Chapter 7 - Confusion & Cocktails

Greenland Bay Pier & Beach

Susannah let the sandy strands of grass slide through her fingers as she stared out at the horizon. The water lapped gently onto the shore and the reeds waved in the breeze coming off the water.

It had been far too long since she'd visited her local beach. Actually she couldn't even remember that last time she came down here. Before the kids maybe? How years ago was that, Flynn and Zoey were now both in their teens. With a family and working full time it was no wonder she never found the time to do such things.

She thought about Connor and her kids, and life in general. Was this where she wanted to be? Was this the life she wanted to be living? Lately, she wasn't completely sure.

She slid her legs up to her knees, her wooden heels dragging, leaving marks in the grassy sand. Taking a deep breath she breathed in the fresh sea air. It was cooler now, luckily she'd worn a jacket.

Connor was working late again, no surprise to that. Sometimes it felt like they weren't even married anymore. Work kept her busy during the 9-5 grind and then afterwards it was the kids and their after school activities.

Her kids, she wouldn't swap them for anything. Zoey and Flynn, they were everything to her, and to Connor too, she hoped.
So sometimes they drove her up-the-wall crazy with their bickering and constant pranks they pulled on one-another but they both had good grades and so far no complaints from any of the teachers at school.

Zoey was turning out to be a budding artist. She was always sketching, painting and taking photographs, especially with her mobile phone, one of those so called smart phones. She laughed as she thought back to the other night when her daughter asked her to be in one of her 'selfie' shots. "I'll post it on my blog!" Zoey said excitedly.

Flynn was a little more reserved compared to his younger sister. He had recently snagged himself a girlfriend, with whom she hadn't met yet. Flynn said to his mother, "Soon mum, soon. It's only early days, geez." At least they weren't rushing into anything Susannah thought.
Flynn was into computers and all things technological. He was always doing something on his laptop or fiddling with some sort of gadget. He told her with a cheeky grin once that it was top secret stuff he was working on but she shouldn't be worried. Susannah trusted her kids but she did worry about them, after all what sort of parent would she be if she didn't.

Every night after work Johnny drove down to his local beach to take his afternoon jog. He was never able to just come home and sit in front of the TV or eat dinner straight away, he always still felt so wired from work, still full of energy, still in that 'work mode'. So he put this energy to good use by burning it off.

Sometimes he went to the gym but it really wasn't his thing there. The sims that did go were a bunch of poses, the men and the women. He found that whole thing pretty lame and being single it was expected of you to play that same game. Surely there were other ways to find a life partner?

Work for Johnny was going exceptionally well. Recently he had won yet another major court case. He worked hard and he had especially worked hard on this one. Even his business partner Jon Hamilton complimented him on his work this time around and they'd both shared celebratory drinks the night the verdict was heard.

When Johnny first started out, while still studying his law degree at university, he threw himself completely into his work. Work was everything to him and he'd being doing this for almost 10 years now and he was ready to relax a bit, take on a steadier pace, take on the smaller cases.

Susannah's nose was beginning to run. Why was she crying, she felt so silly but she also felt like she had to release these emotions. Well, she didn't really have time to during the day now, did she?
As she sniffed and felt the tears run down her cheeks she noticed a set of feet stop in front of her.

"Please I don't have any cash on me. Please just leave me alone, I..."

"Hey, I'm not into assaulting beautiful young women. Can't a man just go for jog along the beach?" said the man.

Susannah knew that husky voice, she looked up briefly to confirm who she thought it was. "Johnny..?" She said wiping her tear soaked cheeks as she stood up.

"Hi," she finally said when they were face to face.

"Hey, watcha doin' out here all by yourself?" He could tell she'd been crying, her eyes were red. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, yes. I'm fine!" She lied. "Was just enjoying the sunset, I haven't watched one in such a long time."

She took one look at Johnny's expression and realized he wasn't buying what she'd said. She'd never been a good actress or liar.

"Actually no, not really. I've just had really shitty day--excuse my french--and I just needed to get away from it all, you know. It's so quiet and serene here, sometimes I forget to just stop and take notice of these sorts of things."

"I know what you mean." Johnny started. "Work has been so busy lately too and, yeah the same. It's so hard to slow down these days. I guess that's capitalism though right? Always gotta be making money and spending it. I'm a bit over it to be honest. Hey, are you still working at the station?"

Johnny wasn't sure how long they stood there for but the whole time they talked non stop and he was beginning to notice the sun had almost set and the sky was quickly growing darker.

They talked about lots of things, work, her family--mainly her kids--movies, books they were reading and had recently read. Johnny had never gotten on better with any other female sim, it was like they were old friends catching up again.

Parker Residence - 17 Maywood Lane, Greenland Bay

They got back to his place in what seemed like a blink of an eye. Johnny couldn't quite remember if he had invited her or whether she'd made the suggestion. He whipped up some drinks for them as soon as they got in and Susannah surprisingly drank hers in one sitting. Johnny only taking a few sips of his and then placing the cocktail glass back on the wooden drink tray that was sitting on his coffee table.

He walked over to the fireplace and stoked the coals, an eruption of sparks and flames went up in the small metal enclosure and he felt a wave of intense heat.

Susannah was feeling giddy from that questionable drink. It was a good giddy though, if there was such a thing. She wasn't sure why she did this but she walked over to the fireplace and gave him a kiss on the lips.

Maybe it was because of their little chat on the beach and how he had intently listened to every word she'd said, or maybe because she found him to be a total sweetheart and that she could no longer deny her attraction to him. But whatever it was she felt like she needed to thank him.

What happened next, happened very quickly. The small kiss she gave him somehow turned into a full on lip lock and then she was suddenly up against the wall beside the fireplace with Johnny nuzzling her neck, with her arms being held above her head.

"Take me," she whispered.

Did Johnny just hear correctly? She wanted him to take her? Sweet mother Mary did she taste so good and the perfume she was wearing, it was putting his senses into over drive.

"But Susannah, what about...?" He said in between laying kisses on her neck. "Are you sure?"

"I don't care. Please Johnny, take me now." She said her voice feverish with desire.

Well if she was going to ask him so politely how could he object. "Oh Susannah," he said still kissing her neck. "Why don't you go through to the bedroom, I'm going to take a very quick shower first."

He held her hand as they walked down the hallway, Susannah walking behind him and Johnny pulling his jumper and t-shirt off over his head in one swift movement with his free arm. He then headed towards the shower as she entered his bedroom.

Immediately there was the sound of running water and Susannah let out a little giggle. A crazy little giggle. What in the hell was she doing? She didn't know and to distract herself from answering she gazed at the photo frames sitting on Johnny's shelf.
Who were these sims that stood and smiled along side him? His sister, his parents? She suddenly realized that she didn't have a clue who he was.

She unbuttoned her jacket and threw it over the back of the recliner near the window. She then removed her heels, her slacks and her blouse, and went and sat on the edge of Johnny's bed. She was still feeling giddy from that questionable drink and she hoped that he wasn't going to be too much longer. She feared that she might back out of what she'd said earlier.

Thankfully she didn't have to wait any longer because he walked through the bedroom door before she even had the chance to make a move.
She could immediately smell his cologne the closer he got to her. He smelled clean and when he lent in towards her she wrapped an arm around him, his skin still feeling warm and moist from his shower.

"I've waited for this moment for so long," he told her and then cupped her breast with his hand, gently squeezing it and then kissing the soft tender rise of her skin.

"Ohhhh", Susannah moaned.

Johnny was now finding Susannah's scent utterly intoxicating and it was causing him to become aroused very quickly. Quicker than normal, anyway. She was a beautiful women, even back in High School. Tall, slim, long brown hair. She always wore it down, no matter what. He loved that about her.

They rolled around on his bed for a while, kissing each other passionately. Johnny slid his hands underneath her and unclipped her bra, tossing it to the floor. Susannah thread her fingers through his hair as he massaged her breasts.
His hands, his touch it was sending shivers down her spine. He was gentle but used the right amount of firmness. She wanted his hands all over her, to touch her everywhere and she didn't want him to stop.

He sat up and gently moved her across so she was laying directly in front of him. Lifting her legs up, he allowed her to rest them on his shoulders and he then slid her briefs off.
He admired her body as she lay there in front of him, completely naked. She was even more stunning than what he once imagined.

They'd never gone this far on their date back in High School, maybe a kiss was about the most intimate. Oh course though, being a typical teenage boy with raging hormones, he'd thought about this moment many times.

Susannah lay still with her eyes closed. As he entered her, his hands moved to the sides of her hips, pressing firmly, pulling her towards him. How did this feel so good she thought, and why did she feel so comfortable with him?

She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him down towards her. Cupping his face with her hands she kissed him passionately again. She stretched one leg out, gesturing to Johnny that she wanted to change position. That she now wanted to be on top and be the one in charge.

He followed her lead and then she was sitting in his lap, her breasts inches from his face again. He kissed them, under them, at the sides of them and then taking her nipples completely in his mouth. Her reaction to this was undeniable.

Their bodies moved as one, both of them thrusting together. Susannah threw her head back and several moans escaped her still red velvety lips. She asked herself again, how was this feeling so amazing? Was it because she was drunk or emotional, or maybe she just needed this.

When she had sex with Connor it definitely did not feel like this. It was always his way, always about his pleasures, and then it was generally over. This, this was different. It was something else, something that she'd never experienced.

Their thrusts accelerated and Susannah found herself moaning loudly over and over again. Johnny was enjoying the show in front of him but to hear her moans of ecstasy were getting him closer and closer to climax.

And eventually they both did. Susannah threw her arms around him and they stayed in that position for a minute, both of them panting, catching their breath.
Johnny had beads of sweet across his forehead and Susannah in between her cleavage. She kissed him passionately one last time before they both collapsed on the bed side by side.

"Wow." Johnny said.

Susannah sighed loudly. Her whole body was still tingling. She smiled at Johnny's response. It was pretty amazing. "Do you mind if I take a shower before I leave?" she asked and then rolled onto her side, with her back to him.

"Of course not, go right ahead," He replied and moved in closer to her, resting a hand on her thigh. He planted kisses on her back, in between her shoulder blades and a lock of her brown hair fell in his face.

"Thanks." She said and then got up.

He watched her walk around the other side of the bed to the recliner and gather her clothes and then make her way towards the bathroom.

Johnny was beginning to feel sleepy now. But there was no denying it, that was the most intense sex session he'd had in a long time. He couldn't even remember the last time he'd brought a women home and slept with her. Most of the women he hooked up with got on his nerves so easily, but not Susannah.

She was different, she was like a breath of fresh air and so easy to talk to. He wondered what her relationship with her husband was like. Could it be nonexistent, was it on the rocks? I mean, she did just sleep with him.

What would happen now? He thought and how would things be between them? It wasn't the time to ask those questions. He could barely keep his eyes open and no doubt Susannah would leave once she'd showered.

But yeah, he was attracted to her and yeah, he had feelings for her. He always had and always did, but did she feel the same about him?

He pushed his head into the pillow, trying to get comfortable and closed his eyes.
Oh man, was this going to get complicated, he thought before drifting off into a deep and peaceful sleep.

>>Chapter 8 - Something Pretty

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