Chapter 11 - No Big Deal

Beachside Apartments - 9 Sunsong Ave, Greenland Bay

"So, watta your plans today Joshie?"

Josh scooped up a piece of pancake with a big dollop of maple syrup onto his fork and then into his mouth. He didn't particularly like it when Madison called him that but he knew she meant nothing by it, it was simply an adjustment to his already shortened name and she always tried to apply her own style to everything, sometimes it worked sometimes it didn't but it was something she always did.

"My mum just had triplets." He said. "Dad called and asked me to come visit. I dunno though, not really up for a visit to see the parents yet."

"Yeah, three screaming babies, sounds like fun. Not." Madison combed her fingers through her auburn hair. "Triplets though, wow. Your dad must be pretty good in the..." She stopped mid sentence after looking up and seeing the expression on Josh's face.

"So anyways, I like totally have nothing to do today and well, I was thinking of going into town. Did you wanna come with me?"

So Josh agreed to go into town with her, he opted to drive since Madison didn't have another car yet after Reece crashed her Mazda. He parked his Jeep behind the Plaza, then they walked over to the Park and just hung out on the swings for a bit.

"Where's Davey today," Josh asked scuffing the already worn out grass beneath his feet.

"He's working up at the Junkyard," Madison replied.

"He still works there does he?"

"Yeah, I reckon he can do better than that but he said he likes it. He earns pretty good money because he's like the only other employee there, besides the boss."

"Have you spoken to Tash lately?" Madison knew this was a hot topic but also a touchy one. But she was curious if they were still talking.

"Do you really want to have this conversation?"

"Aww, come on Josh. I know you miss her and it totally sucks that you two aren't together right now but hey, maybe this is your chance to, I dunno, see what else is out there."

"Yeah, well, maybe I'm not up for that." Josh said not turning to look at her.

"Alright, I'm sorry I brought it up. Hey, I'm hungry! Let's go grab some something to eat!" Madison said as she jumped up off the swing.

"But I just ate breakfast?"

"Well, now it's time for brunch!" She grabbed his hand and pulled him up off the swing and they started walking towards the bistro.

It was no surprise to Josh that on their way to the Bistro Madison quickly got distracted by window shopping. She ended up buying a whole new outfit because she was suddenly feeling cold, well that's what she told him anyway.
The temperature had dropped and there was a chill in the air but Josh didn't think it was cold enough to buy a new hoodie, a new pair of jeans and a new pair of leather boots.

"I can't believe you just bought all of that."

"I was getting goosebumps!"

"Yeah, well if you don't hurry up and sit down we'll miss the movie."

"I can't believe you ordered Spicy Tofu for brunch." Madison said scrunching her nose up at him.

"It's brilliant, you should try it one day," Josh replied in between mouthfuls.

"Yuck. No way! It's too hot for me."

After their meals they both wandered over to the theater to watch a movie. It was a random suggestion Josh had made while they were hanging out at the park, but they were friends and could see a movie together if they wanted to. It was no big deal, right?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Later that afternoon...

Josh pulled into their side of the driveway of the Beachside apartments and parked his Jeep in front of the garage door.

"Is that Davey?" He asked Madison as he put his car in park and turned the ignition off.

They both climbed out of the Jeep and walked over to the front door where Davey was sitting. Josh wasn't sure whether he looked bored or angry but there was a crumpled up newspaper beside him.

"Hey baby, why are you sitting--" Madison started but Davey quickly cut her off.

"What the hell Madison, where have you been?!" Davey said angrily, throwing his hands up in the air.

"Josh and I went into town and saw a movie."

"Fine. But why didn't you answer my calls or texts?!"

"Gee, maybe because we were watching a movie and I turned the volume down on my phone." She said this sarcastically, which didn't help with how annoyed and angry Davey was already. "What's the big deal anyway?"

"The big deal is that I told you yesterday I was getting off early from work to come over! AND I've gotta take mum to the doctor's so she didn't have to get a taxi, you know she doesn't drive. I've been waiting here for ages! Jesus, how could you forget?!"

"Hang on just a minute. I'm not at your beg and call. If I wanna go see a movie with a friend, I WILL! I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT!"

Davey backed a way a little after seeing Madison's face start to twitch with anger. "I'm not saying you can't but you could have at least answered my calls or texted me!"

Josh stood silently on the sidelines. He couldn't believe how quickly this had escalated. "Um, I'll leave you guys to it. Thanks for the company today Maddy."

But neither one of the heard Josh speak let along see him walk off. They were both now furious with each other and their voices were becoming louder the longer they stood and argued in the driveway.

"Well obviously I didn't hear your calls or text's because my the volume on my phone was turned down! What the hell! What is wrong with you, why is this such a big deal?"

"What is wrong with me?! Oh get off you're high horse. Seriously!? You're so dramatic all the time and such a snob, always thinking of yourself! The ONE time I get off work early for you and you forget because you're so caught up in yourself!"

"What?! How dare you! And you wanna know what is with me? YOU. That's what's with me! Oh my gawd!"

"I'm not listening!" Davey said putting a finger up to his ear.

"ARGH! Oh my gawd, you are so frustrating!'

"Whatever, I'm over this! I'm outta here!"



They both walked away not turning back, neither one of the willing to give in or admit defeat. They were both in the wrong. They both had fiery tempers, hotheadedness. Madison had the stronger personality but Davey was tired of how selfish and dramatic she was all the time.

Madison went straight up to her room and slammed the door. She quickly took off the knew outfit she bought earlier today with Josh, it suddenly felt too restricting. As she changed back into something more comfortable, she could feel tears welling in her eyes.

She slammed the draw shut and paced back and fourth in her room. She was so angry she had no idea what to do with herself now. Sometimes she went shopping when she was angry but it was after six o'clock and all the shops would now be closed.

She continued to pace back and fourth in her room. Finally after about five minutes she walked over and sat down on the edge of her bed.
She let out a big sigh as she glanced up at the photo of her and Davey kissing hanging on the wall. She wondered why he was so mental sometimes. Why was she so mental sometimes. It was beyond either of them.

But if they were both going to stay together then they would have to try to make an effort to control their tempers and Madison not be so dramatic.
She started to feel bad for the way she acted but he started it. Didn't he? Oh she couldn't remember now. What was the big deal anyway? Was he jealous of her going to a movie with Josh? But they were just friends.

After every fight normally three, sometimes four days went by, before either one of them spoke to each other again. For the first time Madison felt a sinking feeling in her stomach, she didn't want them to not speak for three days but she wasn't going to be the one to call first to apologize. She couldn't do it, or could she?

>>Chapter 12 - Kissin' In The Blue Dark



Davey and Madison in happier times. lol This happened at the end of the previous chapter when Madison returned from Natasha's Halloween party.

Jennifer  – (19 April, 2014)  

Not a lot to say but hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! :)

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