Chapter 8 - Something Pretty

Greenland Bay Cemetery

It was mid morning as Madison, Davey, Natasha and Josh quietly talked at the entrance of the cemetery. The mood was somber despite the clear day and the sun shinning through the clouds. Cars were still rolling up and parking, everyone dressed in black, their faces already full of sadness.

Reece sat alone on one of the wooden benches, waiting for the other attendees of Claire's funeral. He wasn't handling it well, not at all. It didn't seem real and he was having trouble believing this was the end.

He stared out over the brick fence at what one might call a magnificent view but he was just staring into space, staring at nothing at all. He saw one thing in his mind and that was Claire's pretty face smiling back at him.

He rose from the bench as he saw his friends walking over. His face blank and solemn.
Natasha walked, almost ran, up to him and immediately hugged him.

"Reece," she began her voice quivering, she was already on the verge of tears. "I know this must be hard for you and I want you to know that if you ever want to talk, I am here, okay."

"Thanks." He said.

They gathered together with each of them saying their own personal goodbye to Claire. Natasha being the first to walk forward, she scattered pink rose petals in memory of her best friend and then quietly spoke a few words while gently touching the surface of the casket.

**Click for scene music - Something Pretty by Patrick Park or see side bar for song.

'Here I am, where I've been
I've walked a hundred miles in tobacco skin,
And my clothes are worn & gritty.
And I know ugliness,
Now show me something pretty.'

'I was a dumb punk kid with nothing to lose
And too much weight for walking shoes.
I could have died from being boring.
As for loneliness,
She greets me every morning.'

Davey, feeling slightly out of place, walked over to the vacant bench and sat down. He wasn't as close to Claire as some of the others, he didn't know her that well but a part of him now wished that he had gotten to know her better.

Madison soon followed and after saying her goodbyes to Claire, she was in absolute tears. She sat on Davey's knee and they hugged each other.

"It's alright babe," he said trying to sooth her. She was crying uncontrollably now and hugging him tight.

Davey stared up at her face, tears were streaming down her cheeks, he didn't like seeing her like this. He leaned forward and kissed her and that's when Madison never let go of him, she kissed him back trying to replace the sadness and tears with something else, anything else.

 'At the most I'm a glare,
I'm the hopeless son who's hardly there.
I'm the open sign that's always busted.
I'm the friend you need, but can't be trusted.'

"How are you holding up?" Josh asked Natasha as he wrapped his arms her shoulder's.

"It's so overwhelming. I keep going over it in my mind, it just doesn't seem real Josh.  I don't want it to be real." Her voice quivered, she was close to tears again but she was trying to hold them back.

"It's a lot harder than we all thought it would be. I'm so sorry Tash, I wish it was going to be easier."

They both stared out at the horizon for a while, Reece's stifled crying could be heard in the background.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Beachside Apartments - Sunsong Avenue, Greenland Bay

Everyone was quiet when they all got back the the apartment later that afternoon. No-one knew what to say, or do. It had been a long day and after seeing Claire's casket lowered into the ground, this finalized for some the end of her life and the fact that they would never see her again.

Madison found comfort in being keeping busy, so she prepared and cooked dinner, whether anyone ate it or not, she didn't care, it stopped her from thinking about the days sad events.

Others found comfort in each other. Josh and Natasha sat on the couch to watch TV, though there was only white noise and a static pixelated picture due to a short circuit the previous night and no-one had yet called a repair technician.

While some had ideas of their own on how to ease the pain and discomfort of the days events. Reece, like the others not knowing what else to do, grabbed a few cold beers from the fridge.

He stared into the refrigerator feeling the cold air on his face, everything felt like a dream. Was he dreaming? Did Claire's funeral really happen or had he dreamed it?

The beers felt heavy and cold in his hands as he grasped them climbing the stairs to the second floor of their apartment. As he pushed the door open and walked into his bedroom the first sight he was welcomed with were photo's of Claire on his wall.

He couldn't hold back any longer and as soon as he heard his bedroom door shut he burst into tears. They flowed out of him like never before, he succumbed to the sadness and guilt of everything that had happened. The night of the accident, seeing her unconscious body in the hospital and finally her funeral--the final goodbye.

It was picture of them in happier times. Claire wasn't afraid of being a goofball, and she often said to him 'your too serious all the time'. He couldn't remember where they were when she suggested they jump in the photo booth, but he did remember making silly faces and laughing at each other.
They kissed too late with the last flash going off just after their lips locked. This shot of tenderness between them would unfortunately never be documented.

Reece popped the cap on one of the beer bottles and sculled the liquid till the bottle was empty. He popped the cap on the second and drank only half then roughly placed the bottle on his side table.

He fell back onto the bed and rolled onto his side, the pillow feeling like a cloud of feather down around his head. He slid his knees up to his chest and closed his eyes. For a moment the room felt like it was spinning, then eventually he drifted off into a drowsy deep sleep, forgetting about everything that happened--at least for one night.

>>Chapter 9 - I Love You, But

Jennifer  – (31 December, 2013)  

As usual RL got busy busy, so I kind of lost my mojo for writing. I was determined though to get one last chapter completed & published before the new year, and wala! :)

There is more sadness still to come, you'll see but next up will be Josh & Tash's character mosaics.

Thanks to my readers for their support throughout the year. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on The Drifter. I love writing this story and it will definitely continue on in 2014! I hope you'll still be around!

Take care everyone & thanks again! <3

somewhereoverthesimbow  – (31 January, 2014)  

I can't believe I'm just seeing this! Beautifully written as always! xo

Jennifer  – (01 February, 2014)  

Hey Simbow!
Thanks so much for reading & commenting! :)

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