Character Mosaic - Joshua Seymour

Full Name: Joshua Howard Seymour
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Rocker, Athletic, Loves The Outdoors, Perceptive, Good, Fire Immunity, Friendly, Irresistible, Loves the Summer
Girlfriend: Natasha Mitchell
Occupation: Fireman

Favorite Drink: Heinikin Beer
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Film: Saving Private Ryan
Favorite Food: Trifle
Favorite Weather: Summer
Current Vehicle: Blue Jeep Wrangler Soft Top
Currently Reading: FHM Magazine

Turn On's & Turn Off's: Tanned Long Legs / Unladylike Behavior
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: his Rip Curl surf board
One Word That Describes Me: Easy-going
Something Else About Me: Fluent in French

Josh is one of those 'top guys'. He is a friend that you can openly talk to about anything and rely on if needed. He is completely genuine and is modest about his popularity, his athleticism and his academic skills. He is a very confident individual and accepted himself for who he was at an early age. He prides himself on who he is and how he interacts with others. It's important to him to be a good person and he would never turn a friend or family member down in a time of need.

Family to Josh is everything and he is very close to his parents and siblings. Because Josh has had such a stable upbringing and has witnessed a loving relationship between his parents he too would like to get married and have a family one day. Though he is not longing for marriage and a family just yet as he knows he has plenty of time, but if the right moment happened to cross his path then he would have no qualms in going about it. He isn't one to hold out on decisions either, he thinks them through, but for him it really comes down to what feels right in that moment.

Josh knows the meaning of true friendship and he accepts his mates for who they are, flaws and all. Although Josh and Davey have never been very close, Josh would secretly like to get to know him better, but for this to happen he would need to somehow break through that brick wall that Davey constantly has up. This will be a challenge but it is challenges like this that Josh thrives on.

Josh is unequivocally in love with Natasha Mitchell. From elementary school, through to high school and now into young adulthood. He loves her, there is nothing else to it and he believes that she is the girl of his dreams, his one true love. He tells her often that he loves her and he enjoys pampering her with gifts and affection, and he has never held back in his relationship Natasha.
When Josh is in a relationship he gives himself completely and because of this he is quite often baffled by the times Natasha is distant with him. He believes that if two people love each other they should give themselves completely to each other. He has made several attempts at trying to understand and find out why but sadly failed. Josh will not give up though, not on her. Not on the girl that he believes is his one true love.

With that in mind, just how long will Josh be able to put up with Natasha's distant behavior? And will it start to put a strain on their relationship?  Or will Josh simply be one of those guys that puts up with it?

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