Character Mosaic - Natasha Mitchell

Full Name: Natasha Elizabeth Mitchell
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Neat, Snob, Flirty, Couch Potato, Artistic, Childish, Photographer's Eye, Loves the Summer
Romantic Status: Joshua Seymour
Occupation: studying fashion/textile design at Bridgeport University

Favorite Drink: Geranium Delight
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Film: Pretty Woman
Favorite Food: Strawberries
Favorite Weather: Summer
Current Vehicle: white Volkswagen Beetle
Currently Reading: Divergent by Veronica Roth

Turn On's / Turn Off's: Smile & Eyes / Overweight
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: a heart locket given from her grandmother
One Word That Describes Me: Demure
Something Else About Me: Unsure

Natasha is an only child and from the moment she was born she was treated as if she were royalty. When Roger, Natasha's father, finally heard the news that his wife Bridget was pregnant he thought it was a gift from the heavens above. After three miss-carriages his wife was finally going to have a successful pregnancy. So in short Roger and Bridget smothered this child in total love and affection, and they treated and brought their little miracle baby up as if she were a princess.

Natasha has always been the popular one, at school and in her social circle, but as she grows into an adult she is slowly discovering that she isn't as special as her parents made her out to be. Being an only child she hasn't had to fight for attention from her parents, she hasn't had to fight with her siblings over who's turn it was to play with the new and most wanted toy. Everything in her life up to a young adult has practically been handed to her and anything she has asked for has immediately been hers.

She is a loyal friend if you are ever accepted into her circle of friends. She is a good listener, surprisingly, and she always takes in what others say, although sometimes it might not seem like it. Natasha can very sweet and caring when she isn't thinking about herself.
The death of one of her bff's, Claire Jones, has been very difficult for her to accept. She has been friends with Madison Hamilton since forever, both of their parents being long time friends. Both her and Madison met Claire at Elementary School and the three of them immediately hit it off, all of them with the snob trait it's no wonder.

University is an important part of Natasha's life. Her parents never had a second thought that she wouldn't attend and neither did she. She knows that studies are important and form the basis of her career and at the moment this is the only thing she is certain about in her life right now. She has always loved fashion and admired the design and the technical part of it, and eventually she would like to design a label of her own.

Her relationship with Josh she is completely unsure about. She's looking half at the big picture and half at what's happening now. Although she loves him she just isn't sure whether he is the 'one' for her. She feels she is still too young to make that decision. She is feeling the need to be on her own lately and it's nothing personal towards Josh but more the fact that she doesn't want miss out on doing other things if she stays with him. She knows that Uni itself will provide a lot of opportunities and new experiences for her.

What will Natasha decide to do, stay with Josh, a genuine, devoted and totally smitten young man or take the path of endless opportunities and new experiences? Will her fear get in the way of her making her decision or will she find the courage to speak up and finally tell Josh her true feelings? 

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