Chapter 12 - Kissin' In The Blue Dark

The Grind Nightclub - Greenland Bay

Reece slowly trailed behind Josh as they approached the entrance to their local nightclub which was situated in the middle of town.

"Come on dude, you coming or what?" Josh asked his best mate as he climbed the stairs and headed for the open door to the club.

It wasn't even dark yet but the music was pumping and you could see strobe lights flashing inside. There were a few people inside but not many so early in the afternoon, it was only 5 pm which was when the club opened.

Madison was already inside, she walked straight up to the bar and ordered them all a round of drinks. Her first point of contact was always the bar. Next, the dance floor and then maybe she would grab another drink and do the rounds from one couch to the next to see who else was here.

If it was one place she felt completely comfortable, it was at a nightclub dancing her little butt off of the dance floor. She wished her BBF was here too, Natasha. But now that she'd broken up with Josh she hardly ever came down to visit from University.

"Dude I dunno, I don't think I'm ready for this." Reece said leaning in towards Josh.

"Come on man, you've only been here for 5 minutes. It's not going to be easy, getting out and about again, but try to relax a bit, yeah?"

"Yeah, I suppose." Reece supposed his best mate was right. He'd been cooped up in his room for months not able to see the break of day, not able to face it.

"Let's get a drink into you, that'll loosen you up a bit!" Josh suggested.

"I'm not suppose to be drinking though." Reece said.

"Well, you can have one right? I'm mean what is one going to hurt? As long as you're not driving, yeah."

Reece still had community service and the Alcoholic Anonymous meetings to attend. Technically he was still allowed to drink but he knew he wasn't suppose to, if it meant recovering from Claire's death and getting his life back on track.

Madison raised her glass. "Here's to us! Time to drink and dance till dawn!" She cheered.

The two boys raised their glasses along side her but neither had any celebratory words to say so they just took a sip of their drinks instead.

"Damn Maddy, what did you order us?" Josh asked after making a sour face, though what he was tasting was very sweet. "Is this champagne?"

"It's one of the clubs special's. I always drink these when I come here, they're the best!"

"Yeah, I agree with Josh. This is a bloody girls drink, isn't it?" Reece added.

"Oh, just shut-up and drink it." It was true these were Madison's favorite drink and as she looked over at Josh she could feel it taking effect and she suddenly felt an attraction to him.

Reece sculled his beverage, making sure there was nothing left in the bottom of the glass. He would only allow himself one drink, he had to get his act together. One drink only, he told himself, anything else would have to be non-alcoholic.

Josh took his drink over to one of the tables and sat down. There were a few more people in the club now. No-one that Josh found particularly attracted too though, not enough to ask them to dance.
Someone came dressed in a hot-dog outfit, what was up with that. It made Josh smile though because this chick was dancing away on the dance floor like no-one was watching. She seemed to be having a jolly good time.

It didn't take long for Reece to start feeling the effects of the drink either. He scanned the dance floor and found some girl to dance with. Josh was happy to see this, it was important that Reece got back on his feet again, back to some sort of normalcy.

Madison took to the floor or what she thought was the stage in her mind. The music pumped loudly and she felt it thump deep inside her chest. She didn't need alcohol to take to the dance floor but it did help to make dancing a lot more fun.
She wished there were some cute boys here and then she thought of Davey and the fight they had. She still wasn't going to be the one to apologize first.

"Hey, you wanna dance together!" Madison yelled over the blaring music at Josh who was sitting alone at the table.

Even over the doof-doof beat Josh heard her voice. He nodded and walked over onto the dance floor. Josh didn't mind a dance every now and then. Of course it was better if you had a girl with you but for now Madison would do. It would feel like he was dancing with his sister, since that's what Madison felt like to him, but at least they weren't blood related.

Reece had to excuse himself from dancing with the girl he didn't even know the name of. It didn't feel right, it was too soon. Claire was still in his thoughts and he felt like he was betraying her by dancing with another girl.

"You want another?" asked the trampy looking lady behind the bar. She was cleaning all the glasses out with just her hand. Reece didn't think this was too hygienic.

"You want to order?" she asked him again but slower this time.

Reece nodded. "But in the same glass, thanks."

The bartender gave him a funny look but she made him another drink in the same glass as he requested.

The liquad tasted good. It was fizzy and intensely sweet. The first drink definitely loosened him up a bit just like Josh had said it would and he did enjoy how it made him feel.

Josh and Madison were really starting to get into the music and began dancing in time together. Madison shaking her little booty around in that little black skirt, not meaning anything by it, just being her normal flirty self.
Josh was thinking as they danced, she was quite a good dancer. Normally he was never too affected by alcohol but suddenly he felt like his first drink had really hit him because he was starting to gazing upon Madison's long lean tanned legs.

After sculling his second drink Reece immediately felt sick. His stomach churned so he quickly rushed off to the men's toilet's.

He hung his head over the basin for a moment. It felt like the room was spinning. He turned the faucet on and let the cold water run from the tap, then splashed some onto his face.
Looking up into the mirror stared back at his reflection, he looked pale compared to his usually tanned self from spending too much time at the beach surfing. What was he doing. He shouldn't be drinking.

All he ever did was think about Claire. She was in his thoughts constantly. He couldn't do this, he couldn't drink anymore. He had to do it at least for her so she didn't just die for nothing.

"YEEEEAAHHHH! WOOOO!!" Madison was going off. She was waving her hands up in the air and flipping her hair and starring back at Josh thinking he was actually pretty cute. Not normally her type but certainly a different cute to what Davey was.

And then without thinking she leaned forward and put her arms around Josh and kissed him with such force that Josh was totally surprised by her advance towards him. But she found after staring back at him while they danced she thought about what it might feel like to kiss him, to have his arms around her, to have him kiss her back.

"Oops! Guess I got a little carried away!" She giggled.

Josh was speechless and this made Madison giggle even more. He was cute she decided. With blonde hair and blue eyes, she guessed in a surfer-kind-of-way cute. She never realized she had an attraction to Josh until now. It was a different attraction to the one she had for Davey, not so intense but an a attraction nonetheless.

"I'm going to get another drink, you want one?" She asked walking off in the direction of the bar.

Josh was still speechless and too giddy to even respond to Madison's question.

"I'll take that as a yes," she called back over her shoulder.

Once Josh had drifter back into reality he saw Reece sitting at one of the lounges so he walked over and joined him. He needed to sit down after what just happened anyway.

"What's up with you?" Reece asked, puzzled by the weird expression on Josh's face.

"Dude, your sister just kissed me."

"So, she kisses everyone."

"But, agh.. it was a..." Josh wasn't sure what to think. The kiss certainly wasn't a turn off, he thought it was an okay kiss in terms of kisses. He didn't really kiss her back too much though because she literally just pounced on him before he realized what was happening.

"Are you serious! Oh my god, dude! That is hilarious!" Reece slapped a hand on his thigh and began to laugh loudly.

"Glad you find it so funny," Josh replied.

"Maybe she was trying to even the score after you walked in on her naked in the bathroom." Reece said in between laughing.

"What? No way, I think she's just had too much to drink." Josh leaned back in the lounge chair contemplating Reece's statement. Could Madison be that devious. "Anyway, I'd forgotten all about that."

"Yeah, yeah. Sure you did." Reece said raising one one eyebrow, not really believing his what his best mate said.

It was true though, Josh had pushed that bathroom moment to the back of his mind since he was with Natasha but also because he didn't want it to be awkward back at the beach apartment.

Madison walked over towards them, the music had softened slightly and you could hear the clip-clop of her high heels on the floor of the night club.

"I ordered more drinks, the bartender is going to bring them over!" She said energetically.

As she stood in front of them Josh found himself gazing upon her lean tanned legs again and thinking about that kiss they shared on the dance floor and what Reece had said about her maybe trying to even the score between them.

"Are you guys gonna come dance with me? I promise no more kissing Josh," she giggled. After neither of them said anything she began to walk off. "Alright well whatever, if you two are going to be party-poopers. I'm going to dance some more."

"And drink those drinks that I ordered!" she yelled as she walked onto the dance floor.

But Josh and Reece weren't up for anymore drinking. They both had experienced quite enough for one night, especially Josh. He wasn't a big drinker anyway but he certainly did not want to get into any more situations where Madison would pounce on him. He wasn't sure she could be trusted.

>>Part 5 Finale - To Forgive And Forget


Game play notes:
After Josh and Madison's kiss I got a pop up saying that Madison now had a naughty reputation. lol

Oh and that person dancing in the hot dog outfit was Josh's mother, Eliza! You can only see her in the background in two shots but agh, it really annoys me when things like that happen. It was funny though because she really was jiving away to the music.


Madison getting her boogie on and check out Josh's face. lol

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