remembered. And it was bucketing down with rain by then and they were both laughing about something.

What happened next wasn't so clear. He could see the images in his head but they were all blurry and mixed up.

Reece's thoughts and visions were suddenly interrupted by his twin sister bursting into his hospital room.

"Reece, Reece! Oh my gawd! You're okay!" Madison ran up to her twin brother, who was the oldest by seven minutes, and scooped him up into a hug. She was so delighted to see that he was alright that she kissed the top of his head a couple of times.

"Hey, easy..." Reece said in a raspy voice. He winced at the pain again as his twin sister pulled him in close. He needed some aspirin or something stronger, like morphine. Maybe he would ask one of the nurses next time they came in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I'm just so glad you're alright!" She said loosening her grip a little. "They made us wait out there for ages and they wouldn't tell us anything. Oh my gawd, I was so worried! Mum and dad are on their way down! I can't believe we got here before them!"

Josh grabbed a chair and pulled it over near the edge of the hospital bed and sat down. "Dude, you looked pretty banged up, how are you feeling?"

Reece started to talk but his mouth was so dry that he had trouble putting together anything that would even resemble words. "Water... can I...", was all he managed to say.
Madison rushed over to the small wash basin and grabbed the only clean glass that was sitting on the counter. She filled it with cold water from the tap, it splashed into the glass so violently causing it to only be half full when she handed it over to her brother.

After a few sips Reece felt he was able to at least put a few sentences together but he didn't know where to start. How was he to explain this to the others? To his sister, his best mate and his parents?

"So dude, what happened on the way to Claire's parents house?" Josh asked again.

"Oh man. I don't know." He did know but he wasn't sure he wanted to remember. He looked out the window again, the wind had picked up a little more now and it was starting to rain lightly.

Flashing lights came into his mind. Red flashing lights. From a fire truck? People were running over towards him, shouting at him through the darkness, through the noise of the heavy rain and the wail of the siren.

He was starting to remembering other things now but not in the right way, it was like it was in reverse. Bright blue lights were flashing, he saw them out of the corner of his eye but couldn't remember if he was still in the car or standing beside it?

Then another siren wailed, this time from a police car. He didn't know if this was before or after the fire truck but that siren reminded him of when he watched COPS on TV. Claire didn't like watching that show, she always complained when he watched it.


Where was she when all of this was happening? Was she still in the car?

Yes, she was.

It was starting to come together now. The rain. The sharp turn he made onto the street to Clarie's parents house. The roads having that greasy look about them from the spell of hot weather.

That horrible crunching sound of metal folding and smashing into something solid and stationary. Then came the explosion and then the flames. She was still stuck inside, Claire. He could see her now. Her head was leaning on the dashboard, her body propped forward looking like a rag-doll.
Somehow he got out of the car and scrambled around to the other side. He was trying to open the door but it wouldn't budge, the flames were too close.

Natasha sat quietly staring over at her best friend who was laying so still in her bed that it was starting to frighten her. After seeing Claire she wasn't able to go in and visit Reece. She couldn't just yet, she had to wait. It was too early. She was really just afraid that she might not be able to control herself and start yelling at him that it was all his fault.

After all it was his fault, was't it? Claire was unconscious because of him. She was bruised and battered because of him and she might not even see tomorrow because of him. How could Reece have been so careless? She clenched a fist just thinking about him.

Unfortunately Claire had taken the full brunt of the car accident. Reece escaped with a few cracked ribs and some slight concussion but Claire she was completely knocked unconscious during the impact of hitting the tree.

During the drive to her parents house she had removed her seat belt and lent over towards Reece to kiss him. He had said and asked her something so sweet and random in the car that she just couldn't wait till they stopped to kiss him.

He asked her to marry him.

Bouquets of flowers sat on the table in Claire's hospital room with Get Well cards attached to them.

When Natasha entered she walked straight over to the table and placed the flowers and Get Well card she brought beside the others. She stood in front of the table for a moment not sure as to whether she was ready to turn around and face the devastation and shock of what her best friend was going to look like after being in a car accident.

She didn't sit there for much longer. The state that her best friend was in was all too overwhelming for Natasha. She ran out into the waiting room and burst into tears.

Reece, he was on her mind now. She felt so angry towards him already. He was responsible for this, he was responsible for Claire. How could he have done this to her, to their group of friends? She didn't want to think those sort of thoughts but it was too late.

Josh also had to take a breather from it all and after hearing Reece explain what happened, it made him feel sick to his stomach. Imagining Claire's head hitting the windscreen and everything else, it was too full on.

As he walked out into the waiting area he saw Natasha standing out the front of Claire's room. She had both hands up to her face and she was crying uncontrollably.

"Hey, hey, Tash. It's okay. Claire's going to be okay, alright." Josh placed his arms around his girlfriend and held her close.

Natasha happily buried her face into her boyfriends chest, letting the tears flow. After a moment she lifted her head, looked up at him and spoke through her sobs. "How do you know, Josh!? How do you know!? **sob sob** Have you seen her, she looks absolutely terrible! **sob, sob** "

Josh didn't know for sure that Claire was going to be alright, the words he spoke were to only comfort and calm Natasha down. He wanted to believe that Claire would recover from this but the fact that she was still unconscious made him think otherwise.

It wasn't long before visiting hours were over and Reece's friends and sister were ushered out of his room by the nurses and asked to leave. They were told they could come back tomorrow to visit him.
He was glad to see them, their visit had lifted his mood but only slightly. Claire was now on his mind and how she had survived the accident.

He awkwardly climbed out of his hospital bed and walked out into the corridor. Madison told him Claire was in the next room. His sister didn't have to say anything else though, he could tell by the look her on face that Claire was in bad shape. This though he wanted to see for himself.

And it was worse than he expected. What he saw shocked him completely. Her beautiful porcelain like face was all bruised and battered. She still had dried blood on her face or was it scratches and cuts from hitting her head on the windscreen? He didn't know but she certainly looked like she suffered a lot more than he had.

How did this happened? What had he done? How could he have been so stupid?
And it was stupid, what he did. He'd pulled out that little blue box while driving and given it to her.
In the box sat a beautiful diamond ring and as soon as she opened it he knew her answer before she even said it. Her eyes lit up and the smile on her face told him, yes.

But now he wouldn't know. The doctors said if she'd been wearing her seat belt she might have come out of it with just a black eye. He didn't want to think the worst but it wasn't looking good.

She was going to make it, wasn't she? She had too.

Reece slowly walked back to his room and eased himself onto his bed to lay down. He pulled the sheets up to his chin and stared out the hospital room window.

If only it hadn't been raining last night?
If only he hadn't taken the corner so fast?
If only he'd waited till they got to her parents to ask her?

If. Only.

>>Chapter 7 - Confusion & Cocktails

PiB - Nicarra  – (08 October, 2013)  

Poor kids, nothing like a major crash to really shake their lives up.

Well written, lovely Jen.

Lesson of the day never undo your seat belt. Under any circumstances.

q1 - why isn't claire burnt as well?
q2 "only been one major fatality last night." I was expecting someone to be dead already. Was that meant to be one major accident?

Jennifer  – (08 October, 2013)  

Oh PiB, seriously, this is the sims! lol
Those scars were the best ones I could find for this chapter. After the way my game acted up last time with cc in it on my old laptop, I'm being very careful as to what I install now.

Question 2 will be answered in Chapter 8. ;)

This is just the start to some major events happening in The Drifter. The young adults of Greenland Bay are going to have their world rocked beneath them... or something like that, lol.

Thanks PiB, appreciate hearing that especially since I found this chapter tough to write and I also kinda rushed it out too.

somewhereoverthesimbow  – (21 October, 2013)  

I got so excited when I saw your new chapter up and you didn't disappoint! But you never do :D can't wait to start reading the next chapter!

Jennifer  – (24 October, 2013)  

Hi Simbows, thank you so much, really glad you enjoyed it!

Oh my gosh I must get my butt over to your sim story, like now! lol Just had a sneak peek and gah, I've missed so much. Will pop by real soon. ;)

Thanks again and great to hear from you Simbows. :)

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