Character Mosaic - Davey Edwards

Full Name: Davey Aaron Edwards
Life Stage: Young Adult
Traits: Ambitious, Party-Animal, Rebellious, Hot-Headed, Green-Thumb, Supernatural Skeptic, Good Sense of Humor, Pizza Lover
Romantic Status: Madison Hamilton
Occupation: Junkyard Assistant

Favorite Drink: Guava Juice (non-alcoholic)
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Film: Indiana Jones Trilogy
Favorite Food: Seafood
Favorite Weather: Winter
Current Vehicle: BMX bike
Currently Reading: the newspaper
Turn On's & Turn Off's: A women with a nice round buttock / Party-Poopers
One of the Things I Love Most in the world: my mothers cooking
One Word That Describes Me: Quiet
Something Else About Me: wants to become a chef

Unlike the other teens of Greenland Bay, Davey's childhood was relatively tough. His father walked out on his mother when Davey was just a child. His mother, Caroline Edwards, was unemployed at the time, so she had no job, no money and no home since she wasn't able to pay the rent herself. Up until Davey became a teen and started High School they'd been living from one shelter to the next and using food stamps from the local community center to survive on and because of this Davey has some anger issues that he will need to deal with in his adult life.

Unfortunately their sudden change of lifestyle caused Davey to become rebellious and also grow up a lot faster. Throughout those rough years, Caroline always put her son first. She never wanted him to feel left or feel that he wasn't as privileged as the other kids in town but this was always going to be a task in itself.

Davey was fairly quiet throughout his school years and he kept to himself. He had one or two acquaintances but no-one that he could actually call his friend. This was most likely because Davey was closed off due to his insecurities of what happened with his father and how he and his mother lived for many years. But he bonded with Reece Hamilton towards the end of Elementary School and then they became good friends at the start of High School. They had similar interests and Reece's recklessness was a perfect match for Davey being rebellious.

It took High School and teenage hormones for Davey to finally notice Madison and almost right from the very first day of High School Davey had his eye on her. Life for Davey and his mother had picked up around this time so naturally he was feeling more confident within himself.
At first though he was reluctant to approach her because he knew of the Hamilton's wealth and the fact they lived a pretty easy lifestyle getting whatever they wanted when they wanted. But Davey could see Madison was different to the other girls at school, a little more crazy and dramatic and towards the end of High School their relationship became quite intense. They developed a strong attraction for each other, one that caused them to argue and fight a lot, though this could just be due to Madison being overly dramatic and Davey retaliating. But when they aren't fighting or arguing they aren't afraid to show the world that they care deeply for each other.

Davey is a green thumb and when he and his mother finally found a place to live, and money was still tight, he grew vegetables for them to eat and cook with. It all started when his mother planted some seeds in a bare patch of dirt in their backyard that Davey began to learn the skill of gardening. His mother taught him how to look after the plants so they would grow up into strong fruitful produce.
This also lead Davey to help his mother cook in the kitchen, which in turn has made him enjoy cooking so much that he now wants to become a chef.

Where will Davey's life lead him now that he has made it through the tough times? Will the anger he has buried for his father rise to the surface and consume his life or will he put it behind him and try to forgive so that he can move froward? Will he and Madison be able to continue their love-hate relationship or will they part ways after the next fight or argument?

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